Ranneko s Massive Tips for Massive Chalice

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” s massive tips positioning in fights. Massive chalice positioning is really important because the game game has no avoid. It has no cover really need to make sure that you the most of your characters abilities to move enemies around hide from enemies in front make confrontations only when you know you can really take them down. So today.

I m gonna go into a little bit more detail about repositioning. A melee attack here. We have a wrinkler right. I ve just gone into battle conveniently start right near a ring light.


So you can see that if i just select the attack. This is where an attack from that s fine. What if i want to attack from somewhere else. There s a couple of ways you can do this one is you select the attack and this works with other attacks as well and then you hit this button.

Which is the reposition button. Which is for some reason not working there we go don t know why it wasn t going there. So this is not the method. I normally use.


I normally select the attack and then use the f key. And you don t even need to select the attack to do so. If i i can do this. But cable jack is too it s also important to remember what weapon you have equipped so this is my cave a jack with a rhyme cap cable.

Which provides knock back to every kind of attack. Which is great because being a blast kappa. I don t get knocked back regularly. So the other thing you may have noticed is i seem to be getting a slightly odd result here i can move into this square.


How come i can t rotate. My angle attack angle into that square that s because and we ll move here to demonstrate it actually i have an enemy. I can t quite see in that square at the time. And so now this makes a lot more sense.

So that does all sort of reveal some hidden information. It may be a bug. But it s important to know so here what i can do is i can attack these guys and in fact this is one of those times. Where positioning is important because one of the options is i can use an explosive capable yeah against this guy actually what i m going to do is use an explicit came here right so i positioned myself this way and it cuz.


I ve got the ram cap caver it s gonna push everyone outward all right so i m gonna hit all three guys. But i m also gonna hit that sprinkler into that egg but stone egg thing which stuns the wrinkler really important when you re right there so yeah. That is how you can that s how you can reposition a melee attack. And why it s important otherwise.

I d need to deal with that wrinkler and this ring clay in this same tone and chances of me doing that much lower this has been your massive tip for today so go out there ” ..

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