Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases – Review

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“What s going on everybody welcome to the scre crypt channel. I m back here here with another video this time i like to showcase some of the cases that can get from dealer extreme for your galaxy. S3. Let s take a look all right so i have about a dozen cases.

I d like to go quickly through so let s jump right into it and see what we all have so mind you these are all from dealer extreme. They re about from a couple of bucks to ten bucks each they re all available on the site and they re pretty good so let s start with this one. Here. It s kind of look like this pleather kind of look.

It s it s more for a night out for dinner or something you want to look a little bit more fancier. It s got this a little bit of an engraving you can get it in different colors. I got the white one here so and it s got the spots here for the credit cards as well let s pop that in here. So yeah.

That looks so quite nice. The cutouts are perfect this thing will bend all the way back as well so it s really nice when you just want to go out you know you want to go to the restaurant or something like that and you just want to you know rock your s3 and you know i just want to make it look nice and presentable you know you put this on the table. It looks pretty sweet. You know you can flip it open and you know check your messages and whatnot if you have your credit cards or whatever you can put them in there.

So you don t have to bring your wallet just bring this guy here works. Awesome alright case. Number two this little rubber thing. It s got no cutouts or indents for buttons.

It s all one sleek kind of uniform case. This is the spain soccer team play so if you re a bit of a soccer player buffy like the european soccer. This has a pretty nice case and actually a must have for any soccer fans great team and pretty decent case. So like i said no cut outs here for volume rocker or power button.

So that s really the only thing you re just gonna have to get used to it. But it works good and eventually you just know where the power button is it s it s nice and you know sleek and it s feels good in the hand cutouts again pretty decent. Almost perfect here you know so no problems. There at all so there s one like that then i have another one here same build.

This one is for us canadians. Yes. I like to use this one when i travel. It knows everybody i m from canada.


And it s just you know support your country whatever whatnot. It it actually looks really sleek. It s it s the same material as the other one mmm cutouts. Again are perfect and it just looks nice when you have this on a table.

Everybody knows you re from canada that ll come up to you and say hi so yeah this one again no cutouts for or indents for the buttons. But it works good you know so so again. A couple of bucks on dealer extremes. Okay.

Then i have this guy here. So a little bit minimalistic. If you don t want full case. You just want something to protect your phone.

Maybe. So you can hold it a little bit better. Then you have one of these so these are actually very nice a lot i use these quite a bit. And it s that the cutouts here they re kind of like circular.

The indents for the up the volume. The power they just click very nice as well the you know the cutouts for the speaker and and everything they re actually really nice as well and they look pretty nice too. So you know they can give you that a little that extra protection yet you re not covering the whole thing. You still see your logo on the back.

And whatnot so um. I rock these ones. All the time. I also have this orange.

One here as well so you know when i want to switch up the color. A little bit you know i well we ll throw this black and orange. One on here and you know rock it this way. It s again cutouts are you know the indents here are nice kind of for charging port and everything are perfect.

It it s feels good in the hand as well and get that rubber siding. So you re not gonna you re not gonna drop this alright. Then when i want to throw in a case. I have this you can get this clear one here.


I like clear cases as well you know this one this one s got this kind of tougher kind of like i don t know jagged grip. Here it s you know holds holds very nice here and and again it exposes your phone. So you don t if you have something stickers or anything on the back. It you know the clear case works.

Nice and you can sometimes barely notice that you have a case on here so because it s clear. I like the clear cases. They you know got keep your phone look in the same way than an ultra doesn t and i have this guy here. So this is a replacement for the back cover so if you ever lose your recover or if you want to just change it up a little bit it s got plastic.

But it s got this aluminum cutout like this all this red part is actually conical. I ll i don t know what s gonna i don t know if it s all of it. But maybe just the just the letters here. But it s definitely it s kind of hard to tell.

But i think this part is aluminum so but it works quite well here so this fits perfect on here and and when you just want to rock your s3 with with no cases at all what you want to stand out a little bit from the rest of the crowd the these cases are really nice and get them in different colors as well so they actually and they feel nice in the hand. It s not it s not that glossy stuff that comes with a with the samsung case. It s it s a little bit more. It s got that metal feel to it and plus.

You know i like red and it it just stands out and you know it s it s nice and this part is kind of raised you know. It s got the galaxy s3 logo. Here and kind of got that metallic. I m pretty sure.

This is metal a little minim or some sort of metal here. So it s got that metallic look here as well. Which is alright for you gaming fans i have this guy here. So it s actually a lower gameboy back in late 90s or mid 90s.

It came out with game boy. Most of you probably you know have one somewhere in the closet or played with one it s kind of throws you back to to those days. So so we have a little we have cutouts here on both sides. Or us or in indents here for power and volume.

They work quite well as well the charging and everything is all exposed and it s it s it s perfect cutouts for there as well and just you know just looks pretty cool. When um. When you set this up on the side. You know it kind of almost looks like a real gameboy.


Because it s got the the height and everything so i like this case when i just wanna. You know i you know when i go out with my gaming buddies or whatever. It it actually is pretty nice and kind of throws me back to the good old days. Then i have this guy here.

This again is supposed to resemble 1930s or whatever or maybe probably nineteen fifties microphone. I won t put this in this is actually pretty hard to put in here. I can maybe take that part out and then put this in here and just can i give you one example of what this looks like. But this rubber part goes on first and then and this kind of fits in here and this slides in here like that and you know clips in this will take a little bit of finesse to get this in here.

But this is kind of how it looks like so you got this rubberized protection. Thing here. It s it s kind of smooth and then you got this plastic art kind of hard or plastic. That goes over top of that cutouts and everything actually pretty good.

But it s just it s just so tight to get that thing in here. So it takes a little bit of finesse and you know if you don t do it right it kind of you know you have to you have to sit here. And just kind of poke at it for a little bit and eventually it ll fit in nice. But once you do get it in it s it s pretty decent adds.

A little bit of weight to it. But it does add that extra layer of protection. If you need it you know if you re going outdoors or whatever. And you think you need a little bit extra protection from drops or whatever this this guy will do it.

And you can get these in different colors as well they re pretty nice actually. I said we bought two of them. So i have two of them that and i haven t even open this case. But they re pretty nice once once you get them in and then i have again something in red.

I have one of these leather pouches. It s i m not sure if it s genuine leather probably not but these are actually pretty cool so you know again if you re looking for protection and if you re putting your phone into something with you know your purse. If you re a girl your pocket with keys or whatnot. This actually works wonders so this will come you know kind of go in there.

It s got fits perfect you can get these again in different colors. But this fits perfect in here. And and it s super easy to get out it s got this tab you just pull on it now check your messages and you know put it back in here. So.


It s one of my other favorites that i carry on um with me on weekends and whatnot when i m working you know outside or whatever and have other things in my pocket or what or whatnot. So this actually works works really nice and finally that s a lot of cases here finally i just got this in today. I actually got this from another youtube user the smoking android you might have heard of them there are pretty nice. I watched one of their episodes.

And they re podcasts and they were giving these out. And i asked for one and i got it in today so thank you very much smoking android very much appreciated it s a nice case here so so what this is is genuine leather here with the cutouts again for credit cards your your you know your bank cards or whatnot. So again. If you re going out for a driver.

Quick you know do your corner store or whatever. And you don t want to bring your wallet you just pop in your credit card or your bank card and your driver s license or all three. Because you got three cutouts here. And you know jump in the car and go for a quick drive.

Now you don t have to bring your wallet and everything so. It s um. It s quite nice that way. And it is yeah like i said genuine leather it fits an s3 pretty nicely.

And it s got that raised side as well for protection. So you can put it on your on its face. And you know have your cards or whatever on the outside. And it will protect your screen.

And it feels nice in the hand as well and the cutouts and everything are very nice as well so i mean the top and the bottoms you know no problems and then you got the cutout here so and it looks looks pretty sleek as well i got that block look so again. If you want to go to a restaurant or something you can you know bring this guy as well i m not sure exactly where you get this one this one won t be a dealer extreme. But i thought i might show you guys this one so. If you have any questions or comments let me know down below like i said you can get all of these at dealer extreme for two to ten bucks.

Yeah check that side out. If you liked this video give me a thumbs up and i always appreciate that you have any comments or questions leave it down below let me know what you think. And if you might see more of these videos. Please hit the subscribe button and you ll get the videos as soon as they come out.

And i do believe this is it for my time. And i do thank you for ” ..

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