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“This is michael and this is my review of the mio alfa. It s a a strapless continuous heartrate watch. And this is the box that it comes in this the watch. It has a really really nice soft silicone band.

I think the watch display is quite legible. However one big negative is there is no backlight on this so if you re in low light conditions or night. It s very difficult to see you ve got several indicators on the watch you have a battery level indicator here on the left. And then there s a couple other indicators that show up here.

There s an led here that flashes depending on what mode you re in when you re out of your heart rate zone for instance that will flash and then there are two buttons and they re kind of hard to see because they re really integral to the case here. But you can see this long piece right here. That s actually a button and there s a button on each side and that s it there s only two buttons on the watch. The watch band has three prongs and like i said.

It s very soft and it s actually quite comfortable on the underside of the watch. Where there are two leds here and these are actually what can read the blood flow through your capillaries. So once it locks on to that you ll start getting the indication of your heart rate on the watch. And then these four contacts up here this has a really kind of a cool little charger.

This is the charger right here. It s magnetized so it clicks on to the back of the watch and sort of magnetically stays attached. And then this just gets connected to a usb port of your computer or an ac charger..


And it will charge the watch now the watch battery life is pretty good. If you are just using this for your daily workouts and let s just say you run for an hour. You re probably going to get at least a week. Maybe even more maybe up to two weeks.

If you just turn this on continuously maybe you re not using this for athletic events. Maybe you re just wanting to monitor your heart rate. Which is a perfectly valid use for this if you leave this heart rate monitor on continuously you re probably going to have to recharge your watch once every day and a half or so so battery life is pretty good. But you know not necessarily fantastic.

But i think it s pretty decent now there s a couple of concerns. I have the the bezel of the watch actually sort of sticks out a little bit so if you re not careful. This is gonna be pretty prone to getting scratched and dinged. So i think that s a design element that maybe wasn t thought out too well also the backlight as i mentioned seems kind of necessary to have a backlight of some sort on a watch like this now the way this works is you attach it to your wrist and depending on your dexterity.

That s either gonna be very easy to do or if you re like me it might take a couple minutes. But that s another story and then there are a couple little prongs here that they just attach into the holes. Do you press the right button here for a couple seconds and now it s gonna find my heart rate now normally i find that this finds my heart rate. Within 15 seconds or so for reasons that i don t fully understand sometimes it takes a little longer so i m all excited this morning.

Talking about the mio alfa. So my heart rate right now is at 88. So right now it ll just read my heart rate and it ll keep reading my heart rate until i get out of this mode..


But you can see there s the flashing heart here and now the left button is a set button and a toggle button and the right button is how you can start or stop the timer or view your heart rate. Now. This also has the ability to wirelessly transmit the data your heart rate to an app on your smartphone. However that data transmission does not start until you start the timer so you start the timer by quickly pressing the button on the right and that starts the timer now once the timer is running it s gonna it s going to revert back to the heartbeat and you ll see the downward arrow.

Here you can set a zone for your heartbeat you can set a high and a low and the only problem on another problem. I have with this watch is if you set a low point for your heartbeat. When you are out of that zone this light is going to flash and you re going to get this beep beep is always going to be beeping when you re out of your heart rate zone by 10 beats so if you want to see what time it is you just push the left button and that first of all is going to show you the elapsed time of the timer push it again. And that s going to show you the time and that s going to go away in about 4 seconds.

And then it ll go back to the timer. If you want to get back to the heartbeat just push once on the right. And you re back to the timer and then it ll also revert back to the heartbeat after a few seconds. So you can set an upper zone.

A lower zone for your heartbeat and you can pause it you cannot do laughs. However there s no lap function on this and then when you want to resume you just push it again and then to end your session. You just press and hold it for a few seconds. And then it ll end your session.

Once your session has ended then you can review your session by pushing the left button. And it ll go through the last run the length of the last run and then it ll tell you your average heartbeat and then it ll tell you how long you were in your zone. So it s a good..


I think it s a first stab kind of a heartbeat watch. I mean it s really nice. But i would like to see laughs. I would like to see a longer history a few things like that but for right now.

This is where the technology is and i think it s a good first attempt it s very comfortable to wear. And i really do like it actually ok. There are some people who are saying reporting that they re getting inaccurate or wildly vacillating heartbeat readings. When it s getting so i just want to just prove that by running a little water on the watch and as you can see the heart rate is just pretty normal vacillating between 78 to 82.

I can even hold the watch up a little bit and let water actually run right under it and it s still giving a pretty accurate reading. I would say and not only that it s waterproof and right here. I m going to disprove people are saying that movement moving the arms was giving inaccurate readings. So i ve just done the water test.

So i probably still have water under the watch. But i m just gonna wiggle my arm around here this is a lot more violent than you would ever have if you re running. But as you can see you know it s not giving me wildly inaccurate readings whatsoever if you have any questions leave me a comment i ll answer it if i can otherwise thanks. ” .


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