New Beats Tour V2 Review

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” s going on everyone is your average consumer and today. I ve got a review review for you guys of the brand new beats. Tour version 2. 2013 20.

Whatever want to call it. This is a new beat stores. And hey let s not waste any time. Let s get right into it and alright guys here.

We have new beats towards version 2. And i m sorry i made you guys wait so long for this review. But it s finally here. But first let s take a quick look at the case that these come in it s a very similar case to the old version it s a hardshell case with a different logo in the front.

And what you ll find inside is pretty much the same thing as always you have your earphones inside. And when you remove those you ll see that it has a little pouch that you can store extra earbuds or even the new little some secure fit wings that the new toys come with so it s pretty much the same stuff it ll offer good protection. No surprises here and taking a look at the earbuds themselves. You can see that it has a completely new design.

And you can see that it has a semi clear casing around where the l and the arse are you can see through it. And you can see a bit of the internals. A little red cable inside. So i think.

It has a nice little touch to it looks pretty good. And when you remove the ear. Tips you can actually see that it has a little red speaker grille. So that s a nice little touch as well.

I do like the way it looks it looks pretty nice now one of my favorite changes of the new design is the actual angle..

That the ear tips go in so in the old version. You ll see that it can go upward. But this one it doesn t go upward it goes inwards so it s kind of hard to describe. But if you look at the ear tips of the old one it points upward while the new ones it goes towards your ear canal.

So it ll hit the eardrum. A lot better that ll provide better sound quality. And it s an overall better fit. So definitely was very happy with that and speaking of fits.

These come with a secure fit wing tip. So that you can add this on so you have extra security when you re using these and i found that these did work very very well. I was actually very surprised at how good these were so when using these you can walk around and not worry about it budging at all but to be with the new design. I didn t have an issue with the slipping out anyway so it was really just an added bonus and i felt that i didn t need this pretty much most of the time so very good stuff here and i like that they went the extra mile.

And what s great about these is that they actually fit pretty well as you can see inside my ears. I ve had no issues here. I can move around move my head and you see a stays in place. So that s really good stuff on there and very glad that they came out with that now looking at the actual inline remote.

You ll see that they got to the new design. Now no longer do they have the old button that was silver now they have what looks like a standard beats remote so no surprises here. But glad to see that they updated this tomb go with the rest of the line and in case. You were curious what it looked like compared to the old one here.

It is the old one was just very square. Very out of place in comparison to the new things that have come out from beads. Now one thing. That was a blessing in disguise to me is how much smaller.

They made everything from the cables to the little parts that are actually on the earbuds..

Everything is a lot. Smaller and this makes a world of difference when walking around with these every day when comparing it to the old one you can see here that this little piece it made it a lot heavier when walking around with it and it made the ear tube fall out of your ears. Where this one. You don t have that issue whatsoever.

The new version has taken care of that made these a lot lighter and a lot better. And they also included a new input jack. Where it s a lot more raised than before so it work with more cases definitely a fan now of course to talk about the sound quality. I really do like the sound quality that i got from these it was a bit of an improvement in comparison to the old ones.

If you re a bass head. The bass is a lot more present here than it was before and what s great about this is it didn t sacrifice sound clarity. So you ll be able to hear instruments and vocals and things of that nature with no problem. But it does have a bit more bass.

So if you want a less bass. You can go for the old versions. But these new versions definitely do have a bit more they re pretty much like a cleaned up version of the urbeats. The urbeats had a ton of bass.

But sounded a bit muddy in when come when you re listening to vocals and things of that nature. But you won t find that here. Which is definitely a thumbs up for me. And that pretty much wraps up my review.

Guys one thing. I do want to note is that i did encounter a short in my wire. When i first got these i actually had to send it back to beets because my inline remote went haywire and that was just crazy so that might say something about durability. But a lot of people that i know who have the new tours.

Didn t encounter that also mine could have just been a defective one..

But i wanted to make you guys are wherever nonetheless. But that s about it for this review guys hopefully you enjoyed if you did feel free to rate comment and subscribe and i ll catch you in the next video. at much left and so like really not a lot of progress from the last update. But that s okay because i ll just focus on this one once i do get to all those baby lips.

This one. However my fresh sugar tulips is all gone and so that s where i was last update and yet it s all gone so another would be gone my buxom in sofia is all done as well there s a little bit of at the bottom. I just can t get it off. I did take the stopper out so it has like basically cleared through the bottle.

It s just that very little bit bottom that i just can t get. And that s okay with me my buxom lipgloss in nicole and so that s where i was at the start last update. I actually marked it down here. But then i let it all settle and it was right there so.

But now i am actually right there so it worked out well and adoption that i can finish that off in three weeks. But we ll see what i can do unfortunately. I still haven t even touched this one it s my might do in pepper and cafe. I just haven t touched this at all because i ve been working through so many other products.

So we ll see if i even push that at all in the next couple weeks this one from tert in the shade punch. I m mad that i didn t finish this off it was lost for about three weeks. And i just found it i think yesterday when i was going through my stuff. So that s the caucus lines.

But there that s all that s lashed. It s so silly and but i love this one so i m happy that it s still here i just i wish i had been able to find it for the last three weeks. My marvelous moxie from their minerals in the shade shining star. I haven t even touched this one because i was focusing on that sofia lip gloss trim button so it s still where that last mark was my for what are we rouge infusion in the shade peony.

This is all gone..

So. Another lippy gone from kat von d. In the shade lovecraft. Again.

I can t find those little post. It so i m not sure where i was last time. But that s all that s left of this one so we ll see what i can do. It s the shade.

That s on my lips right. Now my lip pencil from dars. Again can t find a pencil or the piece of paper. But i know that from watching my last video.

I was above the letter s like there was still even space above that so i ve definitely made some good progress on this and the last lippy that was in here is my lip liner from starbucks. I would get that very bottom line and it s all gone so yay another would be gone so for the last update. I had said that i had finished off five full sized products and two lip products and now. I am at seven full sized products and six lip products.

Which is very exciting. I don t think that ll be able to hit my fourteen goal for fourteen full sized products and fourteen lip products. But whenever i am able to finish. I am just so happy about and i ve made a lot of progress on all of my items.

So and i am excited with what i ve been able to do thank you so much again to everybody who has joined me in this project. It s exciting to see what you re working on and you guys are doing great and all the updates that i ve seen so far and i will see you in ” ..

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