Perler Bead Zelda: Link to the Past Items – Pixel Art Show

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“Legend of zelda. A link to the past is my favorite zelda game it took took most of the original mechanics of the first zelda and perfected them were back the overhead view link can move diagonally and instead of just jabbing forward the sword swings sideways making combat easier and more fun. It s also responsible for introducing new elements to this elva series that have since become staples of the franchise. Like the master sword.

The ocarina even though here it s called the flute whatever the hookshot heart pieces. But my favorite was the magic mirror. That s how you got to a darker alternate version of hyrule travelling back and forth between these two worlds would be essential in discovering the game s many secrets. Which was awesome because it meant you had twice as much to explore that s twice as much gameplay and that s twice as much bang for your rupee.

But if you really want to be the hero of time you need the right tools in your inventory. Let s get to work once you have all your items made set down your ironing paper and proceeded to go over each one in a slow circular motion. We ll start with the magic mirror and we put them up the legend of zelda. A stink to the past is my least favorite zelda game.

It took all of the original themes of the first zelda and moving them. I don t know what s worse. The oh so obvious blinking icons in the map that tell you exactly where to go and in what order. Oh gee where could the maiden speed.

Oh there they are good thing. I didn t have to explore to find them that might have accidentally been fun or that incessant non stop beeping noise. When you re down to one heart. It makes me want to terrify hylian ears off do i need to be reminded of rainbow health.

Every second uh let s finish up this project. We don t waste any more time always iron quickly and square like motion and then glue it on the canvas. Don t even bother trying to line everything up. I ll just start with the mirror and go holy smokes.

It s good to be back..

I did not like that place. Anyway be sure to use a straightedge to line everything up nicely. Then go down the rows gluing. The items one at a time man.

How does link manage to carry all this stuff. That s the hero of time for you a great looking piece to displaying in any zelda fans home. I d avoid touching that magic mirror. Though bad mojo man click the piece there for some photos to help you make your own or give some other projects a try thanks for watching.

y. I want to talk about today is very near and dear to my heart. Because i ve been sort of watch conscious over the entire course of this rivalry and its development and it s also near and dear to my heart. Because the watches are not thousands and thousands of dollars apiece.

And as a matter of fact i ve owned multiple examples of each of them. And it s the only arts rivalry like this that i can think of where you could take a hundred dollar bill and go down to your local box store walk in there. Buy. An example of each and come out of the big box store with change for your hundred dollar bill and so of course.

I m talking about as you ve probably already noticed from my plastic schwarzkopf the cassie g shock series and the timex ironman now i know that each of these represents an entire series of watches. The same could be said about a lot of those more expensive brands as well. But i have chosen one example from each line that i think best represents its company and that would be the dw 5600 ii for the casio g shock. It s the very most basic and most traditional g shock.

It s the baseline of the series. And i think still one of the best and on my right wrist. I have the timex ironman. Let me see if i can remember this right t 5k one nine five.

I believe i will correct that if i m wrong..

And it is part of the ironman shock series. Now there were some really quantifiable differences in construction between the g shock. And the ironman in days past. But the ironman shock as the name implies has made some alterations to kind of close the gap in construction between the two watches.

But both our fantastic watches both our fantastic series of watches. Which i ve been very intimately familiar with for decades and i want to take a look at both of them over on the tabletop. So let s do that okay guys here. They are we ve got the casio g shock.

Dw 5600 ii over here and in my right hand. We ve got the timex ironman triathlon t5 k. 19. 5.

Now this is not meant to be an exhaustive review of either of these watches. Let me just tell you right off the bat. Either of these watches is about as near to indestructible. As you could possibly want a watch to be rather.

I d like to just talk about the g shock. In general versus. The ironman in general a little bit about how they ve evolved their similarities and their differences. And so do that i m going to start with the casio g shock.

So the very first g shock. Was introduced in 1982. I think that was i think the model number was 5000. I don t remember the letter prefix.

But it was very similar to this g shock in form and function..

It had the general square shape. It had a 200 meter water resistance rating. The g shock. Name alludes to the fact.

That the watch has certain shock resistant qualities designed into it it has its basically constructed of three layers. You ve got this soft urethane rubber resin outer layer. There is a harder. I think nylon plastic case inside the interior of the case has foam cushioning around the actual module.

So there s multiple layers of such shock suppression. And the watch was designed to survive. A 30 foot or 10 meter drop onto concrete and when casio engineers were actually designing this watch. They had a three story building in japan.

And they literally took these watches up to the roof and threw him off of a 30 foot roof into the parking lot to see how they would survive. And i ve never heard of anyone killing a g shock through any type of shock. I ve heard of these things falling out of helicopters and off of ziplines and skydivers dropping these from heights much higher than 30 meters. And i ve never heard of one of these being killed by shock.

So that s no shock. I guess pun intended not intended but not rejected either as i said 200 meters of water resistance a mineral glass crystal. When the g shock first came out it s sort of a sport watch but it was definitely aimed squarely at the military. I was in the military in the 1980s and these things were incredibly popular with everyone from buck privates.

Who were spent most of their time sweeping out barracks. You know special forces black ops type guys everyone was wearing the g shock. And it although it was and it was more expensive than today. But it was it was still fairly affordable.

It was less than a hundred dollars..

But it performed so well and it was so unimpeachably in its ruggedness and its toughness that almost anyone would wear one of these things in the field with no shame whatsoever. And the dw 5600. E. Today.

Pretty much is very very similar as i said. The module has changed a little bit you ve got your home screen. You ve got a single alarm. You ve got a countdown timer.

This was an addition that was made sometime in the 1990s. I believe that was not included in the original module and of course. A chronograph or a stopwatch and this is a very basic stopwatch it s got start stop reset lap buttons but it only stores one lap so if you re recording laps you ve got to record each one manually and then go back it has no lap memory and it goes back to the home screen. So there s no dual time zones.

There s no multiple laps. There aren t multiple alarms. It s very very basic in operation. But very very rugged for the price.

It s of the utmost quality. The original casio g shock. Had a stainless steel case covered by this urethane rubber with a screw down easter type case pack that was updated in the 1990s to a i think a nylon again case with a screw on plate back. But that did not affect the functioning of the watch at all and it really did bring the price down a little bit.

It s been accused of having been a sort of a manufacturing ” ..

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