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” s ram is being program is a powerful yet simple to use utility program for for the design of still composite and non composite beams and castellated and cellular beams input the span link and cantilever zip any and specify whether the beam is to be composite or non composite depth and width restrictions. If any can be assigned for composite beams the distances to adjacent beams for edges are entered from which the effective flange width. Will be calculated under the deck concrete instead properties. And the deck orientation.

Whether perpendicular parallel or at some angle with respect to the beam loads can be specified as uniform loads partial uniform loads trapezoidal loads and concentrated loads. The program will then select the optimum size including the required number and distribution of shear connectors from this command. You can view the beam design. Results.

Including the composite and section properties. Loads..

Design. Shares and moments and capacities reactions. Deflections and camber. The load diagram.

Report can also be viewed this year. Moma and deflection diagrams can be viewed where the values at any point can be obtained this command also allows you to investigate other conditions and sizes. In this example as a composite beam. The optimum size is w.

16. By 26..

But as a non composite beam. The optimum size is w. 18. By 35 you can also explore other sizes or check.

Existing sizes sizes. That don t satisfy. The design. Loads.

Requirements are clearly identified the design to be based on one of several national and international steel specifications including those of a isc canada british standards. The euro code and australia a number of criteria items are available to be specified to allow you to refine the design..

According to your design preferences and practices. Such as maximum and minimum percent of composite permitted stud spacing instead placement deflection criteria can be specified as either a spand. A deflection ratio. Or an absolute deflection limit.

Canberra can be limited to certain spans weights or depths of sections and minimum and maximum camber specified for a is c. And bs. 5. 9.

5 0. Round and rectangular openings in webb s can be assigned the required size and share connectors are selected and the openings are checked to determine the need for stiffeners opt..

Ins stiffeners are not required. But when they are required the program. Indicates. The stiffener widths thickness and length and the required weld size can leivers can be specified on one or both ends.

And the beam can be optimized. Or analyzed accounting for the unbraced length to the compression flanges composite and non composite castellated beams and cellular beams can also be designed ramis beam isn t easy to use quick to learn yet powerful program for the design of steel composite and non composite beams it rigorously applies requirements of several national and international steel specifications providing the designer with exceptional design capabilities in a simple. ” ..


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