Quick fix on Hisense LED TV no picture only sound

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“Everybody. This is a diego with little designs and today. We have a repair. Solved.

Solved. If a license is high sans led tv model number 50k 3 d. G. A 50 inch led i ve taken it apart completely because it took me a while to troubleshoot this originally.

I thought..

It was a power supply well let me tell you first there was no video coming up all you can see is all you could do here. Sound. With the sound sorry about that anyways. There was no video um.

But what i did end up doing is putting my flashlight on on one of these holes here and i ll use my chromecast and try to switch the inputs through the hdmi and i ended up getting the hdmi you know everything came through and i saw the picture. Which led me to believe that the backlight doesn t turn on let s just give it a try here so i m going to turn the tv on the light. Is blinking. Here.

Actually the light is off let me turn it on here..

So you ll see you can see nothing the backlight should be on what i did do is uh got my multimeter here. And i put it at 600 volts. Just in case. It s over powered or whatever.

I mean slip this down bin and then just want to be careful when doing this man. She s hot so basically you re going to be in here. Two leads. There s actually three bittu over being used please i can t get a good good conte.

But i do have voltage flowing through their which the freshmen thought was a power supply because the voters didn t seem right it was jumping up and down..

But uh. I did end up actually turning off or by unplugging this leds and plugging back in because sometimes see when these ids will come up no see here let me see that the middle flash. I did is i kept doing it until finally i noticed that one of the rows. Didn t work.

And it was this one this one worked this one where do some work. I think there s the last two or three. That didn t work now that i m looking here looks like this leds messed up there. But yeah.

It was this one so i m taking this on the dl and lucky me hold on lucky means..

I actually have not the same led where did it go and in order to go all right how about that so look good thing. I found this trip that actually fits in here and i m going to connect it right now hold on voila all i have to do is basically make it fit with the white sheet and essentially i have my leds back. Although. This is kind of a rigged up way to do it this is a pretty legit though all right.

” ..

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