Sabrina the Teenage Witch Animated Series Season 1

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“Damn d jump jump. I say we go left right right like okay or right. Right. Like right next.

Time right should be right. Oh. My happy sunrise breakfast. He going to fix you to write up bit jittery.

This morning. I see jittery what makes you think that what s wrong with you two. I ve never seen you so afraid zelda had a dream. Only it wasn t a dream.

It was real and it was about tim. The witch smeller who smells no tim. The witch smeller he hunts down witches for his own private trophy collection and we could be next. What s this guy got against witches sure her egg from a chicken milk from a cow.

Sugar and spice make the past appear. Now that s the witch sneller. He doesn t look very scary. Don t judge him just by his looks.

Tim was born a complete freak. Even though his mother was a witch. He had no magical powers and never would he was no better than a mortal knock it off. Why are you be sorry.

I guess. The spell witches can be so cruel yeah. Present company excepted of course with his only friend in the world. An aardvark named elton tim left home now a revenge on all witches.

He decided to use the power of science against witchcraft. He worked as an apprentice under one of the most brilliant thinkers of the day da vinci. But tim stole davinci s inventions and modified them for his own twisted revenge. Tim s advanced his technology over the years then with all of his tricks.

And traps. Well if tim to smell master comes poking around leave him to me. And salem. We ll take care of him right salem salem.

You re america s cruelest. Practical jokes and watch your back america you never know when we might be coming to you you re down. The guy s a mutt head classic adults are so gullible. I heard when we re born we have all our brain cells.


We lose them as we get older so we re never really getting smarter. Only dumber that sara explains. My aunt s the secret to that show is not to act. Surprised when they spring the weird stuff on you don t freak.

And you won t look like a doofus. A pocket funhouse mirror. You always got the coolest job. Better give me that harvey.

You tell when people think you re conceited. Oh. Check it out wow cool. That s your dad s soul gem.

Amulet. It holds a little of the magical essence from every witch and warlock that has ever worn. It is it me too retro besides. It belongs to my dad.

And he is a hands off rule. When it comes to his stuff. Lunch is served come get it maybe i ll just try it on what could happen. Oh uncle quigley.

What smells so bad camouflage. When does a witch not smell like a witch. When she smells like a dumpster exactly this is our own recipe of garlic rotten egg sardines and stinky cheese. Now tim will never come near us.

He s not the only one uh no time for lunch gotta. Go huh you oh my harvey left his backpack that boy would forget his feet. If they weren t attached to his ankles. I can still catch him you smell a witch.

Don t you precious the nose. Knows the question now is which which will it be i know i ll just soap up and slip. It over always works when i get my head caught in the banister. Oh.

My my elton you must be a powerful warlock indeed for you to get so feisty you shall be the crowning glory of my embarrassingly huge collection of captured witches. Ah. I find even so invigorating let me go is this some kind of a cruel practical joke holy monkeys. I m on america s cruelest practical jokes harvey harvey hey you were right see we told you right about what tim.

The winch smell. He s here. Guess dreams. Really do come true.


Oh. Dear. Does that mean one day. I ll go running through the produce section.

Wearing nothing but a belt of radishes. He captured harvey are you sure tim hunts. Only witches and warlocks harvey s only immortal who d want him only immortal it so happens some of my best friends are mortal. Yeah yeah.

Quigg tim must think harvey s a warlock why oh no harvey radishes just never you mind no the soul gem. It s gone. Harvey must have it the magical essence from that amulet would be enough to fool that idiot aardvark into thinking that harvey s a warlock well perhaps we should only one thing to do start packing packing. We have to rescue harvey.

We ll just zapped him with a couple of spells from the spooky jar. And tim has a spell scrambler it jumbles up all our spells making them useless. Fine. If you two won t help i ll do it myself.

The only place you re going is to your room to pack look at all this stuff. Who directs your show james cameron. You think i could get a t shirt or something. When we re all done when we re all done.

I ll have your head mounted on my wall. Perhaps. A souvenir baseball cap would be more in order. Whatever tv.

People are weird going somewhere do you have any idea how dangerous. The witch smeller is i don t care harvey needs. Me hey. I m going with you you re the best.

Yeah. Yeah. I m a four legged santa claus. Now.

How do we bust out of here santa claus. You re genius ah. My spine. I borrowed this from an hilde estelle book.

It s a tracking spell show me no hiccups or glitches. The pathless tried by the smaller of witches. It s true the dumber the rhyme the cooler the spell sabrina s gone and there s a tracking spell missing from my spell book i ll get the car maybe. It s best if you leave this to us witches.


After all if a witch can t defeat tim what chance does a mere mortal have chances a mere mortal have dagnab this isn t about witches are mortals. It s about family great the rocky horror dream house cool special effects and so the delicious finish draws near i was gonna ask if we could move things along cuz. If i don t get this amulet back to my friend sabrina. I m gonna get totally busted amulet.

A soul gem. Yeah so you re not a warlock intruders. Oh. How am i supposed to get any work done are you alright of course.

We re not alright you little brat. I would like to be stuck in some dusty wool for hundreds of years leave that girl alone. She didn t put us up here easy for you to be nice you don t have spiders laying eggs in your ear. I m looking for a cute young guy with dark brown hair and a dreamy smile aren t we all honey get us out of here.

Where s the rest of you stuck in some parallel dimension timmy s that witch top of his to turn us all into living trophies. Glad to hear you re all getting along so well because you re going to be spending a lot of time together well now it s my turn for darlin. What have you done with harvey nothing he s no warlock but he will make a lovely servant whereas you two magical sewing cells will make fine additions to my permanent collection i told you he was all washed up what some great witch hunter. This guy couldn t catch a cold and frosty the snowman its armpit.

I caught you didn t i nope we came to you major dick. She s right you re losing your touch. Which miller very well which ling. I shall give you a five minute head start if you can elude me until sundown you all go free.

If not i keep you all agreed you re on twerps yeah. Which way down and outside that detour should throw him off for a while i wouldn t count on that don t suppose you d want to try for best two out of three uh uh long time no smell timmy still taking your vacuum cleaner for walks. I see what yeah it s time to turn you into a frog yuto. You seem to have forgotten the power of my spell scrambler a crucial error in tactics for a non witch.

This guy can sure cause a lot of trouble run now talk later the greendale mall home field. Advantage. Nobody can outmaneuver me. In a mall.

Sabrina. Sabrina. Sabrina. Sabrina.

Sabrina. Huh. Is the apocalypse. Upon us tune.

In. At 6 00 to find out bingo. I despise minivans we d better get the innocent bystanders out of danger cream of mushroom gumbo chowder make these people take a powder in a mall. No crowds.


But no time to shop. I m getting even with that witch smell or if it s the last thing. I do here comes your chance now shoot leave that aardvark to me cannot. Ha ha hot extra hot nights.

Awawa uh huh. That s it fido follow your nose. That ll teach you to keep your nose out of other people s business elden. What have they done to you as long as he s got that scrambler our spells are totally useless.

When is magic we re in a mall. You re talking some mega cavities their keys aren t for chewing therefore spewing. No huh have a nice trip. We did it we made it tonight.

We beat in which is wrong not for much longer you re not the kind of hold. A grudge are you wish me yeah. Oh now take that as a yes hmm. I have you now we went fair and square.

Why should i play fair with you you which has never played fair with me let care of me you re immortal don t you see how horrible. These witches are that s a load of bowie sure maybe a group of witches excluded you hundreds of years ago. But that s got nothing to do with these girls they ve never lifted a finger against you no you don t understand old man witches are all alike you re horsefeathers everybody s an individual responsible for their own actions. I judge people by what they say and do not my skin color our sex or nationality or whether they happen to have magic powers goodness you are so right ladies please.

Accept my most abject apologies well. He does seem sorry. I am. You can show me the error of my ways in eternity.

So some people never get it well to be honest. I wasn t too crazy about seeing the first of you uncle quigley you saved us not bad for a mortal this mortal happened to have pulled your collective fanny s out of the fire. I remember that next time you witches get all highfalutin that s the kind of attitude that creates people like the witch smeller mortal. Oh.

No harvey is this thing ever gonna come off. It has a weird class here looks like america s cruise jokes. Really went all out this time yeah. But they didn t fool me for one second.

I always knew what was going on sure you did thanks. I thought we were gonna be stuck on that wall forever so what happened to tim in out no no to the left it s my nose that it is you stupid beast not my eye now we ll get you sabrina spellman you hear me i ll have my rebound whoa. I certainly hope you remember to wash that thing ” ..


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