Samsung HW-M360 Soundbar w/ Wireless Subwoofer on QVC

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“Our lifestyle technology expert. Miss melissa dawson. How are you hi computing. You good to to see ya only dang at the sale price.

Only day with free shipping and saves you 18 dollars and 22 cents. All of that goes away at the end of the day and we already know the five easy payments can only be promised into all three o clock. This afternoon boy is this a good one yes. So this is exciting.

Most of us have great tvs right. But what most of us are like lacking is a great surround sound. So this is from samsung. It s the samsung soundbar so this comes.

Included and you re also getting the subwoofer coming. Included with this and this this and this and it gives you now 200 watts of sound so i m gonna crank this up just so you can really appreciate with the sound bar and without a sound bar. So you can see what you re missing at home right now. So this is really going to give you that that big experience.

So what you re hearing. Because oftentimes whatever you have going on at home right. Now you don t have a sound bar connected to your television. Just makes me up and it s turn off the sound bar and just play.

The tv. Oh. My goodness huge difference right. It s like hollow yeah.

So you re you know. It s like being a movie theater or it s like you know not being in a movie. There that s really what it s like so this finally really brings that all together when you re watching a movie. When you re watching sports you want to have that big surround sound.

Feel. Now..

You re gonna have it with the samsung soundbar. Think of it that way that s a good point. You made when you re sitting in a movie theater. You can almost feel the sound.

Yes. That s what it feels like that s what it sounds like when you have this set when you re at home. And it s not you re getting closer to the tv and close to the tv. You re turning it up and it s just kind of becoming more annoying not necessarily good and deep this is deep and at home right now.

If you don t have a sound bar. You re not experiencing it even though we re trying to translate it to you you have to imagine. It s almost like being able to taste and and see sound. What do you put this on it s true and it really gives you the high lows.

It gives you the full range of sound. So not only is it louder with that 200 watts of sound. But it s just giving you that full range of sound. So now your can eat the other thing.

I love about this too it has different sound modes. So. If you actually look right here on the speaker. You just press sound mode right on the remote and the remote comes with it.

So if i m watching a movie you can put it in movie mode. If i m watching sports. I can put it in sports mode standard mode clear voice so you know a lot of times. When you re watching movies.

And you can t hear the actors voice. I m like why d he say what d he say and you re like rewinding. It that clear voice will really allow the audible of the voices to come through so. There s a lot of additional custom ability that comes with this as well you can adjust the bass and the treble and the subwoofer to you know kind of depending on what you re watching to really maximize that sound.

But it s exciting. This is the first time that we ve had we ve included the sound bar system with the samsung tv in the past..

But this is the first time. We ve had just the samsung soundbar and this by the way will work with any tv. So if your teeth tv right now is bluetooth. Then this is going to connect via bluetooth will connect wirelessly to your tv.

If your tv s not bluetooth. That s okay we ll actually going to include for you the cables to be able to hook. It up to your television. So whether your tv s bluetooth not bluetooth.

You can connect it either way easy instructions come included but this will work with your lg tvs your sony tv s a brand tv that you have this is going to be compatible with and now just give you finally the big sound that matches your big tv because most of us have upgraded. We ve upgraded that big family room tv. Our living room tvs. But most of us are missing.

The sound of the great sound right right. This is by the way 48 dollars less than what you find it for at retail for one day. It s a sale price for one day. Only and you also save another 18 dollars and 22 cents.

Because that s how much it would cost to ship it to you not today free shipping and handling today sale price for today so 18 plus. Another 48. That s all you re saving goodness. That s good savings for one day for one.

Day only and that easy pay five easy payments of 2599. I always feel like if it s an item that you re gonna have in your house for years and years and years why not pay for it over the next five six months or even do financing. That s not available on this one. But it is on some things so do the five easy payments your major credit card no interest no credit.

Check no convenience fee is just 2599 to get it home right away what movies what programs. What shows what events are you wanting to be able to hear better or maybe. There s somebody in your family. Who is just starting to get hard of hearing.

And it s a you re not enjoying it as much this gives you that room filling sound like i said it really goes on all the senses. It really does you know my mom has hard time just hearing..

The voices and so a lot of times. She has to listen to the tv really loud with this again with that clear voice you can actually just send on clear voice and you don t have to have it really loud. But now you re just audible experience is going to be better. But yeah you think about the next movie night that you re gonna have or we i got the pleasure of testing this out last fall during football season and oh my goodness when you re watching the games.

And you have this connected. It s like you re like it s like you re there you re the wood stomping and the cheering and it s just it s you re really part of the experience. What if you are listening to music you know we always leave music on in the background in our house. All the time and you can do that on these smart tvs.

All the time and make music sound better yeah streaming pandora now you ve got that great movie experience i m going to crank it up one more time just to again show you the the kind of side by side experience of with it and without it see riding a motorcycle in the ocean it s like skiing skiing motorcycle these are the redbull guys that s why that s what and then without ya don t have the depth you don t have the face you don t have the highs. You don t have the lows. It s once you experience having a soundbar you re like i can t believe i ve been watching tv for this long. Without the soundbar.

Yeah. Yeah. Just everything sounds better your soap opera is just your everyday programming. You re gonna want to have it on all of us watching us.

Yeah melissa and i sound really good with the sound bar. You should try it get this home be able to watch david and i on saturday. One eq or whatever you re watching it just sounds better it s a week. You are spending a lot of time in front of the television and that s fun that s a joy of life that it s relaxing you re straining to hear or it s just not giving you the enjoyment.

Give this a try here s everything a lot of other sound bars and things like that without even this good of a name are a lot more expensive. I ve found seen them for two three four hundred dollars 178 is what this one you d normally be and today. It s 48 dollars last. But for one day.

Only today. It s also on free shipping and handling which saves you 1822. But for one day. Only comes with remote comes with the remote.

I love the samsung sent the simple remote it really is really easy to be able to operate against sound mode will take you between movie action mode that clear voice mode. If you want to adjust your bass in trouble..

That s gonna be the button to be able to do that here s your volume up and down and then your subwoofers same thing you can adjust that up and down. So. If you like ah maybe. That s a little too bassy.

I want to take that subwoofer down you can do that as well so really simple to be able to operate. It s that same streamline look and feel that you get with our samsung televisions again you don t have to have a samsung tv to have the samsung soundbar with us any tv out there will work so if you ve got lg. You ve got sony whatever brain that you have this will work with it is bluetooth compatible. So the nice.

Part is if your tv s bluetooth capable. Then you can connect it that way or you know you can also give you the wires to be able to hardwire it as well so either way hardwire or bluetooth works with any tv out there it s the bar and the woofer part and the woofer yes. It s a fun or two stage. Really is kind of what makes makes the difference especially when you re watching movies action sports like that s where you really feel feel the can feel the music sound.

The price will go away at the end of day. So will the free shipping and handling the subwoofers so just to show you volume up and down and then your subwoofer. We can adjust up that up and down as well so everything on the remote super see easy to be able to operate. So if you want a little basting.

More bassy. It s easy to be able to operate that as well and then again that sound mode takes you from clear voice to sports mode action mode. Whatever. It is that you re watching you can kind of maximize it to get the best sound experience customized for that content use your major credit card.

Five easy payments. I can only promise that for the day as well because this easy pay event on everything on air online goes away at 3 pm. Eastern. Which is close so get moving on that one thank you thank you tv s also available and you re looking at it going through life.

If i ask your order operator. Tv is also available are you david i m whistling to our theme song because i love it hey let s talk ” ..

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