Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Unboxing And First Impressions

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“What s up everybody. It s your boy floss back again with another video and and today we re gonna take a look at the samsung galaxy s8 active now can buy this at at t sprint or you can get it unlocked and the price is eight hundred and fifty bucks. Now what s the difference between the regular galaxy s8 and the galaxy s8 active four major things number one the price with the regular galaxy s8 you re paying 750 bucks with the s8 active eight hundred and fifty bucks number two the build quality with the regular galaxy s8 you got glass on the back glass on the foot with the curved screen. It is ip68 dust and water resistant with the galaxy s8 active you got glass on the front with a shadow screen on top of that you got a textured material on the back.

It s also ip68 dust and water resistant. But it s military 810g approved. So that means this shockproof dustproof temperature. Proof salt water.

Proof basically a thing proof not everything anything. Anything is a little bit more than everything number three the color choices. Now with the regular galaxy. S8.

You got black grey. Silver blue and gold with the galaxy s8 active you got grey and gold now the last difference. Which i think is the most important difference is the battery with the regular galaxy s8 you got a 3000 milliamp battery. With the galaxy s8 active you got a big giant four thousand milliamp battery.

So that alone might be the difference on why you re buying this as opposed to the regular s8 alright. So let s unbox. This and see what it is now this is the at t version shout out to white shoes back in the building here. We go galaxy s8 active on at t shout out to the tiger tooth wrap.

One more wrap. Let s see what you get inside okay little struggles alright. So here s your phone at t. Sim.

Card pluck that and save it now. Let s see if i at t pulled a fast one with the headphones. Let s find out okay. So you got your usual books.

And pluck. Those and file them to the side directv pluck. Those and follow we got cody. We don t need that more books and pluck them and follow them look out zerks.

Okay here s a usb type c. Cable. Eight box looking a little like here s your otg transferring information on a matter of fact this is just a microusb to usb type c. Adapter.


So you got your otg right here. Dr. Sim ejection tool. No need to pluck that out.

And there s your charging brick. And no headphones shout out to at t alright they out here. Stealing headphones. It is what it is now i m a little bit disappointed with that because for 850 bucks.

We need some headphones especially all that of the galaxy s got the headphones and not even just cheesy headphones the galaxies come with nice headphones. So i m at the go to at t in the put the pressure on somebody let s take a look at the phone itself rock rock. Okay first out of the box. I will say this it definitely has a little bit of weight to this let me get rid of that stick off the back for dramatic effect definitely has a lot more weight than the regular galaxy s.

Ii. Now one side here s your power button look at the screws in this this definitely looks like a rugged military style phone. This is a man s phone brainy alright. So so if you re looking for a man version of the galaxy s8 look no further same screws you got reinforcements around the bumpers.

I saw that s for extra drop protection. Here s your sim tray on the top like i said power button. Here s your speaker. Usb type c.

Headphone jack and a mic big speed button. I will talk about that in a minute bixby button volume up and down on the back got your camera shrink fingerprint sensor and your flash on the front is the rest of your cameras ira center. All that good stuff. I so let s power.

This up. And see if we got any juice. Now. I m definitely feeling this foam.

It has a cold steel kind of feel to it now this material in the back it feels like plastic. But it has a textured feel to it this is rugged. I said we ll let this boot up for a second and let me talk a little bit more let me rant a little bit more now why would you buy this as opposed to buying the galaxy s8 for extra hundred bucks. Me in my opinion the battery alone now on a side note i ve been using the mate 10 pro all week.

I m gonna review that this weekend after after thanksgiving 4000 milliamps on that battery lasts all day so right now i m thinking that 4000 lamps. Should be the standard on all phones after using that mate 10 pro. I ll show you how some screenshots now. We re not talking about heavy use day to day standby time that s what s taking me so long to do the review.

I wanted to see how long the battery would last on standby time 4000 milliamps three days worth the standby time didn t touch the phone for three days..

And it was still on and i was using it a little bit everyday. I some have to set this up so why would you buy that why would you buy this battery next. The build quality look at this you re not gonna need a case for this so do the math yourself you re spending an extra hundred bucks. Now you re not gonna have to buy a portable battery charger.

Or battery charge case. So subtract about 40 to 60 bucks on that and you re not gonna have to buy any cases now. The average person buys maybe two or three cases. Even if you don t buy the fancy otterbox.

Maybe a couple of case allergies or speakings you re looking at an extra 30 40 bucks worth of cases. So now no cases necessary. No battery charge is necessary this will be the perfect phone. If you re buying it for a kid and they always drop an a phone.

I m speaking from experience. My daughter s always breaking the phones up they re not gonna be able to break this display. And you re not gonna have to worry about the back getting damaged or if you like me. And you re down with team fat ass and you got butterfingers you re always eating if you drop this phone.

It s not gonna break not to mention it doesn t have that curved display now i personally love the curved display. But some people don t want this trendy look you know you don t wanna the douchebag at starbucks you want the rugged military style type phone. This is it right here flat screen. I saw no curves no i hate to sound sexist because i know ladies like rugged stuff too.

But this is i m calling this the man phone. This is the man version of the galaxy s ii. I so i m gonna pause the video real quick let me drop my information in real quick real quick. Everything is quick and long at the same time.

I m gonna pause the video drop my information in and then we ll go through the os talk amongst yourselves alright josh. We ll be back in now. I just put my information in the phone. I ve been playing around with a for a few minutes.

And i m gonna say the same thing that i said about the galaxy s8 and the s8 plus. This phone is a major major major go now if you like the galaxy s8 or the s8 plus. Then you re gonna like this one. And you might actually like this one a little bit more because it has the rugged bill to it and you got the big giant four thousand milliamp battery now i m not gonna waste your time doing a full review on this because it s pretty much the same exact phone with the exception of the battery.

And the bill. You got the same display. The same camera the same iris sensor same always on display features all the split screen multitasking same fingerprint sensor. Same speakers same a thing and everything that i didn t like about the galaxy s8.

I don t like about the galaxy s8 active with the exception of the battery..

Now i ll leave a link for that video in the description where i went into everything in full detail. But basically this phone right here after using it for a few minutes. I m definitely feeling it and the thing. I like about it most is the build quality now.

I m usually a glass back kind of guy. But after holding this one it feels like using the galaxy s8 with the sub case on it if y all. Know the sub case. Unicorn beetle.

It kind of looks like that case. But it has a plastic feel to it and without the curved display you get more grip with your hands and it just feels like a sturdy military style phone. So like i said if you re buying this for the kids they re not gonna break it you re not gonna break that display this is 100 slam boys certified wireless charge everything works on it this is a major go now like i said earlier also extra 100. It s definitely worth it because you don t have to buy any cases and you re getting that maximum battery life anyway this the galaxy s.

8. Active let s do a matter of fact let s do a quick size comparison. Just so you can see for yourself. Here s your galaxy.

S8 and galaxy s8. Active. Now if you notice just put them side by side. Si.

Active is a little bit taller and basically twice as thick and twice as heavy here s a galaxy s8 plus. Let s put them side by side galaxy s8. Plus. A little bit taller and again dinner.

Verses. Thicker and just for fun the big boy galaxy note. 8. The note.

8. Is a lot taller has more of a squeal feel to it. But this one man the s8 active now i m gonna keep a real job this is my first time getting an active version of a samsung device i usually pass on them because i like to get cases and tempered glass screen protectors and all of that but after using this one. I might have to change my tune.

This is a girl right here. I m feeling this i feel like i just take that i can take this outside right now and just drop it off the back of a moving car and nothing s gonna happen to it now if the i want i ll do an update video matter of fact on the side note. I m gonna start doing update videos because a lot of stuff. I don t you know i don t like wasting your time reviewing the same product twice.

So what i ll do is maybe once a month..

I start off maybe this weekend. And i ll do an update on five products that i d get and do a full review on and this would be one of them so anyway. This is a galaxy s8 active. This is a go right here.

Let s just look at the display for fun. Why not everything is the same everything is the same this is 100 white shoes. Approved pick me up in the comments. Let me.

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