Samsung Galaxy Halo, (J7) 32Gb Gaming review

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“Are now logged in to the latest and the greatest on the android system. This this is the channel that gives you information every day boy. Sir i ll welcome to the channel. Today.

Let s talk about how the samsung although 32 megabytes actually performs wicking because we re gonna check that out right here. It s just a to make sure you don t go anywhere. And i ll be right back right after this all right we got the player in those battleground mobile ready on right on deck. And we re gonna get ready and we re gonna start pop it into this game real quick so the spot again right here and let s go to the live game right here so already off the bat you can see this thing is smooth as butter right now we re in the lobby mode.

So basically i m just waiting the hop on that jab look how good those graphics look right here on the samsung galaxy halo right here you can see we re in the jet 99 players inside the gen it s all gonna basically land on that island right below so right now you re gonna see a bunch of people jumping out the jet right there so let me follow suit and right now basically skydive. We let you collide by pressing this arrow up and you can glide like that or you could dive right down below and actually see where you re gonna land here so let s get a nice little landing. I m headed for the city right down below we are so now i m gonna find my team here let me just get some weapons and whatnot..


But the gameplay on here is super smooth i didn t experience not any lag whatsoever yeah so this game is engineered for the smartphone as you can see this game is running really smooth and it s optimized. There s no lag whatsoever. So that s actually a really good thing basically you re gonna go from one the room find as many weapons as you possibly can and get yourself ready for the battle basically. So yeah.

You can see this thing is really good. There s no there s no problems here whatsoever. I found myself like getting addicted to this game. Just.

The gameplay is really smooth and the levels are really challenging you get live action a lot of players on here online with you playing against you so this is just how the graphics actually look and so that was actually really cool so basically you ve got a whole bunch of weapons everything that you pick up is in this backpack right here go ahead and arm yourself with whatever weapon. You want to choose then just go ahead and just play around with it it s really fun a lot of cool gameplay out of here with this phone. I love this game..


And i download the other day and i just found that it was really nice and i hope you find it really cool too. So let s jump right into the next game right here and we ll check out some more gameplay on the halo samsung galaxy halo all right here s another game i always play just to test out the graphics. I mean this thing has some good graphics. And it s a good judge of how the games will play on the samsung galaxy.

A low so let s go up the court and see how smooth that is that s really smooth right here. You can see that the crossover dribble gets stripped immediately that s no bueno get that out of here don t even try that in my room. Don t do that okay boom. There we go so yeah.

The gameplay on here whoa that was not cool. So yeah. That is really smooth game is playing really nice right now..


It s handling those graphics. Really well give me that let s take this all the way up the court and see if i could finish then there we go so as you can see this thing is running really smooth no problems whatsoever here so there we go another dunk right up the court. Give me those cookies alright. Let s take one more dribble down the court.

Just to show you how smooth this thing is here comes another game on the halo let s go ahead and jump right into it so right here. We ve got the inline skating. Let s see how good this performs so far it s buttery smooth. I mean.

It s actually performing really well okay. So yeah we have this cool racing game. Here that i think you guys might love right here as you can see the graphics are really nice as a cool beam with these futuristic cars and stuff like that i m gonna go ahead..


And i m gonna put this to the test on the halo. So let s check this out right here and see how cool this is gonna be so as you can see it s really smooth nothings no lag whatsoever you see those graphics. Did look really nice and really smooth and let s jump into another game for the samsung galaxy halo so you can see the gameplay on here is solid it s it s a good experience right here. I don t have any complaints whatsoever with the graphics on any of the games that i ve tested out here as you can see this game is really fun and you ll get the hang of it really quick so that wraps it up for the test of the samsung galaxy.

A low it s definitely a go if you re a gamer and you re looking to play. Most high end games. This phone is your gear your go to guy right here. So.

If you want to spend like under 200 for a phone like this you re gonna experience some really good gameplay on here just to say lee so definitely go ahead and get you the samsung galaxy halo for gaming a phone that will handle all those high end games so i hope you guys found this video helpful in any way possible to you if you did just click that like button down below hit the subscribe button for more future videos and i ll see you guys on the next video peace in the meantime have a great morning afternoon evening. Depending on where you are have a great night peace ” ..

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