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“Youtube. This is michael here i am bringing you a quick iphone 10 or iphone iphone x whatever you want to call it case review. This one is a jack case so i am not too familiar with the whole. Jack spade line.

I do know it is a brand of the new york company. I believe something like that anyway. I might be wrong let me know in the comments..


It is a little on the pricey side leaf from my budget. Anyway. You know my pleasure with my two kid with my budget with my three kids. Some of you out there this might be a cheap option.

It s a sleek slim profile with no added. Bulk lightweight easy grip design perfect for everyday use styled in jack spade signature colors and material to be exact i don t know what materials it is in but i do know it feels good the bottom half portion is almost a soft rubbery fill. It s a definitely a good protective case as you can see with the iphone x with the case on it definitely provides front and protection it kind of cover the lip goes over just a hair and that way you can set it down..


And if you do drop it from one big thing. I do like about this case is how the camera lens goes excuse. Me that the case around the camera part actually goes over the camera lens. So if you do set it on this back or anything like that it won t scratch.

The glass. As you can see on the inside of the case. You got a texture rubberized a little square texture in here..


It also helps protect the back of the glass. So the reason why they do that if it is dropped on its back. It has a little bit more absorption of the impact so that way it helped it will hopefully protect the phone and not crack it but needless to say if it does get a substantial drop. It will crack the buttons on this do work very good don t have any problems not working having to double push it push hard they work normally on the opposite side same thing.

And you would expect that out of okay a premium case like this i definitely you know would say this is a premium case alright well i appreciate you guys tuning into this review. Again this is just a quick review and i will be bringing some more for you a lot of people out there i know sometimes like me. When i go to a store before i buy a case kind of look up online..


See if any reviews before i do buy it so this is out there for you guys you all have a good day make sure you hit that subscribe button. ” ..

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