Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Back Glass Battery Cover Replacement Fix

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“What s up everybody how to tech bring you a video on how to change change your back glass on a samsung galaxy note. 5. Couple tools we ll need a suction cup need a couple pride tools you need some guitar picks. I like these playing cards.

But unup using both in this repair. And of course. You ll need a heat source so a hot air gun a putter soldering iron. A hairdryer like it s a nice one work and of course your new back glass.

I can t find these things anywhere. I got this back from etrade supply. Those guys are awesome. They always have the new stuff.

I ll post this down on the link and you can check it out it comes with the adhesive pre installed. So really this thing is a perfect fit. The color match is awesome. So like i was saying i ll put this down in the description you guys should check it out if you re looking for a new piece of back glass.

This is the only place you can get it right now these guys at each rate supply awesome supplier so check them out so the next thing we needed to do is go ahead and heat up the back of the device now it took me a little bit of time. I realized that i have to get this a lot warmer than i thought you can see that the back of this glass is cracked in the bottom left hand corner. And you want to get it nice and warm a little bit harder than you d actually think it would need to be to get removed that he said. They use is almost kind of like a putty a style adhesive.

Something that i haven t really seen before except around these new s6 series phones so get it nice and warm you want to get it to the point..

Where it s almost too hot to touch you don t wanna be able leave your finger there getting it just nice and warm won t do it you want to get it really pretty pretty hot. I don t want to damage anything on the inside. Though so heating around the edges will help you do that right smack dab in the center. There s the wireless charging mat.

So just around the corners. Really that s the only place. There s going to be adhesive is around the sides and a little tiny bit right in the middle. The best place to start on opening.

This is going to be on this side with its left the least amount of he adhesive. We can use a playing card to kind of sneak our tool in there now if it s really cracked and you don t have to stress too much about it and you could really just rip it off and it s not going to matter. But also you don t want to damage anything. So maybe just take a little bit of time and take a few seconds and save yourself the hassle of pulling anything up or are bending your phone or anything like that so we ve got up just a corner to get started.

Here. See. If i can t pull back a little bit more and just get our playing card and then i cut it a little bit flat giving more surface area. Now we got that one started just a little tiny bit do the same thing to the second playing card.

So i can see i cut it so it s just flat a little bit easier to stick in when you have a flat edge on the card. Let s try to work this one a little bit more so they can t get that to work for so get a little bit more heat and really that s going to be your friend during the removal of this this adhesive is on there really good now. If you do have a shattered part on the back. Where you ve already lost glass.

It may be easier to start there whereas..

This one doesn t really have any large shatter points on it everything s still adhered down. It s really tight tolerances on the side here got our playing card in i m just going to work it back and forth you can use a metal pry tool. This is an assessment tool. It s not necessary it could have just used a guitar pick.

One thing you can do is file the pick down a little bit. So it s a little bit sharper. You can do that just with some sandpaper or just on concrete as well now i m going to work our way down the side here. Now the adhesive.

Only is in about probably. I d say five millimeters around the phone now that we ve got it started we can go ahead and stick it in and we can kind of do cutting motions with it a little bit to get it started and we re like i was saying you want to be careful towards the middle of the phone that s where that wireless charging. That s going to be at down here at the bottom. There s not really anything that you can damage.

So you can just go ahead and slide. It down work our way around this corner. Here. There s a little strip about i d say.

15 millimeters of the back as well get my suction cup off. There. It s really really nice and tight. Now.

It s got a starting to tear itself..

Again. So we re gonna go ahead and get it nice and warm and make our job a little bit easier going around the rest of this device all right now that we have that done we can go ahead and slide our card down the next side if you are removing your back glass. And it isn t damaged the same exact method will work as well you just want to be careful around the bends of the back glass. It s not like you think regular glass would be it s almost kind of like a plastic type glass like a shatterproof safety glass type stuff.

So you re not going to really shard yourself with it just worker down this way down the side this side has a little bit thicker adhesive towards the top of the phone here you see it doesn t really want to come off just yet. So i m just gonna push down on the side. Here go ahead and pull the back off. Now.

This point. The top is already shattered so i m just going to yank it out these are playing cards to get us started a little bit and if you re looking to save your glass. This is a good method to use perfect. There we go now we have this part removed.

And you can see that we have the four corners. Which is the tricky part. I m going to work our way up. I just down the sides you can see that there s some leftover adhesive on this and you can see where the adhesive is pulled up.

So i only think it s gray on the back. This is where the adhesive was the right side has the thinnest point right. Here is where we made our entry left side has more on the bottom. You can see there s kind of a two layer piece here as well so something that you want to be mindful of when you re removing it if you have any adhesive that s still stuck to the back.

You re gonna want to go ahead and pull that off and it might actually be easier to uh and my suggestion is to use some isopropyl alcohol..

Anything 90 percent or higher rubbing alcohol or you can use acetone as well and what we want to do is wet your cloth. A little bit and then clean up the sides of the device. Here i really want to get a nice adhesion for the new back then you re really going to want to clean it up a little bit you wanna be careful of the black felt back of the wireless charging that if you get alcohol in here. Start kind of rubbing up.

I did a little tiny bit here on the side. And you can see that it s starting to kind of fray. A little bit so just be careful as you work your way around make sure. There s no big chunks anywhere you don t want to have your new back glass wanting to pull up if you have chunks in your adhesive now that you have it nice and clean then go ahead and start putting our new back on we re go ahead and pull the back cover of this off and again like you re saying.

The color on this is perfect. We can go ahead and pull this film off metal go ahead and let our adhesive come out now we re going to do is line up the camera. And the flash and make sure that the glass fits right around those first and then we can put the rest down. If you get those two things lined up the rest of the glass will go in place.

Now you don t want to press down extremely hard until you make sure all the corners are in that s rubbing my fingers around it to make sure it s going to fit properly and a fit on this thing is amazing. I m really stoked about this wooden weight this for this a little bit. It s like i say i ll throw the link of this back down the description have any questions from the comments. If you found the video helpful hit that like button.

And as always i appreciate you watching you want to see future repair videos go ahead and subscribe to me some upcoming stuff. I ll have both iphones and moto x pure coming up so subscribe and check. ” ..


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