Samsung Galaxy Fit & Fit e Unboxing [4K

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“Guys welcome back this is your host phil phone okay calm i got two of of the samsung s latest wearables. The galaxy fit and the galaxy fit ii. Now like the other suffix devices. This is a cheaper and lighter version.

And the galaxy fit is a full fledged smart band. This is supposed to cost around 99. Us. Dollars.

And this is a person cost around 35 us dollars of course. The price is going to depend on the region. But that s roughly how much they were gonna cost let s start with the cheaper one to fit e. This is supposed to compete with the shop is me band.

3 has a similar features auto tracking auto sleep tracking and the heart rate monitor alright so this comes in either white black or yellow. This is a white one obviously and inside the packaging is the manual. It s a very short quick start guide and the device is self and charger. The charger is a wired one so you have to connect it to a usb port on the back.

It s got the heart rate monitor along with the two terminals for charging so you sort of clip. It there..

And it s going to start charging on the device. There is a very small black and white display. There s no button and this is not touchscreen so you have to tap it to operate. So you have to tap once to switch between all the display screens.

And you can raise your wrist or tap twice on the screen to turn it on it s got 70 minutes of battery. Onboard is supposed to last 13 days at max and sound. Some claims are around 6 to 7 days on average. This is milspec certified.

5. Atm water resistant. You can get the cell phone notifications via bluetooth. It can automatically track walking running and other sort of exercises and track your sleeping in three different levels.

Now the galaxy fit on the other hand costs a lot more and does a lot more as well on the packaging. There also is a little packet containing quick start guide. It s a very thin piece of paper telling you all the basics about the device. The band comes in either black or white and you can actually take the band off the core.

So if you don t like the color. You can always swap the band and under that is a charger..

A brick sort of this also gets connected into usb port and this is wireless. But this is not the qi certified wireless charging but on nfc way so you cannot use your standard qi certified charger or the galaxy has tennis wireless power share feature you always need this dock to charge it unlike the fit a it s got the full color amoled display for some reason. I expect it to be as big as the gear fit to probe. But this is a lot smaller.

This is actually closer to that of the gear fit. 8. But this is touchscreen enable so you can swap around for different measures and you can start different exercises. And this also measures your stress levels so if you have a lot of stress.

And you then you can breathe accordingly to relieve. It there s a sleep tracker and the weather and after the further update is going to show you the joule roaming clock. Showing you to local and home time simultaneously it tracks more workouts automatically now it tracks six different ones and you can choose between a lot more on the smartwatch or on your phone. Including swimming.

It can also record your sleep quality into four different levels instead of three and the fit eight. It recognizes rem sleep as well and you can not only see your notifications. But also quickly reply to them on the watch you can connect them with any android phone over and real ollie pop 50. And this is how the app looks like you can see your battery samsung health health settings alarm weather quick responses find my banned notification settings widgets including health summary exercise stress sleep you can reorder them add some more your caffeine consumption calendar.

Calories heart rate steps and whatnot and there s the vibration setting you can turn that on or off long vibration. If you don t recognize your vibration..

Often there s a display settings brightness screen timeout advanced you can decide which action pressing and holding the psyche is gonna invoke. It s now set to running you can choose between walking cycling swimming. Other work out hiking treadmill. There s a lot.

There s 90 of them. There s a water lock mode for swimming. Do not disturb sync. Do not disturb with phone goodnight mode.

What does that do it won t light up or vibrate for alerts status indicator. Yada yada. Yada and there is the watch faces there s a lot there are six different ones for the big time and six no more for analog. There s a lot more to choose from it doesn t have the galaxy s store so you can t download additional ones now i paired to fit a with an iphone you can use it with the iphone.

There is an app on the app store. It also syncs samsung health health settings alarm whether if i my band notification widgets vibration advance. There are a lot less options here since this is a cheaper device you can decide whether to wake your screen by lifting your wrist or double tap on the screen or both there s a screen dimming option. And do not disturb and that s pretty much it.

There are a number of watch faces as well. But a lot less there s a heartrate big time steps charts health info..

One two and three and that s all you get it comes with a single size band. But there s a lot of holes that you can lock. It it with the galaxy fit on its gonna look like this with the galaxy fit. Eon is gonna look like this at a first class both of the devices look pretty nice.

But to be honest. I m not really a fan of tapping the screen to switch between the infos. They are kind of annoying and the fit ii certainly lacks a lot of features you cannot reply. Some messages.

There s no stress recording and it can only track three different exercises well to be fair. It only costs a tad more than a me band three. So i guess. That s acceptable anyway so those were the galaxy fit and the fit a obviously don t put them both on on both your wrists well spend some time.

And we ll be back with the review. Pretty soon. If you have any questions in the meantime. Please leave them down in the comment section below you can always made us an instagram facebook and twitter.

We ll see you guys later i m not a black panther so i m not gonna do that ” ..

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