Samsung Galaxy Watch Steps Tracking Issue

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” s going on youtube. Dan taken you with another video here. So i wanted to to go over something that i ve been experiencing with my brand new samsung galaxy. I was super pumped up about this watch it s really nice very awesome quality watch.

The things i really liked about it was the way it looks like a real watch. But also as a smart watch for everything. That you wanted to do fitness. Tracking smart.

Features. Etc. Etc. Etc.

But one thing. I ve come to notice. Is the fitness. Tracking is pretty much awful or okay.

Awful is a strong word. It s not great in fact it needs a lot of work. So i don t know i m pretty avid runner. So a fitness wearable is something that i look as probably my number one priority with a watch and we re with a fitness.


Wearable anyways. So i want to be able to track my steps. I want to be able to track my distances my heart rate. All that stuff i long time.

Fitbit user like for years and years and years. I had the fitbit blaze. It was great. But obviously comparable to something like this you know did just can t compete in as far.

As you know smart functions so anyway. So i want to go over something i have in experiencing it seems like this step tracker of anything and i ve heard the heart rate monitor is whack. But i really don t have a good basis to compare that to so i might get like a chest monitor at some point and really really put it to the test. But the the step counter is just completely like i was like when i first got it okay.

It seems like i m not taking enough steps you know workdays okay. I sit down a lot of work in it so yeah. I know i really need to make a conscious effort to get up and walk around because just the nature of the job you end up sitting for a while at a time. So today.

I made probably one of the most conscious efforts possible to get steps in just trying to stay active with that and mind you i d have done the watch says today 33. Floors. So i made an effort to obviously do a lot of walking well 33 floors done and that s no other fitness activity whatsoever. Except for just getting up and walking.


But my steps are it s hard to see it where the current faces kind of sharing it with you. Here although it s upside. Down i m at about 3800. It s hard to see it let me hung up flip to a different face.

It s where it s a lot easier to see let s see here okay this face for example. Oh 3850. I m sorry so see focus focus oh man i m gonna flip to just the normal counters so roughly that s upside down 3850 let me just take this here. So i m looking at about 38 54.

Steps or 35. Maybe. I m sorry alright. So here s what i noticed if you go take like short range steps like 10 anywhere it seems like a hundred fifteen.

It just doesn t count so here you re gonna put that to the test. So you saw a thirty five eighty. I m going to count off step five steps out and five steps back so let me get up and do that just make sure it doesn t kind of thing by me standing up okay. Not still says.

35. And walk off. 5 steps. 1 2.


3. 4. 5. 6.

7. Kind of and what it took to sit down. Actually so let s look at how many steps. I have it did not change whatsoever.

3580 kind of hard to see sorry about that using an iphone. So now i read all kinds of stuff. People say reset it do this turn off tracking of auto tracking some girl. I found on youtube.

Said oh change it to a face. Where you re not even tracking steps just a normal time with face ok. So let s do that and i m going to change it to very generic face that only tracks time and battery life this guy literally nothing else to it ok alright. So also gonna make sure steps.

Still say exactly thirty five eighty. What s they do terrible okay all right now. I m gonna walk off about eight steps out eight steps back so anywhere between two sixteen eighteen work look. Uh my watch did it.


Counted twenty more. Steps i now at 3600 from 3580 this is so frustrating. Because i can t tell you and or how anybody else in their life. Walks.

You know ordered a coffee machine this might maybe ten steps away or in between rooms in their house. And that s actually how i noticed it i was walking in between rooms of my house getting ready for work and noticed what the heck i m not getting any steps and i and i remember distinctively from when i used to wear a fitbit. Just my normal get ready routine between rooms getting my stuff for work and getting out the door usually netted me like anywhere between 300 to 500 steps and many times now i m walking out the door with zero from thank you galaxy so our samsung. I should say i don t know what the deal is but i really really just want it to be a software bug and they fix it because i m really everything else aside this watch is fantastic.

But they really got to fix this so anyway. I thought i d share what i ve discovered so maybe that can help other people kind of understand what s going on with their watches and maybe it ll help you know get some realization. Going for samsung anyway. Let me know in the comments.

If you guys experienced. The same thing and order. If you had know of other fixes track us right. Now.

I m really close to return this watching and ” ..

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