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“Is a review of the nfl game pass feature for americans for north americans. I i want to go through all the features and do a review now with game. I m going to tell you there s nothing better for football fans. I ve always wanted this ever since.

I was a young kid and when they offered it a few years ago. I jumped on it and i ve been using it ever since i am a football junkie. I have always wanted the coaches film the hall 22 film and the game pass offers it as well as many other features which we will go over first let s see what we got at nflcom. You have the game pass page.

And if you go to game pass. And you click on it you get to click on the launch player button. Then you come to the game pass. Homepage.

Now here you can see that were at 2015 week. 10. And you have all of the games that were played during week. 10 for example a buffalo new york detroit green bay carolina tennessee.

You can click here and get to replay the video replay or you can listen to the audio of home in the away feed. Now let s take one let s do the buffalo new york jets. A replay. A new window is going to open up to maximize it rex in his own words and just a moment ago taking the field in his own home.

Where he coached for six years twice got the now as you can see the game starts off. This is the normal broadcast version. You have three options to watch the game. Three different video.

Versions. You have the broadcast version. You have the condensed version. And then you have the coach s film.

Now the broadcast version shows you the complete game. The commercials. The condensed version shows you the complete game with everything cut out except for the plays. Now.

This is a great feature because you get to watch the game in a half. An hour a complete for our game goes by in about a half an hour as you can see there it just skips right from one plate to the next and cuts out almost everything in between sometimes they will keep in certain things like if there s a penalty..

They ll show a replay of the penalty. Though show. The referees talking about the penalty and explaining what it was things of that nature things that are vital to the game. They keep in but the big daddy of the game pass is the coaches film and now with this you get both of the end zone angle.

And you get the complete field angle. As you can see here they keep every player on the field in screen will go here. The listing on the side has broken up in the first quarter second quarter third quarter fourth quarter. So you can switch between quarters.

And it will show you the list of all the plays in that quarter. Now you can of course click on all and it will give you all the plays in order. But this is really great for a number of reasons. One you can jump around from play to play if you know where a certain play is that or approximately what time you can just jump right to it if you want to go to the third quarter at 1350.

Then you are there the third quarter of 1350. This is that play it also has a description of the play here now one of the really good things about this is is that if you want to just watch. All of the defensive plays you can go through and just click on each defensive play you can skip the punts you can skip the kickoffs and just hit the defense. If you want to just watch offense plays you just skip go to dolphin.

Some plays and watch them in order. It s a fantastic feature another thing. That is really fantastic about this is that before each play they show the clock of the home stadium. But which will give you the time to down the distance.

The score as you can see here we got the bills at 12 00. The jets jets with three when you when you put your pointer across the screen. These things pop up this images these images pop up. So you have all this information for every play right before every play and then as i said they ll show first the endzone angle or the all time side the first of all show.

Though all twenty two angle. Where you get to see every player on the field. And then little switch and you get the inside angle. And this is great for watching the offensive and defensive lineman.

The controls for the game pass which can be seen down here you have your pause button. You have go backwards ten seconds. If you cook here and you have go forwards ten seconds. If you click here you can also use the keyboard for that the pause is the spacebar button.

I ll press that and it also restarts the film. If you hit the face bar button again if you want to go back 10 seconds..

On the keyboard you hit the left arrow key as i just did if you want to go forward 10 seconds. You hit the right arrow key as i ll do now. It s it s fantastic feature to just jump around all the films. Now you also have the option here as you can see to select your different games.

This has all of the games from week 10 season 2015. If i wish to change the season. I ve got that drop down menu up here goes all the way back to 2009. And if i wish to change the week.

I do that drop down and it shows the listing you also have your preseason games and during the playoffs. You have them as well you can also sort by any team let s pick. The ravens this gives us all the ravens games for the 2015 season. You can scroll through and you see them the ones.

That are dark are the ones that have not played yet so these are not available. But you can switch to 2014 season go to all weeks mista arizona cardinals let s do the ravens and we have all the games for the baltimore ravens for the 2014 season down. Here you have your quality you can adjust all of these hit best available always keep mine up as high as it ll go because i have very stable internet connection. Very fast and stable internet connection.

You can also do the different views you have your single screen. You can have double screen. Where you can play two games at one time come here. Let s say we want to watch the washington baltimore game.

If we can watch that you can have four games going at one time or you can have picture in picture. So now we re watching two games is cincinnati baltimore game or cincinnati yeah. Cincinnati baltimore and steelers and ravens you also have an option up here to swap the videos. Let s do that there we go.

We now swapped you have the option to have scores on or off down. Here. I always keep them off because actually i didn t even know you could do that but the scores are odd. What that does is that changes the information over here and shows you what the actual scores were i m going to keep that on because i did not know that was a feature that s a good feature to have and it appears here that during the time line it shows you when scores happened and gives you the information what if it does that during the coaches film.

I don t know how they could during the condenses condensed film. No it s only during the broadcast version. But still that is fantastic and they have an option here to go straight to the coach s film for that score. I tell you what for the price did they offer game pass it s an incredible value i recommend it to any any football fan.

I think now the price is 100 per season. But at this point in the season..

It s it s usually a half off it s probably fifty dollars. I got in a few years ago. And it was 70 for a whole season half price was 45. But i do believe that they have raised it to a hundred dollars a season 9999.

Something of that nature and half price is probably fifty dollars now. But it is well worth it you get this you have this you have access to the games. All the way through until the start of next year. And you have the option to renew it every year and you also get the super bowl.

The playoffs and you get two preseason games with this package. It s an incredible deal and i recommend it to any football fan now here. You can see you can fullscreen. It when you press you click on this and it will take it to the full screen.

I have the plays open this is we are on the broadcast version of the baltimore since a nanny game. And i have the plays open now you can come to the top right and click this x. And that will remove the plays and give you the bigger screen or you can simply click the plays button and that will bring her back you have the option here up top to go between games. I believe we re still in the 2014 season.

You can click through yes. This is 2014 season. You can click through and just change games. Whenever you feel like it up here the quality usually starts off a little bad.

But then it gets better within a few seconds as you can see. But as i said before you can fullscreen the whole game remove this and then you have one big screen full of football also another feature is down here in the bottom left is a button. Each says slow now you can click on that and it ll give you a slow motion video of the game. Let s get to an area where there s some action and i ll show you how this works how valuable this is say let s click on the slow here now we re going in slow motion.

Now you can see very well. What s going on and it is an excellent outstanding feature and again. I can t say it enough that for the price and for a football fan gay. Nfl game.

Pass is a definite must also i wanted to mention that there is a stats bar over here. That you can click and bring up and it ll show you the complete game stats. It ll show you the stats for the home team or the away team show you the stats for the home team. It s all right there well i do recommend nfl game pass for any serious nfl fan deck even just the casual nfl fans.

Because you ll learn quite a bit about football from it it s not totally perfect. It does have a few cons..

But they re very very minor. One is that the all 22 film footage is not available right away. Normally it comes monday night tuesday morning somewhere around in that area. There they ve got a lot faster with it it used to not come until wednesday.

Sometimes tuesday night. But now it s normally available tuesday morning at the latest also you can t watch the nfl game pass games. The replays. The condensed version all 22.

All that when there is a live nfl game going on this includes sunday during the games. Monday night. During monday night football. And thursday during thursday night football.

The game pass footage is not available at those times. And for those of us living in north america. The there are no live games available with the game pass and they do offer for people outside of north america. The live games.

If you live in europe or africa or wherever you ll get live games with the game pass. But it s not included with the american package that s a shame. But hey what can you do for what it is i m here to tell you that the nfl game pass is highly recommended. I highly recommend it it s something that i ve wanted all my life.

They all xxii footage. The coaches film and they have done a excellent job. The way they bundled it and giving you the plays to be able to skip around and the option to watch any game from any season. And it is really an incredible deal and it s definitely worth your money.

If you are an nfl fan. I would highly suggest getting the nfl game pass now that s the end of my review. If you have any questions or comments or you want me to review something else about the game pass. I can make another video just leave me a message down in the comments and let me know i hope that this has been informative for anybody interested in the game pass.

If you would like to there s a link down in the description that ll take you to the game pass website. So you can check it out right now they have a free 7 day trial going on so you can check it out and see if you like it before you buy it can t ever beat that anyhow again highly recommended. If you have any questions leave them in the comments thanks a lot guys. ” .


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