Sharaya J vs James Graham: THE BATTLE OF THE SEASON Ends With Exciting News! Finale The Four

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“This is it sharay ray. This is it it s crazy pretty good welcome back back to the finale of the four best friends sharaya j. And james graham are to battle it out for the opportunity of a lifetime panel. What do you think of this matchup khaled.

This is gonna be a tough one you know what i m saying. Y all. Really are real friends you know so. That s hard too.

I love it. This is what i ve been waiting for diddy may the best artists win khaled let s go diddy screaming crowd cheering well these two we ve seen them have a love affair but it s about to get down and dirty. They each have one performance left before our panel makes the difficult decision who will be our winner up first is sharaya j. Khaled.

I need some popcorn to be one battle away from winning. There s no feeling like it this moment is what i have worked my entire life for i ve been so impressed by sharaya from the way she dresses to the way she performs. She s what we call a self contained artist the landscape in hip hop is very competitive. Whoever comes next has to really have something different and i feel sharaya has what it takes i ve kept my hunger from day one and week after week.

I have defended my seat than any other member of the four there s definitely a mutual respect between me james we started this journey. Together as a original four members and he s like one of my brothers. Battling each other means that only one of us will walk away with our dream and that breaks my heart. But i have wanted this for too long so i can t let anything or anyone stand in my way it s gonna be clash of titans for sure anything that i put my mind to i ve been able to accomplish this is the final fight for everything fast rapping and epic dancing uh.

I m the type of chick to be your new b and queen i m the type of chick to be true to my team i m the type of chick to be pursuing my dream type of chick that push through when you losing your steam you the type of dude that just be running your mouth..

I ll be busy getting busy you ll be wondering how the dude that you dating. He be humping around and everybody know that she the talk of the town and everybody know that she finally got her a man. But everybody know that she put it all on a gram. But everybody know that he ain t making bin.

Why i say it once and nah gotta say it again say yes 6x be quiet repeat 2x. I m the type of chick to smack you out of your seat. You the type of chick that won t be able to speak and everybody know that you the freak of the week. Cause you be bleeping every bleep on every bleepity bleep and he s the kind of boss to make you pick up a pen and he s the type of boss to make you try it again.

And i m the type of chick to get up under your skin. And this the type of war you won t be able to win. I m the type of chick to put you back in your place. I m the type of chick that might be snatching your lace and that s the part of me that you ain t ready to see cuz even if you real good you ain t better than me facts epic ending pose give it up for sharaya j.

Alright. James graham is the final performance of the night it all comes down to this i came on the show from the uk. So i can make dream. I had at 15 a reality and become a solo music star.

When i first walked out onto that stage. I had a moment where i thought this could really be it this could be the life changing thing that i ve been working towards. I knew i need to win this thing james got gnarly fans. He has fans that come to the show and cry.

He already looks like a star..

Me and sharaya have been here from the start. She s like my sister now going up against her was something i ve been terrified of i ve seen her destroy everyone. She s gone up against all season. I have so much respect for sharaya.

But that s not gonna stop me from taking her out you got somebody you love and your friends. It s tough. But finale you got to block it out and just fight for your dreams to get this far and not win would be devastating. This needs to be the best performance of my life when you try your best.

But you don t succeed when you get what you want but not what you need when you feel so tired. But you can t sleep stuck in reverse lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and i will try to fix you tears come streaming down your face when you lose something you cannot replace oh and tears come streaming down your face and i lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and i will try to fix you voice breaks. Sharaya j. Please come join us on stage panel.

We have got two deserving artists. But only one can win it all this is gonna be the hardest decision ever i mean i thought you both slayed it you both said i deserve to win and i m i m so torn 50 50. I feel like you could both have record deals and both have a place in this industry as a songwriter. I could work with both of you this is it s real difficult khaled.

This is gonna be a real difficult decision. That s why i brought the popcorn out. I m sitting here thinking to myself man a big singer incredible rapper and then to watch. Y all.

Too bat out i really felt like y all have a real true friendship..

You know so that s hard. Too. You know i mean. It s like me battling diddy that ain t i i i can t do it you know what i m saying i mean well at this point in my career.

I don t i won t do it you know what i m saying i got to remember every single performance that hit this stage from day one from both of y all. Man. This is gonna be tough. I hate being confused you know.

But i can tell you this fergie. I m very focused you know what i m saying. I ain t dj. Khaled just cuz.

I m flying. I look amazing. I got ten albums under my belt working on my eleventh one and i got number ones more than my hand can count my walls they so shining cuz. It s platinum.

But but congratulations to both of y all. I love y all diddy. Before we go into how i felt about your performances. Sharaya your journey has been incredible having cancer.

What stage was it sharaya two for you to get up here week after week..

Having to write song after song going through chemo. How you feeling sharaya. My last visit um get ready for the best news evaaa. When i went to the doctor.

She checked and uh my tumor that i did have in my right breast was gone yeaaa get the crowd screaming khaled where s ya horn god bless yous and congratulations we have a survivor here on the four wow yeah sharaya every week you ve hit us with pure entertainment. Thank you if i take all the performances and put them all together. It s just like a show that i would pay you know what like a hundred dollars hundred dollars for some vip seats. Yeah that s what i would do oh i don t know khaled actually a little more these days cheers of agreement well you can come for free.

I would buy those vip seats for a couple of thousand i ain t gonna lie now james now i told you you did it on the last performance cuz. You finally broke through the wall. You just broke through another wall the vulnerability. The way you opened up your heart and the way it came through your vocals.

You weren t trying to do a bunch of tricks you were right in your lane right in your zone with your air. It would be a no brainer. If james didn t just do what he did but james just did what he did you did what you did now we got to do a redo. Meghan right we gotta make a decision.

But congratulations to both of y all. ” ..

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