Photoblitz by Matsunichi PF7e 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame

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“Amici call it the pf7 ii photo blitz. I call it an awesome 7 inch inch digital photo frame the funny gets all my digital photos off my pc and into my life where they belong hello. I m arne. If retired iraq s tiger tv and i m sure you ve all seen a few of these around what a cool concept rod.

You ve got all your pictures is scrolling right the way you are were there at work or at home whatever. But today i want to show you some of the differences between other digital. Photo frames and the photo blitz. Now here.

We have a couple of frames. That are that are kind of cool they look kinda nice. But i want you to just kind of take a closer look at the actual pictures. And i don t know how close you can see these but here we go okay on the left you see this beautiful bond you re right actually you see these beautiful black bars why is that there because the screen dimensions.

If you will done correspond with the pictures. They ve got those nice bars either at the top or the left and right on your left. You ve got distorted pictures and these are not works of photographic art. As you can see.

But nonetheless..

The pictures are drawn out so that they fit inside the frame. Okay so whoever picked up one of these didn t quite see the bigger picture. I m sorry i know it s not funny how i try that okay so you ve got all these distorted images and these images with black bars. A bunch of people with no feet kids with no heads and really the injustice of it all just really saddens.

Me okay now let me show you the difference again with the photo blitz. Okay no distortion whatsoever. No distracting black bars like the other guys just a beautiful 7 inch. Picture.

The real deal and get this i m going to show you real quick you can actually position it either horizontally the way. It is now or on the back you just adjust. The lever and you can position it vertically. If you ve got pictures like that as well okay.

Now let s look at the specs. I mentioned the screen size is 7 inches. Okay. The outside dimensions are this way about 70 three quarter inches by 9 and 3 4.


This way so it s big enough to enjoy your photos. And it s just the right size to keep almost anywhere around the house or in your office. Wherever you want you and here s what i really like there s no need to setup cluster. Computer or hook.

It up to a usb or anything. Like. That you just simply pop in your memory. Let me just show.

You where that is right over there on the back. You say you pop in your memory card and your slideshow. It starts pretty much straight away so it supports mmc cards memory stick sd cards even xd so you could really fit thousands of pictures on a single card. You can even mount it on a wall.

It s got some built in brackets on the back. So you can either have it vertically or horizontally on a wall as well so guys think about it you come back from your fishing trip you set this up in your living room on your bar. And you have all your pictures on a memory card pop it in here. And you show all your friends stopping in for a drink or a family vacation.

Whatever you recently did pop that in there and show everybody that comes by nothing says my life is so much better than yours than one of these okay here s what i m gonna do my parents back home they pretty much know as much as they absolutely have to about computers that can send some emails and look at some websites..

But that s about it really so here s what i m gonna do to keep things simple. I m gonna send them one of these so i can at least share my memories of our life here with them and actually pop a memory card inside that is filled with our pictures and just every six months or so just send them another memory card to switch out it s that simple so i suggest you do the same. Okay. Now.

The screen aspect ratio is 16. By 9 widescreen. So the photo blitz. Actually transforms.

All your standard photos into widescreen mode. As well. Okay your resolution is 480 by 234 with a contrast ratio of 300 to 1. So.

Your pictures are gonna be filled with rich colors and of course. A vivid detail now don t forget when you re on the website. Don t forget to check out the package deal at tiger direct online. If you do a search for photo blitz.

That s fun a blitz with a z would actually show you the two different options they ll actually show you the one that you can actually throw in an sd card with your photo frame as well so they ve got both bases covered..

There so this really is one of the coolest things since the invention of the computer ok. It s called the photo blitz by mitsubishi a seven inch lcd screen supports various formats mmc cards. Memory stick sd cards even xd cards supports. 16 9.

Widescreen formats and of course. The resolution is 480 by 234 with a contrast ratio of 300 to 1. So. If you have any questions about the photo bliss or if you d like to send me pictures of yourself go ahead and send me an email or now at tiger dot tv.

I m just kidding ira. No tiger tv for more information on the mat su need cpf. 7. E.

Photo blitz. Go to tiger direct and do a search for photo blitz with a z or give us a call at one eight hundred eight hundred eighty three ” ..

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