NIKON DL Series Camera Preview

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“Polin froknowsphotocom. And this is a preview of a brand new lineup of cameras that that nikon has created called the dl series of cameras now there are three different that s right three different versions. But they pretty much have the same specifications. But have different lens choices and want to run you through the specifications and what they offer right now.

So here are the three. Versions you have. The. Dl 24 to.

85 millimeter with. A variable. Aperture. 18 to.

28 lens you have. The dl 18. To 50. Which sports a.

18 to 28. Aperture just like the other one. But it has a better lens option..


Because it has nano crystal coating on this version and then you have the dl 24 to 500 millimeter mega zoom with a variable aperture of. 28 to 56. Now keep in mind these are mirrorless cameras. Because they don t have a mirror.

So let s get into the specifications. You have a twenty point eight megapixel cx size sensor. Which is a one inch bsi cmos sensor. The iso range is 160 to 6400 with a high of twelve thousand eight hundred in the psa and m mode.

Now what that means is if you are in the auto modes you will not be able to access the twelve thousand eight hundred but in the manual setting modes you will have that option now here s something interesting it does 20 frames per second that s right 20 frames per second or it will do up to 60 frames per second with the first picture locked meaning the first the af is locked in it will do 60 frames a second. It is a high speed hybrid af that is a hundred and five phase detection points. But 171 total focusing point since 171 contrast detection now it does shoot raw nef. Just like the pro camera so you have raw options you also have dual detect optical vr which helps with camera shake from your hand shaking.

But also when you re shooting with slow shutter speeds. Now it has the same menus or similar menus that you would find in a dslr and i think what nikon is trying to do here is say that professionals would want to carry one of these cameras in in comparison to taking their dslr with them everywhere. So i ll break down. Which series of cameras.

Which options. I think are best for pros. Amateurs and and people alike..


What else do we have here supports raw nef in plus full ps am controls. I m not sure where those controls are it s a little hard to tell on the photos where your shutter speed controls gonna be but we ll have to see when we get it in our hands. Now they each have a three inch oled touch display where the first two models. The 24 to 85.

And the 18 to 50 sport. The one that flips up 180 degrees. So you can do selfie mode. And in the 24 to 500.

You have a fully articulating screen. Now the first two models do not have a viewfinder built in whereas a 24 2. 500. Does have a built in viewfinder.

I m a big fan of needing a viewfinder now nikon has a solution to that so what are they calling this they are calling it 2 df e1. Which is a add on accessory to give you a viewfinder option. Now if you re already spending a couple bucks on the camera. You re gonna have to spend even more to go ahead and get this viewfinder.

If you want a viewfinder for the first two models. I didn t say what cards it takes it takes sd cards. Which is pretty normal for these days..


It has a snap bridge technology. Which it all has always on bluetooth. Which is pretty cool as well as wi fi and nfc. We re seeing a lot of those options for transferring your photos right from your camera to get to your phone.

So you can share them with the world edit them how you want to do and in the video. Options. It does 4k at 30 frames a second so it s 4k uhd. At 30 frames.

A second which is pretty nice to have in a compact camera like this so let s get to the. Pricing the. Dl 24 to. 85 is 6.

4999. Sorry. 649. 95.

The 18 to 50. Is 8 49. 95..


And the 24 to 500. Is. 999 95. So who are they for i feel that the one for me as a professional would be the 18 to 50.

Because it has a wider lens with a better lens on there with the nano crystal coating now. If you want a little bit more of a range little more zoom range. You don t want to spend as much that s where you go with the 24 to 85 version. And if you re just looking for one camera to travel with to give you the biggest zoom that you can find the 24 to 500 is going to be a great option for you if you are traveling.

So it has a professional for me having the raw files having the menu system being similar having all those autofocus points the 20 frames a second 60. If you lock it but let s just call it 20 frames. A second that is pretty impressive now it s only going to be i ll only be able to tell you how great they are or how good they are once i use them and see how easy it is to use the manual controls. But that is where i ll leave it that there s some pretty pricey cameras at 6 49.

All the way up to 1000 bucks. But if this is something for you those are the options let me know what you think and that is a preview of this dl series of nikon cameras jared polin froknowsphotocom ” ..

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