Runescape: ELDER TREES! Are They Worth It?

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“Guys what s going on crunchier time welcome to a brand new video. So my my uploads the moment just gonna put out there for you guys are gonna be little bit up and down at the moment just the kids. I m as i mentioned a couple of weeks back i m rebuilding a new computer for christmas. I m sort of like getting new parts and all that stuff making it really wicked and awesome.

And i ll see a lot better for gaming. Which would be really cool make it a bit faster and everything should be very fine and dandy also because it s christmas. Today merry christmas to you guys hope you ve had an absolutely amazing day for this goes up in the afternoon. Hopefully you know you ve got some wicked presents by then you ve got basically what you wanted all that stuff so you know best luxury and hopefully you ve had a awesome day.

So i ve got some really wicked stuff today. I got like a bunch of new stuff for my computer. They re set up second wicked..


I ve got a new desk and all that stuff which i brought myself for your day. Just to sort of top up the overall setup for basically. When i put it all together. Today so i make a video on that pretty soon to show you guys because i know quite a few the guys been asking me like about my setup and stuff.

What do i use how do i record all that good stuff so i ll be showing that in a video in the next week or so so hopefully you guys look forward to that so the main things. This video is actually wood cutting and i think i mentioned a couple of videos back or something like that that i was actually gonna go for and 90 wood cutting. So i could get to the elder trees and i from that ask you guys if you think the elf shoes are worth it i was obviously before i d do it i wanna know if it s obviously gonna be worth the time if the money s good. I know they re actually worth about i think it s four point three k or four point.

Seven case under like that each fellow. Which is really cool and i should know like if you sort of the rough. I had them it take to sort of do that because obviously if i want to make a money making guide mit in the future or something like that like an afk one..


I need to sort of like you know know this or basis on it and because i haven t you got the level yet any of you guys that have got the level that s run. I know what your opinion is on the trees if they re worth it if they re you know worth all the time doing wood cutting. Which everyone knows it s pretty boring and i used to actually really enjoy it and i used to say that it was for my favorite skills. And god knows now why i even said that because i just fine.

I just wanted to kill myself. I ve been doing this for like a couple of days. Now. When i ve been at work.

I ve just been like coming back. And just you know a couple of hours. Just pin click in and just waiting for the iv to like respawn..


And you know just hum. That stuff so and that s why i ve kind of been doing. That s why i haven t repaid videos. Because it s just been boring.

All i ve been doing is wood casting. And i have already got that far thing. I ve only gained a level. But by the time this video is up depending on when i edit into out stuff.

Hopefully it goes up on christmas day. Because obviously i m making it on christmas day. And i probably won t have ninety by then i m let me just check how far off and you ll obviously see different clips to what i m showing you right now because i m not recording this..


But i m currently 156 chaos so hopefully by the time this video goes up i probably hopefully will have 90. If i don t then it will be in the next video. Yeah like i said just let me know what you think of the trees if they re worth it. If you know if they re good do you like doing.

It is it does it make good cutting more enjoyable probably not i just want to know anyway guys. I think that s pretty much it this video. I m sorry. It s a really short one that s kind of been a bit rush.

But it s christmas day families are waiting for me for lunch. So i thought i should make a video check it out there for you guys and hopefully you enjoy it so yeah like always give it a thumbs up if you did thank you so much for watching and i ll ” ..

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