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“Youtubers thank you for watching in this video. We are going to take a look look at the top five projectors for educational and business use before getting started. I like to say that this list is based on my personal opinion. Research and the test experiences of the actual owners.

Remember there might be many different opinions to consider so without further ado let s get started with the list on number 5. We have the philips p. Kopecks. Sure we ve reviewed some portable projectors and many in this roundup.

Qualify as portable. But the philips pico picks is shockingly small so small that you wonder what use case demands it might have aside from it being able to easily fit into your briefcase or even your back pockets selling for an affordable price. It features an easy setup and is able to project content. Only drawing power from usb.

However. Only drawback is that the room should be completely dark in order to get a 55 lumen lighting. It also failed dramatically to hit its advertised projection size of 120 inches images. Only hitting a still respectable 50 inches mark also if you are projecting.

A video. Which the device can handle if not especially sharply. Consider a secondary speaker to drown out audible noise coming from the spinning dlp wheel. If your meetings are never in the same location.

Often you are going to want to use a no nonsense projector. That s easy to carry for that we can recommend the epson. E. Ex.

7230. 5 pro weighing in. At. 529 pounds and measuring.

11 point 7 inches by. 90. Inches by 30. Inches.

It supports usb wi fi vga hdmi or the mobile. Mhl. Not only is it easy to move around with it s extremely easy to use so much so that booting and choosing the input source only took the mid 34 seconds in our testing. This is all with an intensely strong lamp which maxes out at 3000 lumens love.

You sonic light stream price performance. Projector. Features. Three thousand three hundred lumens native svga 800.

By 600 resolution together with an intuitive and a user friendly design also exclusive super color technology offers a wider color range for true to life image projection. While it s sound enhancement technology. Delivers improved sound quality the pjd also features extensive connectivity including hdmi vga composite video s video and clearer audio it has an energy saving dynamic eco feature that reduces power consumption by up to 70 percent. Also extends the lamp life by up to 10 thousand hours with advanced audio visual features flexible connectivity options and an affordable price it is ideal for use in education and small business environments you the ml 503.

I may not be the smallest projector. You can find in the market. But it s a lot more powerful than the pocket sized pico pics from. Philips it weighs in at an ultraportable 083.

Pounds and fits inside your farm. The differences in size between this and the pico pix are negligible for the power you get in return a 550 lumens lamp that lets you present in rooms that aren t completely darkened not only is it port rich with one mhl ready hdmi input a usb 20. Slot for thumb drives a universal io slot and a micro sd card slot. But the ml 550 handled our 90 inch test screen with impressive results and peaked at a 60 inch or so size much like the viewsonic pled w.

800. Though the ml 550 heard us grumbling because you need to buy a dongle to achieve wi fi. Which felt as arcane at the time of this projectors release as it does today and in another moment that felt anachronistic. There is no way to get the projector work with your smartphone or tablet.

Usually when you choose a portable business projector. You have to make a few sacrifices in order to have such a small device. But that s not true with the epson eb so4 epson has an excellent reputation with business projectors. And it has brought much of its expertise to the eb so4.

It s three thousand loom and brightness is much brighter than many other portable projectors. We have listed here and means you have more flexibility when setting up the eb so4 in environments. Where there is still arys. A coyote of this dracula s wise when the tide went to a bachelor party.

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I just wanted to say thank you you re welcome. And hey thanks for uh. My god what i didn t know i must be immune. Yeah already go y all in a brand new wow.

Me and brad. But we in the ground or in me in the ground. What i think i think i see the cracking one morning and i kicked my hot dog that be my name is heading will be maple log said i call this big fat hairy wife a big fat hairy slob motherfucker this car. And i headed downtown sauna paper for our and a little bastard down through in reverse in squashes brain motherfucker.

I ll do a nazi. I heard that silent way you you you you hing a fresh connection. I actually do this before i leave the house you know especially on a trip or if i m going to another home or anything in that nature. I want to make sure that i have a good network connection.

But as you can see this is real useful. It s a great camera great quality wide angle lens. Great speaker. Great mic.

It really is a win win must buy that sums up the samsung smartthings cam. This is definitely a product. I think that you should own especially if you work off the samsung eco system or if you re gonna get yourself a samsung tv or have one or appliance. It definitely works it works well and i m actually very impressed and honestly i m really happy that they finally have a camera that works flawlessly with their eco system.

As always i want to slow things down for a moment. And remind you life is so short don t forget to love your family love your neighbors. Take care of each other go out. Today.

And do a kind act for someone you know the smallest kind gesture can go such a long way the world is a sick and twisted place and the only people that can change. It is you and i and though we all love tech. We want to remember to never put technology over hit human interaction. It is so important that we keep that alive after all we need each other to survive.

I also want to remind you i do youtube for you and you only if you have questions that i missed our comments please reach me in the comments section. Honestly i get back to everyone that i know has messaged me with a legitimate question and i am glad to help don t forget you can also find me on twitter. Instagram and facebook at jb tech fanatic. I want to invite you one last time to subscribe.

I m so honored that you watch i can t wait to talk to you in the comments and see you in the next video. And until then i m jb tech fanatic and i m out peace. ” ..


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