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“Of demonstration for fellowship rome. Hello jaw as a pro to complete coming lessons we we are pleased to present you a little tutorial for the program fellowship pro. The ams software this new program is a mounting table photography in the form of abigail. It can provide multiple effects to midst them and still another a set of photographs and adding sound tracks.

We will see for example. The creation of a polaroid effect here effect obtained open our program and see how to proceed to achieve this result will start with insert a blank slide to make this right click on the first location in the timeline and in the context menu choose insert a blank slide. There are others created in the first location open the slight editor to do this either you made a right click on the slide. And on the shortcut menu.

Choose the option editor slight or you double click on the thumbnail of the slide in both cases. The editor opens it opens in slide tab. Which allows you to set the basic parameters in the content pair of first we will change its duration l. Is currently five seconds set it to 12 seconds.

Attention transition time output is counted in the length of slight. The latter being two seconds. The effective length of the slightest 10 seconds plus two seconds of transition. We create our effect starting from the back screen.

We will use a layer as background. But to give it a black and white effect. We need a black background. We will keep the bottom screen or background black solid color to create the black and white effect to an image using the program.

We must proceed as follows in the background of the image. A black image file similar to this size. Then why d image which we will apply the original photograph has a mask. The masking effect taking into account the intensity and not the diversity of color.

The white image will become more transparent. When the image is black and so we shall see black background. Giving and evan effect from white to black. So.


Add. The white image. The size should not necessarily be the same as your photo click. The command add an item then in the grafton menu.

Choose the option photography. A browser window opens select. A blank image closer to size your. Photograph click open to incorporate it into your slide your images.

Added. And is placed in the center of this light it s deafened size of the file size. We will expand until it completely covers the work area to do this click the plus symbol as many times as necessary until the desired results now out our photography is a mask for our wife image click the command at mask the exploration file wind opens. But it explores only the mask folder of your program bottom left you have a command permanent explorer folder on your computer click to open the file explorer now select your photograph and click open to apply as a mass to your image.

Because the mask is automatically set to the same size as the image to which it is applied in our example our photography is slightly flattened then we ll see how correct it. But more importantly reached our picture is now in black and white. We want our background screen goes from color to black and white while the appearance of the image of polaroid. So add a second layer our photo click add an element and in the explorer select.

The photograph click open to add to our slide. As for the first layer. It is added to the center of this light and the proportion varies depending on the size of the image used repeat the same operation of the first layer in larger image using the plus symbol until it completely covers the slide. Now open the animation tab by clicking on its name.

We want the transition from color to black and white is done between the 6th and the eighth second of our slide. Place your cursor to six second time. Then click the plus symbol to add a key at this time repeat this operation at the eighth second the latter key. We will adjust the opacity to zero percent enter this value directly in the field of digital trimming opacity.

If you move the time slider. You will notice that there is a difference in size between the image color and black and white. So we will change the values of the size of the first layer until the two image coincides return to the tack slide. Then select the first layer at this time.


If your time is not at zero the program will ask you if you want to add a key at this time click no your first layer is now selected return to the tap animation and modify. The value of independently zoom epson. I greek. Until the perfect coincidence to layer.

Now. We have the fade effect of the background made it clear come to play command to see the results you we will add a final effect to our image and black and white. We will more clear lighting to do this return to the tag slide and add a new layer of the white image as previously then expand until it covers your entirely slide go to the animation tab and set the opacity to twenty five percent. Now you will find that your background is cleared by adding your white layer.

But here is the two layer of clarified and we want this effect to the layer black and white. Only return to the slight tap and using the command level down the green down arrow move your layer between black and white. The first layer and the color image. Which is now the third layer here now the effective clearing act.

Only as the first leg. Now see the second part of our purpose. The camera click add an item and choose the option photography in explorer. Select your camera caution contain your photograph in transparency png ever equivalent in order to have the device itself without background import your image into your slides by clicking on open your device is placed in the center of this light as with all imported items click and hold the clear can move your camera to the desired location you can also change the size.

If necessary the camel is fixed in our animation and requires no further adjustment. So we will now add the effect of the flash to do this we need an image with a concentric gradient from white to black to give the effect of light scattering. So add this layer in the mask directory. We find what we see we will use the 38 color picture.

Open this picture. We are going to move so that it sent your corresponds to the location of the flash of the camera proceed as we did with the camera click on your image hold clear can then move to the desired location. We will add a mask to the image in order to be able to give it the appearance of a flash of light and to play on the effective light scattering click the add mask command and in explorer select the appropriate file click ok to apply it to your lair go to the animation tab and set the opacity of your image at zero percent. It is now completely transparent and you can take the opportunity to refine their trimming position in order that it is perfectly centered on the camera flash.

We will perform the flash to the second second and it will last for half a second as we have seen previously add a key to the second second image itself should not be changed. Only the mask will determine the brightness of the flash a minimum size to more or less cover half of the slide in the lower part of the window. Trimming you have options for the mask set its eyes to one percent now out a key at the end of the effect of the flash or two and a half seconds. You will enlarge until it covers three quarters of the slide click.


The command expand the plus symbol to the desired result in our example. Five hundred and ninety percent and set the opacity one hundred percent. So has to see the effect in trimming party mask increase its size until the effective light scattering without seeing the dark in this example. We are to seventy five percent.

We set the opacity to zero percent. The affected light must be fully on three quarter time flash add a key at this time. Then adjust the opacity of the image to 100 here on flash effect is complete play the animation to see the effect. We will now proceed to the placement of the image of polaroid.

It will consist of three parts first the paper support on a polar point. It is more or less square. The second is the image itself and finally we will use a black image to allow the appearance of the image after a few seconds. Therefore out our first layer a wide image in the animation tab give it a more or less square size with the zoom controls x.

And i greek moving our image polaroid location and perform the effect of rotation in three directions. So as to being playing with respect to the device reduce its size to coincide with that of the interior. The device and adjust its position. So that the image is virtually inside four of the photo will come out of the unit to the third second add a key at this time then add a key at the end of the animation of the image or the eight second this key set to zero at all the values of location.

Place your layer in the right. Part of the image and scale. It to the desired size now add a key to four and a half seconds or to a second and a half after the beginning of the animation of the photo. It s time for the dough out of device adjust the rotation.

The position in size to coincide with the outlet of the apparatus select the last key in the eighth second and give a horizontal 360 degrees rotation add a key to the sixth second and adjust the position in rotation for an optimal effect of the movement here is the result now we must give effect to appearance of the image out of the polaroid. We use the mask function to do this put your time to zero. And open the item tab out of the mask. The same image that the main layer go to the animation tab and go down.

The mask completely out of the picture is it one hundred and fifty percent indeed. The center at the image is fifty percent. More the entire value of the image is one hundred percent gives us good value of one hundred and fifty percent. Our image is now invisible repeat for the second key let any other key to their initial values.


A 50 percent wear the mask completely covers moving of the mask. Between the second and third key. Gives. The appearance of that photography.

Outgoing of the device end here is the result now i the photograph itself to do this we simply duplicate the layer of paper just come and slide tap. The paper layer is already selected click. The command copy. Then the command.

Paste your duplicated layer is now with all the key and the original option select the coffee or the last layer go to the tab element and use the open command to change the image select. The photo and apply there your image must to be slightly smaller than a paper go to the animation tab and for each key make it click on the zoom. Less here your image is now synchronized to the paper is the result last. We add the effect of the appearance of the image to do this as previously duplicate the last layer select the copy and modify the image by the black picture attention.

It must have the same form out of the picture apply to your layer. Then go to the animation tab select. The last key and give value to zero percent opacity here. The effect is complete save your work and close.

The slight editor. You can add a black slide. First and transitions flash style. Here are the final results.

This tutorial is a pro to complete future lessons on using the program fetish at pro from its grip to advanced functions. Thank you for your attention. ” ..


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