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“Folks. Today s law episode is on the unique joy known as proxy now. It it was a well known fact that darth vader used a number of different droids sparring partners to maintain his lightsaber skills. But when i came to secretly training his own apprentice.

The sith lord created a unique and deadly tool. I oddly resembling an incomplete droid perhaps even like c 3po before he left him. While still a child prototype. 10.

Was one of the most. Complex. Droids. Darth.

Vader ever created standing a mere 17. Meters. Tall. The skeletal droid was far more dangerous than it looked and vastly more deadly than its innocent.


Eager demeanor. I hinted now given it the name proxy vader assigned the finished joy to serve and to train his apprentice star killer. The two were based in there as yet incomplete super stardestroyer executor during the long slow time had spent under final construction in secret in the scale system. A proxy worked well with star killer.

And was one of the only constants in the young man s life. The droid became star killer s companion and might well have provided the bedrock of sanity. That he needed. However.

Proxy was built by darth vader to bring up and trained the boy to be a sitter prentice and there was little room for compassion in that so proxies primary directive was to kill a star killer. Now. This programming was something that proxy pursued with eager vigor showing genuine disappointment. Each time.

He failed now to destroy star killer proxy was equipped with an advanced mimetic combat processor. This took him far beyond the abilities of darth vader s usual training droids. The proxy was programmed with their fighting abilities of many powerful individuals. However when star killer faced these opponents.


He was not just up against the droid box his skeletal appearance was intentional as the droid was equipped with the best holographic technology. Available and in an instant proxy could become whatever opponent. He or lord vader. Thought might fully test or even destroy star killer.

Now this went beyond merely their fighting abilities proxy took on whatever was known about their character using complex programming to mimic the individual fully now. When required proxy could also use his abilities to channel holographic communication. Becoming the individual for the duration of the call. This was fine in most cases.

But as time went on and he developed his own identity. The droid found becoming darth vader. Distinctly unsettling now because of the droids primary directive starkiller. Always had to be ready to be attacked by foes drawn from past and present as well as the individuals held in his core programming.

Proxy had full access to the imperial data network. Though this excess had to be covert. Which was just another of proxy skills. Now this ensured that proxy could study data file showing the combat skills and personalities of innumerable potential opponents.


Including jedi and as a result of his training vader soon deemed starkiller ready to begin his task of hunting down the enemies of the empire. Eventually vader assured his apprentice. They will go on together to destroy the emperor himself. Now while proxy was an invaluable companion.

He also remained dangerous. Even if starkiller made ready to depart on his first mission to hunt down and kill jedi general rahm kota proxy took on the guise of obi wan kenobi and ambushed his master now the skirmish ended with proxy impaled bicyclers lightsabers. Although. The droid was unaffected by his injury.

And was able to set off traveling the galaxy with starkiller and his new imperial pilot. Juno eclipse. Now star killers success against jedi targets brought unwanted attention and the emperor. Pressured vader to strike to anna s apprentice.

Now poxy could do nothing as he saw his master seemingly killed. But was delighted to discover six months later that it had been a ruse and starkiller was still alive. The companions then set out again. But on rex s prime proxy.


Followed his primary directive and ambushed star killer using his darth maul program. Ab. Defeated. The droid was unable to avoid taking significant damage.

When star killer used the force to bring down a star destroyer and the damage actually ended up wiping out proxies primary directive and from then on proxy was able to serve star killer fully even though he was nearly destroyed when bait. His former apprentice rejected the empire and was reborn as galen marek after marik died proxy for his master s last instruction and transferred his elite to juno eclipse and vader than clone starkiller. But when the clone also rejected beta proxy was delighted to once again serve both juno and star killer unique masters bought a very unique droid and that is the unique imperial training joy prototype. 10.

Otherwise known as proxy. So if you liked the video drop a like let me know he thought of the video be sure to subscribe for more of my videos. And i ll talk to all the next one later you ” ..


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