PS4 How to Appear Offline Tutorial – Switch from Online to Offline

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“Is going on ladies and gentlemen monkey flop. Here and today. I m going to to be showing you how to appear offline. So you re going to want to up to the top go to your profile click on it and then as you guys can see i m actually online tissues use a little blue dot next to you well next to ted.

My cat and then you just want to go into set online status and then appear offline. Now why would you want to appear offline..

If you re actually online well for some people they like to actually watch netflix without getting any interruptions. And then also they like to play some story based games and earn trophies. There s a lot of trophy hunters out there and they want to be completely focused and submerged into the game. And sometimes it can be a distraction.

If four or five of your buddies are inviting you over to play some multiplayer. It can be very tempting especially if you re on that trophy grind and you re going for the platinum..

So there s a lot of different reasons. Why people might want to appear offline. I usually am online pretty much all the time i have notifications on i have some of them off just so that way when i m recording videos. They don t pop up or anything like that but as you guys can see if you look in the middle of the screen monkey flop appearing offline and you get the red x.

Next to your profile. Now..

If you want to actually switch that back go back up to profile same thing and then set online and then there you go i ll also keep in mind. If you are going for trophies don t worry if you re appearing offline you re still gonna earn trophies there s also offline support for trophies as well so you don t have to worry about getting you know not earning that trophy or actually having a register. Even if you don t have an internet connection you can always go back and sync your trophies at a later time ladies and gentlemen that s it for me. This is going to be a series of simple tutorials that i m going to do on this channel.

Just that way that way i can actually reference to people like when they have questions and stuff hey here s a simple tutorial boom. But if you would take two seconds out of your day hit a like that really helps me out..

If you guys haven t already subscribe that would be awesome as well and i will see you guys in the next. ” ..

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