Samsung GALAXY S20 Unboxing and Tour!

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” s going on guys welcome back killing here again with droid life so samsung galaxy galaxy has 20 in the building it s it s that week. These little bad are starting to arrive on doorsteps. We re we re almost a week or we ll five days early or something like that but either way if you pre ordered the s20 from samsung. There s a good chance you got your phone so we ve got one galaxy s.

20. Obviously it says 5g. We re in the us everything s 5g ultra zest 20 pluses. All those are rolling out as well.

We ll have an s 20. Altra unboxing. Before you know it we re starting first though with this guy yes. 20.

Which is what i ll be reviewing so uh let s dive in it s galaxy s. 20 unboxing so you might be wondering why callen did you get the s20 not the plus. Not the ultra well the ultra tim will have that so again. We ll have an unboxing of that he ll review the ultra.

You know he ll dive into the mega camera. Thing there and the giant phone. I prefer smallish phones and if you missed. It i already wrote a story about why i think the s 20.

Plus should not exist. There should be an s 20. Or the ultra that in between just makes no sense. So i one of the.

Smallest one which is still not small it still has a 62 inch quad hd display. But that s pretty much the reason. So anyway. Let s go with the unboxing here.

So this is the unlocked model. I like unlocked. I know sometimes the updates are slower to these. But i just know there s no bloatware.

There s no extra crap. I get a basic stock. Samsung experience and then i get to make it my own. So uh that s pretty much the packaging is pretty minimal.

It s you know silly that there s the 5g logos. All over everything i mean i m gonna put a teemo sim in here and i live in portland. So i should technically get 5g bacala 5 g. s whatever man so unboxing here s the phone which color did i go well of course.

I went with the grey. Everyone should probably go that there s a blue and there s a pink and there and this color. This is the cutlery almost matches the desk let s set it there and see if it just blends on in there alright continuing this unboxing. There s that s a piece of paper oh so we have fast charger.

I believe this is the 25 watt let s see looking looking not seeing thought it was either way fast charging. I got fast charging you know it says super fast charger. So it should be the 25 watt..


What else is in here. What is this what is this man. How do i even get in this thing. I always struggle for those of you been around for a long time there s absolutely nothing in here.

It s just a thing. It s just the it s just kept this must be just a cable. It is this is your usb. Oh oh we re going usbc do usb.

See now samsung. Okay. Yeah. So they did usb seem to see the reason.

I m pointing this out is samsung for years and years now has been doing usb. See. But they ve been doing usb a to see so. When you were connecting to your old phone and transferring over ii had to use this weird adapter instead of just letting you plug cable indicate it was obnoxious so yeah.

I m weirdly excited and well that s why all right what else these are your buds. So no headphone jack. So usbc say hey see see earbuds akg tuned. You know these are fine.

I ve used these buds off and on over the years in fact on the. Droid live. Show. Lately i ve been wearing the regular 35 millimeter ones not these.

But anyway. That s what s in the box. Let s uh. We should probably look at this huh alright.

We are cleaned up let s stick plastic off there was no sim sticker. There which is fabulous because that s usually the worst one to take off quan. There s gotta be a sticker here eh. There we go oh oh sticky.

I don t think that was a screen protector even if it was i would have taken it off okay. So uh. If stickers up here. Ah.

There s just stickers everywhere. Just look at all these little things make sure you pull these off everyone on the side nope just top and bottom alright alright samsung. Feel that alright so here s the phone sorry about that so galaxy s. Xx ooh.

Feels like the first first i m holding it by the way. It s hopefully. It s got some juice. It does galaxy s.

Xx. I m not gonna say the 5g thing. It s just a galaxy s2 yes..


It s hard by android new logo. It s running android 10. So s20 let s talk specs then we ll dive into software for a second once this finishes up you know also one thing. While this is booting.

If this was the 18 t. Model. You d be going. Dundun dude.

And you d get all the awful song sing with verizon. There d be all the bloatware up front. Telling you to sign up for yeah. Telling you to sign up for cloud services and whatever with the unlocked version.

You don t you don t get any of that it just says hey thanks for buying this phone from. Samsung let s get it set. Up. So.

Specs. 62. Inch quad hd. Plus.

A dynamic amoled infinity. Oh. The oh is the the front camera cut out there its quad hd. 120.

Hertz remember so the big cell here 120 hertz refresh rate everything should be ridiculously smooth so oneplus phones from last year. And then also the pixel for remember they went 90 hertz. Which is a bump up from 60. We went from 60 and samsung up to 120 in order to run it at 120.

Though while i just said. This is quad hd. You do have to drop it down to full hd. I ll show that once we get into software.

So if you want to run it at 120 hertz you have to drop the resolution down you re not going to mind. I promise you what else we have snapdragon 865 in here hence the 5g stuff so snaps training 65. The newest territory. 12 gig ram.

Because this is the 5g version. We have 12 gig ram. 128 gb internal storage. Does have sd support up to one terabyte.

If you don t have the 5g version which will be no one in the us. That only has 8 gig ram either way 5g version and 12 gig you have a triple rear camera setup here which you can see this has kind of been one of the main focuses here from samsung. So that triple rear camera setup is ultra wide 12 megapixels 12 megapixel regular wide angle and then you have a 64 megapixel telephoto. When you compare this to the galaxy.

The galaxy has 20 plus. The only difference is the s 20 plus also has a time of flight or depth sensor like right in there somewhere. I like where that gap is under the under the flash..


That s the only difference otherwise. Same exact camera on the smaller version versus the s 20. Plus. Just no time of flight.

Which you ll probably be fine without on the front. You do have where that hole punches or that infinity. Oh. That is a 10 megapixel selfie camera inside you have a four thousand milliamp hour battery in here so as small ish and thin.

As this phone is pretty large battery 4000 remembers to like google with its four xl that was just released 3700 milliamp hours. Something not even not even as big as this and i m not gonna lie this feels somewhat smaller dainty er lighter wireless charging fast charging wireless power share. So if you have some buds like i have some buds hold on reaching oh no i just turned on accessibility mode. Okay ignore that um what i was saying is wireless power share you can throw these on the back and they should charge.

It s not working right now. If i have to turn it on and if c mst for samsung pay ultrasonic fingerprint reader right there in the screen. Which you know i m not looking that forward to but at least. It has one right google.

Ip68 water and dust resistant stereo. Speakers usb c. Port on the bottom. There s one speaker.

Other speaker is up here and this grill. I do believe no power buttons or no buttons at all i should say on this left side so that means no big speed button on this right side. You have power and volume. And you know they re actually in proper spots.

Like here s my hand. I m holding this normal power button volume remember last year. The volume they put like at that top you had to adjust your whole hand just to like it was so weird. I don t samsung is always kind of struggled with buttons up top.

Though there s your sd card and in sim tray right there that s pretty much it as far as tour goes just a samsung logo down here nothing else in the back let s let s fire up some software. And we just powered on through the setup process and here we go so really edge to edge display here. I mean samsung is really well first of all let me acknowledge this the curved display do you guys know i am. Michael the curve you know i am not a fan of curved displays they ve mostly eliminated.

I mean i guess this could technically fall under the waterfall department. Where is that kind of goes to the edge. And then there s there s a little steep drop off. But we don t have that really pronounced curve that affects you know how you actually use the phone.

So i m a fan so far this it s mostly flat like you can see where the edge. Where the black bezel is right. There that s kind of well the curse starts just before that so you might it might not be bad. So anyway.

Let s let s look a little bit at software. So this is samsung s one ui. One ui and this is android. Ten so if we scroll down about phone software 1 ui 21.

So it s actually above android 10 buttons navigation buttons. We ll have to change those right away some other things to show you themes wallpaper display dark theme of course. We have light themes you can schedule all this stuff motionsmoothness so here we go..


This is the important one 60 hertz out of the box. So if you get a galaxy s. 20. Just know out of the box.

It s going to be at 60 not 120. So. If you want to go high refresh rate says get more realistic animations and smoother. Scrolling cool hit apply did i hit apply.

I did now it should just be smooth. It you re not gonna be able to see this on camera. I can i can tell i can tell already even though i know you can but you can see the resolution though dropped down to full hd. It might have been there.

But it definitely will have to press blue light filter and all that stuff navigation bar. We can do the android gestures. So now we have gestures swipe up and hold swipe in from the edge to go back you guys know these these are android 10 gestures. I ve grown to understand how they work now i don t completely despise them.

But you know they got their issues you can double tap on this and load into the camera that was the power button. Lots of camera stuff here we will play more in fact i am by no means a samsung galaxy s. 20 camera expert wasn t at the unveiling this is my first time holding it so we ll walk through all this stuff. You can see of all.

The modes pro. Night. Pro. Video live focus single take which could be kind of fun.

It kind of does like one of those take it it does all of the modes sort of thing cancel that anyway well will dive more into that swipe up i really wish they would get rid of this swipe up down thing and the horizontal whatever samsung phone it s the galaxy s 20 again i m gonna throw at emo sim in there we should get some 5g action. We will test it camera. I m actually really looking forward to this phone god always on display. I ve been on a oneplus phone.

Which still doesn t have that which drives. Me insane the size here really really nice so far i mean just to compare for you here s a regular pixel four so not much bigger than the regular pixel for terms of just overall size. I m reaching here one plus seventy plus. 17.

Looks massive ignore the fingerprints looks massive next to this guy similar size displays. I i think reaching at. I can t reach the four xl sorry guys you will show you more comparisons later don t worry galaxy s. Xx.

This is just an unboxing. We will fully dive into. Everything. Again if you want the ultra tim has that that costs 1400.

This costs a thousand. I would probably recommend this even though. I ve never used it just because of that and some of the early reviews of the ultra. But you know well we ll get there well we ll figure that out if you have comments questions let us know i don t want to drag something longer.

We are ” ..

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