Razer Actually Made A Pink Laptop…

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“I know what this is you don t maybe you do now you do. It it s the blade stealth. 13. From your friends at razer.

They ve done. Something duper. The inside of this box is a pink laptop pink pink. I never thought i d see the day it s a subtle pinkish hue.

What a time to be alive. Anyhow. Oh. My goodness gracious look at the box within the box.

You can already tell. It s a party in there holy smokes. That s a tiny little power brick. Look at that guy the old box in a box trick.

Oh wow. It is it s actually more pink than i expected is that coming through on the camera..

It s pink. But it s a metallic light solid feeling. Some stickers also pink you got the foam on the inside of the box. Okay.

That s a big deal a couple extra bucks. They spent on that that s for your pleasure. All the crinkles. The build is promising right now standard usb port as well as a type c.

Connector. Other side more of the same as well as a headphone jack. You do have some fans on the bottom. Also got some elevated rubber feet that ll keep it from slipping around too much okay kind of macbook esque.

But so strange to see it in this color combo chiclet style keyboard fairly generous trackpad in scale matte display not glossy. I think it s pretty good looking actually check out the background. The wallpaper to match with the mosaic pattern and the color combo. Bit of a chin a bit of a chin on this guy okay so this is available in a few different configurations.

But if you do want this model the quartz color scheme that i ve got here you have to step up from the baseline model you do need to get a dedicated graphics card not the integrated intel one that the base model has to begin with this is not a cheap laptop in fact the base model with intel graphics starts at 1400 us the minute you step up to the mx 150 graphics you go to like sixteen. Hundred bucks and then you can go step further to a 4k touch display and that brings her price to 1900..

Though at the time of filming this video that particular model is sold out now since razer is kind of a gaming brand. It does seem odd to pick up this laptop without some form of graphics inside of it that said you could do expandable graphics through the outboard unit that hooks up via thunderbolt. This model. That i have in front of me.

Is the i7 85 65. U. Processor. From intel.

That s eighth generation. I7 and one of the things that i didn t like that much in the past was the keyboard okay. It s a chiclet style keyboard not a ton of travel. It s very quiet.

I will say the thing feels solid like there is not a lot of flex to the keyboard itself so quick look at the display so again what ends up happening with these matte displays. I mean you either love them or you don t i do enjoy them i like having them as an option as well because they cut down on the glare. So much. But what ends up happening is they supply a little bit less perceived contrast.

I mean it s a decent display. It s fhd..

There is a 4k touch version. I m really surprised actually that razer went with a matte display you know it s not a lot of manufacturers that are doing this right now of course it gives you more pink as well if that s what you re into. Now what about the speakers. Does get a little speaker action.

Going here. Thing is this comes with the shades. And the shades already send a message that like your dare clear like they re firing at you. Which is a good thing maybe one of those long bike rides you know those guys over 50 volume.

You know i m getting a little bit of clipping. Now let s do some music real quick. This one is called trail blazing oh hi lou he knew it he knew it was going to happen. It was destined to happen i mean it s a beach.

I mean i said i mean it s a beat you know so hot. I ll send you a high back like this is the high back. These speakers are not doing it you know you know gamers are they re gonna put a headset anyway call me crazy. But i just wish laptop speakers were better this leaves a lot to be desired.

When you have to hear your music or your dialogue. Like this let s get uncle lew on the phone..

Let s demo. Some stuff. Let s have the speaker s match the caliber of the other stuff the keyboard. I feel like i can live with the trackpad is a nice size.

I like the fact that they re making a pink laptop you re gonna think i m crazy like what are you talking about why you would never use that loo it s true i wouldn t but it s becoming harder to differentiate all kinds of products and segments in the consumer electronics space and it s just like how are you gonna hate on more choices is it worth the price tag you know me if i m spending that kind of dough. I m probably looking at something else. But razer is a distinctive brand making distinctive products you could probably argue. It s the best looking windows laptop.

You will pull this out. In a starbucks. You d be all set. It s thin.

It s light and now it s in pink. There it is razer blake. 13. Is the ” .


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