Sending screenshot to support by URL – Use

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“Guys this video is all about img bibi and just contacting support so right now. Now. I m inside. The the main section of build rule and actually it is now i m not really sure where to find support so what i m going to do is we will log out and we ll login because i know it s on the login page.

So okay so i m here and you can see the support. There is discuss on it and then i just click on live. How ok so it s come up..


So you just put your name in and stop and begin and then here you re going to put your you say you want to show a screenshot then you would just put your img g. Img bb. Url ok so that s where that so if you for instance. This is really important if someone s on our seven day free trial and they re not able to upgrade.

Then then you can send a screenshot of their of their screenshot of their paypal payment. Through img bb. A url to them and the customer service will set it off to the finance department..


So they can speed up the processing. So then they can buy the two tier upgrade. Because you want them to promote affiliate straight away img b. Be calm.

Okay. So sign in or create an account up over here. She just upload your picture or your screenshot..


Ok so. When you re here. Then you click on this and i ll take you through to the next page. Where you can click on share and then you have the url that users copy and paste into form now something else i do is i sign out and i get the url or whatever thing that i m signing into in this case is probably without the log out and it s probably just that so this will take you and then you go the sign in page.

Once you have the sign sign in page grab the log in and copy. It i mean what i do is i go to dropbox and i just use. Dropbox paper..


But you could probably use google. Docs this just works for me. And i have all my logins on the same page and so i m over here on paper and then so all the logins. I just you i just it s not really very low.

And that s how i keep track of everything okay. I hope that helps and you know it s just a ” ..

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