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“What s up ill today. We are going to do a very special challenge that that makes no sense here s a little backstory. I was browsing the internet and stumbled upon this hypixel threat. Where a guy said bill devil is fair and literally all his games.

He makes the exact same pixel art of sand and he wins half of his games what regardless of the team yeah team s cat. The team is robot. He still wins wow so that s why we re gonna try today. See.

If it actually works the challenge is only sam s pixel art you baby only sans pixel art breads ooh spaceship tennis donuts it doesn t even matter what the theme is gonna be spaceship so here we go alright we just make a pixel art of sounds so have you even played on the tail nope okay. I don t think i ever will because i m too lazy. I believe the play time is like eight hours. Really that s way too long so explain to me why this pixel art in particular keeps winning.

I didn t know but i also notice that about our videos every time we do a sans pixel art like the only button silence you re the only carpet challenge or whatever every single time it s ands in the thumbnail. It gets more views interesting. It also gets a lot of dislikes of people like undertale stupid boring. I think it s just one of those games it s like five nights at freddys okay.

It s the new five nights at freddy s isn t it it s a game where you either love it or you either hate. It yeah. That s a good explanation. I know a little bit about the backstory of this character.

He types in comics. And yes. That s it okay. I knew that so almost done all we have to do is color.

The day and now we re done that s too easy and that should give us number one right apparently if we are to believe that thread on hypixel forums. What are you saying it was fake no it was definitely real. But it was made like six months ago. Maybe it makes a difference uh oh six months ago.

Maybe doesn t work anymore. That s what we re here to find out maybe this works. Even better than using a legendary color. So there it is that s it and now we win all right then now we wait it seems the pixel art.

We were using was a little bit different that guy had light blue thingy yes. And he had both eyes open not winking yes. So we have changed. It now yep now we win.

We went home seconds to first boom boom. If this doesn t work we can try building it up right next on hmm maybe that works or winking here. We go time to find out if it worked. Oh oh.

The moment of truth. Exciting isn t it not really first. He should maybe we should super poop. Everything the doesn t work it work in one block challenge right a super cool super poop and second one that s nice cool people we re totally cheating well.

I have a rocket that s what it takes to make it happen we re building sands. It sure while the theme is spaceship..

Oh. That s nice that s a nice build i almost feel guilty to vote super poop on it does i even do anything if you give every single build super poop. Though well then give one legendary okay give the worst. One legendary this is pretty cool.

You know some people always fold. Super poop like that guy. He was all in super bowl. Oh there are always some who do it anyway that was super bowl that guys holding poop here we got a pixel art its art super poop.

Oh let me see see that guy s only poop. Again. Really you were holding poop. Yeah.

Actually he was owning report that s our that s our build let s see what happens this guy s on imaginary. It s totally working really it s totally working guys holding my pleasure haha it s not two people holding lighter there okay it actually works and actually what no spaceship hmm that s nice that deserves good normally okay. But today is superb ooh nice racket what is this what is that pixel art some kind of looks like a grenade grenade yes basically that s really high man that s pretty good it seems to work second round can we get first this time game. Hmm.

Just game. Oh yep so this time. Let s try building an upright. Just for fun yeah switch it up a little see if it makes a difference.

Who knows. While the team is game so that makes a big difference true this is from a game actually fits the theme. I feel the win. I can feel it deep in my bones okay.

But usually when you feel the win. It means. We don t win i feel it this time. Yeah.

That means we don t win i feel it okay so besides it being upright are we gonna change anything at all no no no second place is very close glazed man. Yeah. That s very close already huh. Yeah and this time it fits.

The team so that s gonna be first place minor modifications in the team up right doesn t even matter doesn t even matter that it s up right this time. It s not even a different pixel art and still exactly the same one you mean we could have picked one way. He has a different pose. Maybe.

He s waving yeah. Exact same fix hard oh. Just the teeth. And there it is that s the winning build ladies and gentlemen.

It is watch it i guess we should just skip to the voting. Okay here we all right can we get to win this time. Let s find out yeah here we go here we go first one. What is that some kind of te cube.

It s a cube that s sick oh you okay playing an arcade game. That s pretty good not to know..

Which one. But it looks good should i give a super poop yes. Yeah. It s tetris.

Oh. It s favorite game really no mine is minesweeper that s ridiculous. I m skating. But i ll not get that super poop just normal poop that s ours.

It s ours and their homing isn t working. Oh my guys are legendary yeah. No i see more poops in legendaries no no it s mario he s holding a fire flower flower cool super cool it s oh that s pretty damn good that s amazing. I don t even want to vote super bowl.

Just do it you re super cool you gotta give one of them legendary dough no the worst one they re playing minecraft. I think nice unless there s some other game with zombies pigs and creepers terraria. No what s this paper. That s a good one all right normal boop.

It s that pac man. How do you know look on the side. How you are smart thank you super cool i feel like there are like seven people holding poop every time messing around then they re all cheating. Yeah.

Wow. That guy s holding poop that s a nice bill. We got pac man pac man and a game controller. Nice this guy s only poop again.

He is playing with a controller. What this book super poop of course. That s very don t tell me this one s gonna win is it super cool hey. This guy s all they like you bet.

We got a hack man again that s a nice build that looks great dang low. It s not working that guy s only lying how did he do it we photoshopped this pictures no screw it we re going solo mode new technique. We re going in solo mode. That s totally technique man new technique.

It s gonna work this time solo much giraffe take it baking viking zombie. Oh. It s not gonna work this is giraffe or something he s kind of zombie like a zombie. That s it okay here we go so we re both gonna build the exact same thing.

We ll see whose is better what s mine why because because what we re building the same thing. That s why well theoretically if the votes are fair. We should get the exact same score right yeah. But there are other circumstances other variables and the difference like which one comes first yeah or if someone was even looking sometimes at the start if you at the very start.

Some people are still afk. Oh. Because they finish the build already and then they re like let me go take a pee pee mmm or let me go grab some water. You re right.

I am also using a secret weapon on top of this new technique. Oh no what is it i m using carpet is that a wool and i gots gonna do anything i highly doubt it bull..

See the thing with that pixar. Did teams mode is because the pod is so big the actual pixar in comparison looks. Smaller. Yeah well in solo mode.

The pixel art is still the same size. But the father is smaller. So it feels like you built more than you actually did hmm right yeah. So i think we re gonna get more points.

Here okay. I agree with that that s gotta work. One problem is it doesn t fit are you serious well the feet. Don t fit how s that even possible because the plot is smaller oh dang it you just figured this odd but i started at the feet stupid i m totally gonna win then oh dang between the two of us i m the only gonna win oh i m stupid i should have started at the head wow who starts at the feet you start from the bottom you go to the top.

What i have a very low iq to start at the feet very low yeah. That s a little fun. I m a little offended by that i also mess up somewhere. Yeah by starting at the feet.

No the picsart itself. Wow. You are terrible. I m running out of time now you are terrible.

I did yeah. I m not good at this man. I have started coloring. Oh dang.

It he s not even done yet nope. No. It has a flat head told. You i d be better boy.

Yeah. You re right. I am. Only now going to start coloring.

Oh. It s over for me. I should have memorized the pixel art. She was done my homework.

I am done already should i keep him winking or both eyes open hmm hmm. As if it s gonna make a difference. I guess both eyes open ah bam. I don t think it makes a single difference.

I am ready i saw a 30 second. I m ready to weigh i can still do it the theme is ami we make a skeleton both are dead yup or undead undead ten seconds i am done boom it has a flat head that s alternate between the two scenes press f1. Okay. I think mine is better isn t it i think okay.

I m gonna give everyone super poop. Except for you i agree with that super bowl super bowl that s a nice sound be done..

It s pretty nice this guy s holy poop that guy s holy poop. He s not even looking. He s not even looking and given a super poop. What is this see we are not only cheaters here.

Super food. That s disturbing. Oh. Which one is this that s mine.

That s yours okay. So it s mine. Well. I ll give you legendary yeah do it.

It s not working this cell. All giving super cool. It s not a zombie wait. I saw one guy giving legendary it s not a zombie.

They said yeah you have a point there you re not wrong. It s a tomb grave. Oh dead bodies inside super poop wow is that a creeper or a zombie. Think that s the hulk.

It s a hook without pants. Did a stretch that s your legendary you made the exact same thing. Except yours has feet yeah. Well.

I think you are all more poops than me. No i think i got more legendary oh okay we ll see super bowl. Terrible built in super poop. Look at his jaws hanging loose.

Nice detail super poop terrible bloody hell. I think everyone s cheating. Yeah. This literally don t see anyone not giving poop oh never mind one guy oh legendary colored shirts sneaky don t tell me that s gonna work on them not on me it is working on him.

Though oh nice can we get one win seriously. I don t know can we get a single win this has to be the last build right here it comes you re that third haha. We did it. Oh my god it totally worked.

It actually works so not even a zombie. The secret go to solo mode. Then it works just you solo mode alright thanks for watching this challenge. I hope you enjoy.

” ..

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