Serato DJ Licenses Explained (SDJ Pro, Serato DVS, which do you need?)

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“What s up everybody is pre owned. Tony and today. I m going to explain explain the differences between the cerrado licenses for their different dj software. Cerrado.

Provides currently different software. There is serato dj. Pro and serato dj light for the entry level hardware. The way.

The cerrado ecosystem. Works is that it s proprietary and what that means is you have to have a cerrado piece of hardware in order to run their software. So the professional grade hardware. A lot of times works with with serato dj pro and a lot of the entry level hardware.

Works. With the entry level application. Serato dj. Light.

And when i look online on a lot of forums and facebook groups. I noticed that a lot of people get confused about this and it s only two camps. It s people who have serato dj. Pro hardware.

Which means their hardware is licensed to use serato dj. Pro. Yet. They are confused.

Because they think they re supposed to purchase cerrado dj. Pro. When they really don t or you re in the other camp. Where you have an entry level controller like this pioneer ddj sb.

2. Or the sb. 3. And you want to use serato dj pro.

But realize it doesn t work so today. We re gonna explain how to find out what software your hardware works with and a couple side notes. There s a lot of older gear. That doesn t work with the new software at all for example.

This is the raine sl. 1. This is actually the first cerrado interface this no longer works with any serato dj software. This works with serato scratch live.

Which is now legacy software. If you don t have the old version working of serato scratch live this will not work same goes with the rain ttm. 57. The original ttm 57 that no longer works with serato dj.

I don t know if there s any other hardware that no longer is supported. But these are the two that i know of and in order to know what your hardware works with you go on serratos website. You look under products click on dj hardware and as you scroll along you ll see that some hardware like the pioneer ddj sx2..


Right here. It s supported by cerrado dj. Pro as its mark same goes at the rain 72. When you have something like ddj sb3.

Like in this case. That uses serato dj. Light in order to use serato. Dj.

Pro. On that controller you have to purchase a license. There s also gear. Like the denon dj x.

1800. Prime. As a long long. Model.

Number. Where it works with serato dj. Pro. But it says paid upgrade.

Which means you have to buy the cerrado dj pro license to make that work as well and it won t work with serato dj light. I know this gets really confusing so let s scroll down. So yeah. The sr.

2. It it runs on serato dj. Pro. The roland dj 2 2.

Runs on dj light. And then there s also a couple pieces of gear that is marked cerrado official accessory. What that means is you still need to have a cerrado device that runs on serato dj. Pro or serato dj.

Light in order to run the full version of the software. And then what the official accessory. Does is that you could just plug it in and everything is mapped out to work with the software usually these are accessory items. So you can control cue points pitch.

Their additional items to expand the control of cerrado and you re supposed to use it along with a serato dj enabled piece of hardware see over here the rain sl. 3. Is supported by serato dj pro meaning in order to use it you don t need to purchase it. So.

What are the different licenses. Let s go back to the cerrado homepage and we ll go over to the store and we ll go over to software. So over here. What you ll see is serato dj.

Pro for 99. Basically. What that means is if you have a product that runs on serato dj light..


Like the sp3 and you want to use cerrado. Dj. Pro. Then you need to buy a license for 99 dollars.

In order for your entry level controller to be upgradeable to use cerrado. Dj. Pro. Now.

If you have something. Like. The denon dj. X.

1800. Prime. Where it says cerrado dj. Pro.

Paid upgrade. It does not work with light in order to use it with serato at all you have to purchase serato dj. Pro for 99. Which is a license upgrade.

Well in this case not an upgrade. But actually an activation to make surround work now let s talk about cerrado dbs. What is cerrado dvs actually what is dvs dvs is digital vinyl system that is the capability of taking a timecode signal control record putting it on a turntable and the turntable being connected to a cerrado enabled piece of hardware whether it s a mixer or an interface and you can use that turntable to control and manipulate the music inside cerrado and why is it an upgrade. It shouldn t be built into serato dj.

Pro and the answer is sometimes and how you know this let s take for example. The rain 72. It natively runs on cerrado dj. Pro.

That means you don t need a license. When you click on it. It also indicates that it is enabled with serato dbs. So that means you neither need the licenses for serato dj.

Pro or cerrado dbs ok. So let s take a look at the dj ms9 similar battle mixer. There s one of my favorite mixers. So let s scroll down and as you can see it s activated with serato dj.

Pro. That means you don t need the license for it and it is enabled with cerrado dvs. Now let s take a look at something like the dd j. Sx.

3. Now. This is a controller and this runs. With serato dj.

Pro meaning you don t need to upgrade. However you have to purchase the license for cerrado dvs basically if you want to use a turntable with your d dj. X3 and you want the turntable to be capable of controlling serato with a control record you have to purchase the router dvs in order to activate the capability of using a control record..


Now. What if you have something like the denon dj x. 1800. Prime.

In the case of this mixer. You have to purchase the upgrade for serato dj. Pro. You have to purchase the upgrade to serrano dbs and if you buy it as a bundle and we ll get two bundles.

A little later you could actually save a little bit of money. Serato dj essentials. So one of the things to know is the pioneer dj djm. 900.

Has many versions there s the nexus version and there s the srt version the srt version is the one that is natively licensed with serato dj pro originally with serato dj. And this doesn t require you to purchase the license for serato dj. Pro or the cerrado dvs. This is the only djm 900.

That you don t need to purchase anything for cerrado for all the ones that are nexus is nexuses or nex. I all the nexus series djm 900. You do need to purchase the cerrado dj pro license. And if you want to use dbs you have to purchase the cerrado dvs license.

I kind of like this because it looks like sarado listed all of the hardware. That serato dj. Still supports in this case. The newmark and a7 is one of the oldest ones he used to originally be supported by serato itch.

Which i think during the time years and years ago. The two software was serato scratch live and serato itch. Which was its controller counterpart. It s no longer the case today and it looks like this older controller is supported by serato dj.

Pro. Now one of the things to note. Is just because something is supported by sarado dj. Pro or it could be activated with a license for cerrado dj.

Pro. Does not mean the cerrado dvs will work with it in fact i wouldn t imagine it would only because it does not have inputs for turntables or see dj s now one of the things that is really interesting that a lot of people don t realize. Let s say you have a djm 900. Nexus.

2. And you use cdjs mm. A lot of people from the times of timecode. Think that you need cerrado dvs in order to use the cdjs with the djm 900.

Nexus. 2. If you re using timecode cds. Then yes.

You need the cerrado dvs. However. If you use what s called hid mode..


Which stands for human interface device. You don t need dvs to controller sarado. You don t even need a timecode cd in order to control cerrado. What you need is a usb hub and some usb wires to connect the cdjs into your computer.

And the device itself can control cerrado. Without the need for timecode device in fact. I use hid whenever i can because i feel you have more features and it s a lot more responsive than using timecode and an hid device is usually marked as an accessory for example cdj. 2000.

Nexus official serratos accessory. When you plug it in it s going to map out itself and work with cerrado your cue points will actually work with serato cue points. And the playlists will actually show on the screen. I need to make a video explaining hid mode.

One of the cool things you could do with hid mode as well and i ve seen this done. If you have a controller like a dd j. Sx. 3.

And you want to expand it to more decks and they re not turntables. They re cdjs that are capable of hid mode. You just connect everything together using a usb hub and you don t need the cerrado dvs license to use the cdjs. So essentially you could use to see dj s with your dd.

Jsx and have control of for individual decks. Now let s get into let s get back to the store homepage. So we ve seen that the cerrado dj pro upgrade. Or activation is 99.

And serano dvs is 99. There s actually two kits that include both of these at a discount. So there s the serato dj essentials. This used to be called the serato dj club kit.

It is cerrado dj. Pro and the cerrado dvs as one package and it s discounted 30 bucks. It s 169. The serato dj suite is basically serato dj.

Pro with serato dvs plus. All the expansion kits for 300 bucks. And if you pay attention to the cerrado website. And just sign up for their mailer list a lot of this stuff goes on discount.

I actually bought serato dj pro or i think 60 or 70 bucks. Don t quote me on that. But i know there s a lot less than the full price and then i bought the dvs way later and i bought that at a discount. So i saved some money a lot of times it happens around the holidays.

So just you know just pay attention to it the best thing to do is sign up for their mailer list. I know i don t like spam either. But i don t mind it from serato and i hope that helped you guys out if i made it more confusing you know let me know in the comments. I ll be happy to answer your questions and if you like this video.

Please subscribe to me and click the little bell right next to the subscription button alright take care ” ..

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