Samsung 11.6″ Chromebook 3 Unboxing $99 Black Friday Deal

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“Guys welcome back to another video. She managed a will so if you were fortunate fortunate enough to catch the black friday deal that best buy was having this chromebook. Here is 99. So my young daughter laptop broke so it was trying to get her a new chromebook.

She s had a chrome. She s got a samsung chromebook for a long time and hers broke. So i was able to find this deal right here at best buy and i was got it for the 99 bucks. So this is a good deal i ll show you what s in the box.

And then i m gonna go ahead and give it to her because she is standing by ready to go so again. This is the samsung chromebook 300 bump..

Camp samsung. Chromebook. 3 this is the 11 inch to gauge 116. Inch two gigs of ram.

16. Gigs. Onboard storage chromebooks. Don t require a lot of memory inside.

This chrome book right here sold out everywhere. I mean..

It s sold out everywhere so in the box. You get the chromebook and then you just get the charging cable right here. And again this is the samsung chromebook. 3.

And it s gonna give you a quick look over it very nice. It s got a little textured top on it on this side. Here. You can see you get a full size usb and a headphone jack and then on this side here you get a full size hdmi kensington lock.

There looks like i think that s a kensington lock. No that might be the charging cable..

Yeah might be churchgate right there you got a usb and you got a full an sd micro sd card slot right there. And you ve got some chrome branding down here. She didn t want a big chromebook. She wants a small one.

So. This is perfect for her and there you have it it s got a nice full size keyboard this is nice this is an intel. Celeron version and so for a chromebook remember you don t need much to power these. This is gonna be really nice.

So i just wanted you to give you a quick overview here. If you were able to get this..

This is 99 at best buy this is one of the best deals. I started to buy some more they actually sold out online. I m not even gonna post a link online in the description. But the local stores.

Still might have some so you check on this this is a 99 chromebook regular price is 180. So you took hundred they took eighty bucks off and you get a nice beautiful chromebook. This is great for a person who likes like chrome. Her chromebook broke so she s set now.

I m still using the big chromebook from acer with the dual speakers metal body still good so we got our new chromebook if she mange ” ..

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