NVIDIA s NEW FPS Limiter vs. RTSS & In-Engine Limiters / Input Lag Results

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“My name is chris and this is battle non sense. A frame rate. Limiter is is a very useful tool you can use it to cap your frame rate at nlower value to reduce the gpu load. And so the power consumption nas well as the noise produced by your graphics card it allows you to keep the frame rate inside nthe variable refresh rate range of g sync monitor and by limiting your frame rate to a value.

Nthat your pc can always maintain you get to enjoy games at a stable frame rate nand so consistent input delay. Many games like overwatch nfortnite battlefield. Nor cs. Go have a frame rate limiter built into their ngame engine.

Some allow you to dial in a specific value nwhile. Others are sadly not as flexible and only provide a few presets if a game does not have a frame rate. Limiter nor. If the provided presets don t work for you nthen you can use 3rd party software like the riva tuner statistics server to limit your nframe rate sadly you can run into issues with 3rd party nframe rate limiters as these can interfere with recording software nlike obs or other applications that provide an in game noverlay.

This is why some players used the frame rate nlimiter that was hidden inside the nvidia driver nand could only be enabled through the nvidia inspector software nbut while that allowed you to cap the frame rate without any additional software nit. Sadly did not perform as well as rtss in my input delay tests with the new 44187 driver nnvidia introduced a new max frame rate setting inside the nvidia control panel here you can set a global frame rate limit nthat affects all applications as well as separate values inside game. Specific nprofiles. You can also just leave the global setting nuntouched and only enable the frame rate limit inside the profile of specific games.

Like nthose..

Which don t have a frame rate limiter now to find out if this new frame rate. Limiter nis. Any good. I measured the end to end delay that every nplayer is affected by which means the delay between the input nlike.

Pressing the left mouse button and the gunfire showing up on the monitor to measure that button to pixel delay. I use na high speed camera and a gaming mouse. Which has an led connected ndirectly to the switch of the left mouse button. I then point the high speed camera at the nmonitor and record.

What happens when i press the left nmouse button inside the recorded high speed footage. I nthen look for the frame where the led turns on nand then i count the frames until i see the action triggered by that input nwhich gives me the delay between the button and nthe pixel. So to find out how nvidia s new frame rate nlimiter feature stacks up against rtss and in engine frame rate. Limiters ni.

First used the built in frame rate. Limiter in overwatch to test the input delay. At 60. Nand.

144 frames per..

Second. Then. I used rtss to cap. The frame rate.

Nwhich as expected nlead to an input lag increase as the in engine frame rate limiters usually nprovide the lowest delays then i used the new frame rate limiter option ninside. The nvidia control panel to measure the input delay at 60 nand. 144fps and as you can see here. Nthe input delays that you get with nvidia s new frame rate.

Limiter npretty much match those of rtss. I then repeated the same tests at 60 and 144fps nin fortnite. Where the results from nvidia s frame rate. Nlimiter and rtss also show very similar input delays.

But a good frame rate. Limiter isn t just nabout. The input delay. The frame times.

Nor frame pacing is another important factor for a frame rate..

Nlimiter while a frame rate. Limiter. Which is part of nthe game engine provides the lowest input delay nit does not produce perfectly stable frame times. But to be fair nthe small variation that you see here won t the reason.

Why you miss shots nor have a bad kill death ratio. It just shows that there is a trade off when nyou want to get the lowest possible input delay from my previous videos you know that one nof the main reasons why gamers use rtss is that it provides perfectly stable frame ntimes which of course requires that your pc is powerful nenough to maintain the frame rate that you dialled in for the fps limit. So i also tested how stable the frame times nare with nvidia s new frame rate. Limiter and as you can see here nthey are extremely stable.

So if you want the lowest input delay. Then nyou still must use the frame rate limiter that sits inside the game engine. But if a game does not have a frame rate. Limiter nor.

If you are not happy with the presets that you get in games. Like fortnite nthen. You can simply use the new frame rate limiter feature inside the nvidia control npanel to not only get the same input delay as you nwould get with rtss. But also enjoy the same perfectly stable frame ntimes and so consistent input delay that said nnvidia could still improve this new feature by removing the current range restriction nof.


To 240fps. It would also be great to get an additional nicon or any other form of notification inside the noverlay. Which informs the player that the frame rate. Nlimiter is active and it would be great.

If i could change. The nframe rate limit inside the geforce experience. Overlay or at the very least immediately use the new nframe rate value when i change it inside the nvidia control panel while the game is running ncurrently you must restart the game. When you do changes to the frame rate limiter inside nthe nvidia control panel.

Which is not exactly user friendly. But despite that nit already is a great option when you want to cap your frame rate. Without having to install nan additional application and that s all for today nbig shout out to my patrons as their support allows me to create videos like this one. If you enjoyed this video.

Then please give nit a like subscribe for more nring. The bell to get notified when i upload my next video nand. I hope to see you next time until then nhave a nice day and take care. ” .


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