New 2013 Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 v2.0 review – Windows 8 version

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“Youtube today i want to do a review of microsoft s y wireless desktop 3000. 3000. So the it comes with a mouse and the keyboard as well so first all we re going to look at the positives of the mass of the keyboard. Then we re going to look at the negatives.

The backside sides of it then we re going to see what the contents of the box. So we re going to see what comes with the box. Then we re going to seed software after that we re gonna see how works on the computer. So first of all our mystically mouse sir.

It s a fairly good mass one of the major good things about it it s the blue track technology. So you can see the blue light over there so things special about the technologies that uses an optical light led light as well as a laser. So it works practically on all surfaces are by doesn t work on mirror or mirrors or on glass plain glass. But i ve tried with very different services in west sun.

Mostly everything so that s one great thing doesn t not a good thing. Like the mouse is the scroll wheel. The screw rule is very very smooth so when you beam documents or when you are scrolling through the web pages. It seems almost seamless and it started it s something brilliant and the little thing is that you could adjust the sensitivity of the scroll wheel from software that comes with it so.

Which is one. But now the great thing is all another good thing is the program all buttons..

So the buttons you see that um. This is a side to side and this one right that could be programmed so with the software that comes with it so you could assign anything you want. But though that the assignment is limited by software. So you can make that the middle hip click.

And you can make that the middle click something else another good thing is that this mouse could be used by a left hand person as well as the right hand. Person with the same kind fost. So by using the left left hand it feels really comfy as well as where i had oh let s look at the keyboard now one of the great things about the keyboard is there are a lot of optional bones. If you look at that um you see a lot abundance.

So the buttons. There are very useful when you walk your own document. The ones. There are for music over there as well these buttons open the things on each hotspot.

And as you zoom in and zoom out. These ones are absolutely great they help you a lot at times um. There are other good things that well alright. If you can see it yeah.

That so onto each key you can see what shortcut you could use when you press control right there. So if you re not very good shortcuts..

This might help you a lot another great thing of the keyboard is that it has round keys so these are rounded through that so it feels very controversial. Okay now let s look at the negatives. And one of the big things that i don t like about mass is that it s huge so. It s not for everyone.

People who have a small hand stop um you might not like this mouse. And it is when you put in the batteries. Which is a double a battery to double a batteries it becomes very heavy. And you might um get very get a saw hand of you might not like using mouse for gaming or something.

Like that i m not a bad thing. Is that the sun finds the mask is the connection with the computer. So the mouse slows down is and doesn t respond at times um. Something another negative is scroll will i told he was good.

But for documents and web browsing so when you re gaining let s say you re playing card or battlefield. And you want to switch a weapon so usually scroll down up. But here you can t feel when you swirling up or down. So you don t know when to stop.

And it s very gets very frustrating on you gaming well another bad thing is the receiver well if you are using on desktop art. I think it doesn t matter much but when you re using on laptop logitech has a small nano receivers..

Which are much smaller than this and look bad as all another bad thing is that mouse it s a fingerprint magnet. So i know doesn t matter for my many people. But it does at times or something i forgot to tell you that the keyboard palm rest is also kind of fingerprint well. He can t see a fingerprint magnet.

But when he press too hard on the heat. He was harmless you could see your fingers smudge on it um. That s one bad thing. So another thing that you could say that these skate key is tiny.

And it s not towards the end of the he board. So i d say new one pause. The game quickly just any purposes for this skate. Key you will always go to the end.

But not quite that so that s one bad thing and the other one is that alright so the rubber used on the keyboard. When you put pull this down up and set on the desk. It kind of slips. The time so something not great are now on the computer that mass feel feels quite smooth.

When you re using it the restaurant sounds pretty good right here is the software that you have to download from the internet to control mass. So here you could assign any heath for left button..

The right button middle wheel and for the site buttons as well um. You can change the pointers. And all the other good stuff um. Now for the things that come in the box.

What the the mass. The first thing is the limit warranty booklet so it tells you a quarantine different languages powerpoint yeah some some registration info you didn t eat that i guess or a guide. Which is very way it doesn t tell you what each and every key on the keyboard does which i find hard in the beginning figure it out another bad thing about it is that it doesn t come with software in the box. So you have to download them from the internet.

Oh and i forgot to mention that this one s the new keyboard. So if you could see right there. It has the new windows logo. So it s a special need phone too late and yeah.

The maxo logo. So thanks for watching guys so rate comment and subscribe. ” ..


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