Onkyo Receiver No Output HDMI Board/DTS Chip Repair

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So i m just gonna get a few beand just with that chip. It s with other chips or that chip just ends up getting burned up and that doesn t repair it it also doesn t tell them i mean after this i actually have to put in a blu ray. See if if audio comes out all the channels and a little bonus. A lot of the stuff on this you know the electronics is like the you know serious a light streaming and everything if you look around online and i could tell you i could even do a review of some of these serious units.

There was a time to get 100 percent all 150 channels of sirius satellite radio lifetime unlimited forever. But it s tied to specific old hardware but if you find some of that old hardware yeah. It s pretty awesome just forever lifetime satellite. No subscription necessary so what s integrated in here for satellite radio.

Doesn t mean anything okay so i m gonna try the repair now i m doing a quick close up here of the board numbers before i forget just so anybody who needs it i can see those board numbers at the end of this i ll talk about the overall construction of this unit. I was gonna try to pull out this board. But it has like million connectors like 10 screws and just trying to get this wire out. I already broke the connector.

It has like finger pinch things and so i just said after spending like 20 minutes bending all the little fingers back. I said. I don t want to go downhill. Let s try to get the repair gone all right here.

We go i m gonna start preheating. It it s gonna be a little noisy. I m gonna give it to around 300 degrees or set up like this am i right constantly measuring the panel. I can t say about this new harbour.

This ir. 20 in it is it has a real risk. Fast response rate you go find just the right position. Where you see the highest temperature.

That way you really know you re on it you gotta make sure that you don t let the heat gun get too hot either like here i like we pulled us away just to try to get a really good measurement. You want to limit the amount of time. I probably taking too long and they have to redo this here. I might give up just a couple more seconds try to get a better measurement off of this 360 degrees or so.

But i don t know how okay wasn t he if he let the housings of these heat up then it really can throw off their accuracy. I ve been really reading up on that i ll do that one more time here so it s tedious and you got to really let it heat up and really get to that melt temperature and let it sit there for a few seconds. That s the easy way. I didn t cut out a piece of aluminum foil.

Which is something that you may want to do just to help protect heat from the rest of the circuits and components. I want to let this cool down the room temperature and then i m gonna see how it runs leave it on for an hour or two if it does work after this and see if it has the issue. I may not quite got enough heat in there maybe not quite got it properly so it may work for a week or something. But then you just come in and try it again with maybe just a little bit more heat.

Because there s not really anything to live is on a receiver that dies like this so anyway. I ll be back in just a second here and after i d leave it run. I m gonna see how hot this chip is and see if maybe we it needs it really does need a heatsink and if it does there s like double sided thermal tape..


I m gonna find a little you know like a piece of wire something i can bend they use as a to give it spring tension to hold it on so it s easy to pull off and just use a little bit standard thermal paste. Okay. I have a quick update. So far.

It s actually working that was an actual fix. I went back and made sure i got that chip to at least 375 degrees. We ll see how it is i haven t tested any of the hdmi switching or up sampling or the networking or any of that kind of digital stuff. But it does put out audio out left and right the peer direct mode works so we re making progress.

But i wanted to show this real fast the root cause both of the cpus really need heat sinks. If i can get this aim just right this little chip is or this thing s been on for 10 minutes and with the case off and this chip is already over a hundred degrees this other cpu out over here if i can get just the right angle we can see is really starting to get warm 115 degrees fahrenheit already so both of these processors need heat sinks if you have a receiver that works get order of some little heat sinks whatever the size of these little chips are this is like 5 8. And this is just over an inch. You know this is going to be like 28 millimeters or something like that but definitely need us and heat sinks.

I mean that chip right there is getting pretty warm. So i could see and they it s actually getting straight up hot something even driving anything that one s really not so bad. It s really surprising it may be when i actually play a movie. And there is full on 7 channel multi channel decoding.

Then that s when this will really start to have an issue these of course will have to process more information. I m gonna hunt around try to find some heat sinks to show what i m going to do for my solution. There s also with the channels driven even than the pure direct mode. Which is kind of interesting that s the channels.

Which appears to be this board in this board for the left and right are already like a hundred and twenty five hundred and thirty degrees. So that s a source of a lot of heat. The transformer itself isn t bad that s what causes a lot of heat in the yamaha that i have versus this stuff anyway. This has been a long video.

But it was kind of an experiment. I m glad it worked out even though i had trouble with this connector here. We ll hope that it holds out we do know the source at least on this one is the issue. So you know i can decide if i want you know an electronic shops.

Gonna probably charge a lot of money there desolder and resolder both of those chips. So i m just gonna hold out and just use this method. Because it seemed to work out for this you and i just wanted to make this video kind of for my subscribers. It says a project video as well as anybody looking up the infamous yamaha no sound bad chip thing.

This is at least another video showing that the heat trick worked. But that you really got to get it to the right temperature without just totally burning up that little processor and the last thing we got to find some kind of little piece of aluminum something to keep these chips to cool. Because these chips that chip is ridiculously. It s not ridiculous.

It s almost too hot to touch. I did just touch it and and if i can get you know this at the right angle. Here here get right over that thing look at that 138 degrees. And it s running in its direct mode and one last measurement on this chip it s already climbing towards 105 degrees.

Really kind of a shame heatsinks we could have alone prevented a massive amount of all these problems onkyo hat anyway i really appreciate everybody watching and subscribing and if you haven t subscribed please do until next time caddis maximus out and people can leave in the comments. If they want me to kind of like do more of a review at least. An internal kind of review and overall just an audio review of the receiver. But writing that holds up see in the next video bye.

” ..

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