Replace a quartz clock movement

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“By removing the battery. Once the battery is removed you re going to unscrew the the nut that holds the clock hands in place. This should be easily done with fingers. You might need a small pair of pliers to do this then carefully remove the minute hand.

It should just lift off the our hand is pressed on so you can sometimes lift it off with your fingers or you can use something to pry it off like two forks make sure that you get really close to the base. So that lifts off without bending..

Then you re going to remove the nut that holds the clockworks in place probably. An adjustable wrench or a small pair of pliers is sufficient to do this unscrew the nut remove it and then there s a washer that holds the clock stem in place remove that and then remove the clockworks from the back of the clock your new clock works is going to come with a little packet of nuts and washers take those out of the little package and then get your clock works ready to insert by the way. It s really important that you purchase the right size clock works. Because they come with different sized stems from really really short ones to ones that are fit about three quarters of an inch.

You take that black plastic washer and you put it on the stem and then you are going to insert that into the back of the clock. Then you take the little black brass washer and you put that on and then the brass nut goes on top of the washer you screw that on and you are going to need something to tighten it up a little bit you don t want to tighten it too tight..

It will destroy the inner workings of the clockwork so go ahead and tighten it up lightly. Then put on the minute hand it only goes on one way. Because. It has an oblong hole in it put that at 12 o clock.

Then take the hour hand and put it on an hour. You can see i chose nine..

O clock. Here make sure that it s pointing right toward the number. And then press it down right around the stem. Then put your minute hand on and take the nut that has the closed topic cap nut and screw it on to hold the minute hand in place.

You may have to hold the minute hand with one hand and then screw the nut on with the other screwing on fairly tightly. But don t use any pliers to do this at this point..

You re ready to insert your battery and your clock. Should be ready to run and you can adjust the time. I recommend using the little adjustment lever on the back of the clock rather than pushing the hands with your fingers. That s it your clock is ready to hang.

” ..

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