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“Universe calm today. We ll be showing you how to replace the display assembly in in a samsung galaxy s6 the tools needed to complete this repair are plastic triangle tool a small phillips screwdriver plastic opening. Tools nylon spudger. A sim card ejection tool.

A pair of fine tip. Curved. Tweezers and eye sessom..


Oh. And a multipurpose heat gun begin disassembly by shutting down. The device. And ejecting.

The sim tray using a sim card ejection tool use a heat gun or a blow dryer to heat around the edges of the back cover to soften the adhesive beneath insert. An eye sessom. Oh..


Into the seam between the mid frame. And the back cover and pry the back cover free to separate the two halves of the mid frame will remove the 13 small phillips screws from around the device you we ll heat the top in the bottom of the lcd well then insert an iss amount into the seam between the lcd assembly in the mid frame once we ve developed a small gap. We can switch you a plastic opening tool to pry the two halves apart use a nylon spudger to disk the motherboard and pry the battery from the adhesive holding it to the back of the lcd. We ll disconnect the ear speaker.

Using a nylon spudger and disconnect the lcd just connect the interconnect cables and the home button lift the motherboard from the top of the lcd assembly and disconnect the dock port assembly from the bottom of the motherboard we ll now heat the lcd frame from the lcd ensure a ample use of heat as the lcd is well adhered in the frame. Well insert in is asma into the top corner of the device will price slightly to create a small gap. We will reheat as necessary we will insert a plastic opening tool into the seam here we re using a triangle opening tool to try to pry the frame from the back of the lcd..


We re working very small sections at a time using a combination of tools and heat work in very small sections at a time and reapply heat. Anytime you feel resistance. The lcds are are fairly fragile once we have the frame mostly lifted from the lcd use a nice s. Mo to ensure that the touch keys are not stuck to the back of the lcd.

We ve laid new adhesive on the lcd frame remove the backing to the lcd strips you you we ve also laid adhesive along the edges of the lcd remove the backing from those strips as well we will feed the lcd connection through the frame and then read here the lcd to the frame connect to the dock port assembly reconnect the lcd and the ear speaker reconnect the home button and both interconnect cables you read here the battery to the back of the lcd reconnect the battery to the motherboard will insert the bottom half of the lcd assembly with the charging port connection into the mid frame first then we ll press. The lcd assembly into the mid frame and we ll replace all 13. Small phillips screws you here..


We ve laid new adhesive around the edges of the mid frame remove the backing strips from the new adhesive and read here the back cover to the mid frame and finally reinsert the sim tray you and there. We have another successful repair by repairs universe. Calm arts and tools used today are available it repairs universe. Comm don t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel like us.

” ..

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