Samsung S6/S7 earphones – 50 million of it – Any good?

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“Than 50 million of these earphones will be shipped with sale of each new samsung samsung phones. This huge number alone requires us to investigate what these earphones are like is an important purpose. Why this video was made i ll explain that shortly. But first let s start with the older model which i often made remarks about in passing just because they were included in the packaging in a nutshell.

They were decent for out of the box earphones with more than present bass levels and presentable mids and highs. Too one would really need to do some research to get something that is better with the new phone releases samsung changed a few design elements the official samsung muse website states that it is designed to be more comfortable and will produce better sound quality well. Does it yes..


The sound quality that the new earphone produces is slightly better than the previous model is it more comfortable heck now the previous model was an on canal type earphone that would form a seal on the ears canal and from then onwards the job was fairly simple the new design. There s no such thing. It does not naturally form a seal and most of the time it simply wants to follow of the ear. The sound is better if you hold it in place.

With your finger. Which is totally impractically in day to day use. Why did samsung make the earphones like this possibly when samsung wanted to copy iphone with the galaxy s6 they ended up trying to mimic the apple s design with the earphones as well ditching..


What was otherwise a successful formula. The result is if the earphones fit you properly good for you if it does not it s basically trash. And there are lots of people who are complaining about the same thing rightfully. So though we do not know how much we paid for it it has been paid for by us.

Therefore samsung needs to get back on track and include things that are worthwhile because at the moment. They have taken us back to the time. Where included headphones were bad by default..


These earphones weigh about 15 grams. 50. Million of these comes. At about 750 tons.

Just imagine how much of it will be brand new unused landfill. That s why i thought of making this video. Samsung..


Often responded to people s collective complaints and improved. And i hope they re listening thank you for watching this video. I hope you ve enjoyed it your comments and suggestions. I look forward to this video was part of a series of reviews that i m doing in order to find the best low cost earphones that one can buy so please do subscribe to stay updated and i will ” .


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