Pillars Of Eternity Deadfire Walkthrough 6 – ALL MERCHANTS & Stealing.

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“You yeah damn in the lantern sure thing my turn why are we right back. Back. How can i help i hear you care to have a look right away. Did.

I hear you i hear you being out what marsha is behind us. I thought this would be a relief. Thank you again for maintaining my story in front of vanessa and the others. I didn t enjoy deceiving them.

But it seemed simpler than the alternative believe me i take no pleasure in duplicity after we parted. I set out to destroy the legend key. It s controlled us for too long. I wanted to freak.

It from it so for five years have been tracking down led in key circles. Searching for the places. Where they operate in secret trying to undo them the task has been more difficult than i anticipated. I don t think i fully understood the weight of the decisions.

I would have to make or the burden of living with them it was much easier when i only had to follow someone else s lead. My father s they oses you what matters is that you got us out again after we defeated thais and i thought the hard part of undoing. His work would be tracking down the leading kees members and operations. Perhaps.

This would be easier with an example. I went to a village in old valia. A rundown backwater river place hey great home like it was centuries ago. The lenin key had intervened and some heretical cocked.

The details were lost. But what had endured was a practice of ritual bloodletting. The group who got an eye for trauma. Little towns.

I ll say that much at every full moon. The villagers would feed the soil with their blood. No one young nor old sick or hale was exempt that s where it gets complicated the village priests administered the practice grim old fellow minded. Me of thais wicked el borne back his wit the lad means he was a tyrant.

I was certain that if the villagers were free of his influence. They d be free from the bloodletting. Too so i arranged for him to have an accident. The old man died and the villagers were terrified they were convinced his death was an ill omen.


They blamed it and every other miss had to be feldon on their lack of faith. So they began bloodletting every week. Turning on their neighbors for giving too little instead of a handful dying each year have you perished every week. I had to do something didn t i i keep wondering what i might have done differently or how i could have known better.

I suppose so thank you it s a relief to share this burden you are that i m looking for an old letting key sect. I found several references. But i want to be sure a please let me go over my notes again then i promise. I ll tell you everything i ll be right back mmm hmm.

Already there how can i help well met stranger. It lots to see my folks said. I d never this would be so much easier. If where is my pasta and hago of a brother buda.

Have you seen her about that oh have you heard about the commotion at the palace of course. Something about why hello. I can tell the you there look what the laundress given me. It s you re right he does do that with his hands here s auspicious apples lets you see three seconds into the future happy to oblige huh huh that orders too tall happy to hear you happy to a black.

My turn you can t oh thanks for a diamond natural already they re kept running done mmm hmm. I hear you fortune for a pun good madame how can i have clever already there i got nowhere else to turn stone hill is going to kill me don t drag me into your mess birthday. No not again. Then you leave me no choice.

I m sorry hey come back with that muddy cop. What can i do you for all right. Yeah. Yeah uh huh chop em greetings.

I hear you all right. But i m keeping with all right. But i m treating with maybe just this one does it have a trouble you being so far removed from the rest of your order. Call me heretical of course not i m terribly sorry.

I didn t mean to pry. I didn t mean to jump on you i m just used to being called names. It s open well as long as i don t get if you find yourself in need of comfort. And this looks great um long as i don t get real quiet.

Did the queen summon everyone to the palace akira. I ve never seen our rui. He run so fast do you think you i m sure i have the perfect gems. All right you candles and bombs shining.


We thank you payment for heads. It could be no simpler. I say tell me are you someone who walks the path that coin lays out before you transmuting actions into payment is the alchemy that orders our world all things turn on the access of a coin bond. I pay bounties.

So that death can bring order to life would you if you would forge a coin bond. I know of people on these islands. Who must die their fate has already decided the coin wishes only to collect do grow the ascetic is wanted for crimes against his monastic order his people have made a coin bond for his death. The orlan wanders.

The wilderness on the island of crooks northwest of naka taka speak freely. I say hunter although watcher fancy look at this doc look consider friends certainly i ve notice alt. What is your business at the brass citadel. You were the watcher.

The one who nearly caused a riot in queens birth. Grand secretariat surah wants to meet you his office is on the lower level of imperial command. Once you re inside go downstairs through the room on the right as the nuit carew is the ultimate authority in the brass citadel. But she must endure the sups at the palace.

When she returns. I m sure she will grant you an audience from now at sewer new. He speaks with her voice come to gawk to my path they punched my captain. Though maybe he shouldn t have insulted my aim he asked if i knew where i was pointing my cannons.

I told him to bend over in front of one and we d find out it escalated from there i m not reporting back to work oh yo that s for sure i crewed on mercenary ships before this come to think of it that s suited me better still a scramble route at heart. I guess don t take this the wrong way. But i only crew with captain s i know either personally or by reputation. I m sure you re capable.

But let s talk again when you ve made a name for yourself report to a cone mui when your hands and clear skies. My friend i know of you already captain the boats of our decorated armada have orders. Which spread them thinly across the archipelago drow atty. Finds itself in need of a privateer your ship unmoored from dead fire politics is an asset.

I would grasp with both hands. But arrangement can help us both you will empty the seas of competition in exchange for profit. This courage will win you many battles. I think a silhouette skipper is your first target a pirate shirking any pretense of lawful conduct in the open seas pirates are adept at scattering when threatened.

But this makes planning your boot on the neck of a straggler all the sweeter. I would keep my privateer busy you will speak to me when you are ready for work. Yes your target is rat off of alien captain and seeker of lost ruins. There is no wicked.


Lengthy would not go to plunder the dignity of these isles then let us content ourselves at some small corner of the archipelago is safe from balian excess our work is unfinished. Privateer. Are you ready captain your final target. Is braga a whole wanna captain of many seasons.

She is known for bending nature to her will and pursuing her foes were relentless fury. It is satisfying to see one of our island cousins humbled for a change maybe others take this as an example privateer you serve drow a tie with distinction no more could possibly be asked of you seraphin. Thought. We agreed you d stay out of my head.

Oh my hands are feeling better it s my pride that s still sore don t take this the wrong way. But i only crew with captain s i know either personally or by reputation. I m sure you re capable. But i don t know enough about you yet let s talk again when you what do you think you re gonna find nothing particular just all right.

But i m kidding well that s not nice looking for a pistol having a rat well done i ll see what i can do sure look down. I already have one guest in my head. I don t need another sorry lad thought that chip on your shoulder were for all to see do you ever have a thought and just decide to keep it to yourself or an you know my dear inmate morin. You know you back you ve got right.

All the wonders of the sea. And what what can i do for you put your eyes on tell me for a butter slicer hard sack. It s it s you i agree by the thumbs. I ll keep it quick see if your little dinghy has got some choice in it i ve got a list of captains with a black mark to their name whose ships.

Need a quick scuttling. You read me like a book you do then let s talk you ll be looking to scuttle corno first one hope the navy doesn t trouble you nan over it they tend to hold a grudge. Hey you re better with this than i thought qi prints are more worker. More coin for your troubles your next target is quarry when i capped it with a black mark on his name.

He s well scuttled. Then bulai me you re keen at this. There s more work in your future. Just give me the usuals you ll be scuttling of alien captain next rock.

Stomper. O doole is a mountain door for the pawn shop. While sinking. Freedom lovers.

So you ll be doing me. A personal favor. Scuttling his craft. Knowing.


The dead fire waters are short. A pirate hunter is worth 10 times its way in priors paid to say it s cutler. But i m tapped out my clients gone awfully quiet. So we re both better off sailing for the next horizon.

The green menace that i did made me want to poke up there cause the traveler care to here at a where i was born to a family of merchants on the pearl coast. I was a restless boy and my feet took me to the valen republics when i came of age. I learned of the power of geography and language at my father s knee and those skills proved useful in that i joined up with a company based in jira that trades we indeed. But i would like to make amends to mark you listen to my tale well done fared anything a lady adventure and being a staff is old about oh laughs.

It s just a mile. But i do it with pleasure teaching is my spit excellent. What a me a loaf won t be letting the last out to play more. It isn t you and i didn t ask could make a right nice excuse to be exploring yeah well everything i you do it.

But the first ill mannered. All and to suggest that years old my turn welcome it through my emporium our what the word you like at the back might you ve got it. The watcher is a regular ship and myalgic am doing was a drink my goods whatever in time sustained. Oh the come how did but it s quite i have thanked the gods i hurt wells all things being he would be a fan no i anyone who cares that many valine trading bastards.

It s alright hero of mine. Well as long as i don t get called down welcome to the treasure troves anything you might you come along shrinky andhra skills. Did you carry your sir. It s simple enough different legendary norma is more like after our they did the crew.

The virtuous reward. Even our bastard been with wanted nothing to do them. But pirate legends don t leave long some months ago. An alliance of nikita car pirate hunters managed to corner the firebrand and sink her of the coast of tea kawara.

They confirmed. Captain hank was death. But her senior crew members escaped unscathed and now it seems like bringing the firebrands crew to justice doesn t matter to anyone. But me so i want you to kill them the firebrand had a mascot a useless little bastard last.

I heard you re bitter a pair your big last tie huh. I have total at little cat little cat red lady you re looking for the firebrands former muscat lord happy hutton okay my turn captain what do you mean hey yours. ” ..


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