Simple Sideloading On Oculus Quest

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“To the oasis. My name is mike and today. I m going to be showing showing you the easiest method on how to sideload apps and games onto your oculus. Using an application called side quest now previous methods of side loading.

Which i ve shown in other videos can be a bit daunting if you re not technically minded. But this method is super simple and it works with windows linux and mac. Now this method can be used for side loading rift care or al vr for streaming. Steamvr content.

Directly from your pc wirelessly to your closed quest. Or you can use it to install custom beat sabre tracks and mods and finally you can side load. Some games that aren t officially available from the oculus store like quake. Virtual desktops vr streaming feature and the awesome first person shooter pavlov now.

I ve put links and timestamps to everything in the description down below. If you have any questions or technical issues about the process. I ll link to the developers discord in the description. Where you can get help if you need it i hope you guys and girls.

I find this guide useful and without further ado let s dive in ok so before we get into the guide. There s a few things that you ll need of course. An oculus quest. You ll also need a pc running windows linux or mac.

And finally you ll need a type c to type a usb cable to connect the quest to your pc. Now you won t be able to use the cable that comes in the box with a quest. Unless you have a type c. Connection on your pc.


So just be aware of that step one first we need to enable developer mode on your oculus accounts. So using a browser head over to the oculus dashboard. I ve put a link directly to it in the description down below log in using your oculus account and click on create new organisation in the box here you can enter whatever name for your organization that you like and click on submit then all you need to do is agree to the terms and conditions and that s the first step done step two now we need to install adb drivers to allow your pc to communicate and transfer files to your oculus quest. If you re running on a windows pc.

You ll need to follow this step. However. If you re using mac or linux. You can skip this step completely and jump straight to step number three all you need to do is click on the link in the description down below.

And download. The oculus go adb drivers directly from oculus once downloaded extract the folder. Where you want the drivers to be located using an application like winrar or 7 zip open the extracted folder and right click on android underscore wynn usb 86 and click on install once installed go ahead and restart your pc and then come straight back to the guide and jump to step. 3 step.

3. Now we need to activate developer mode on your oculus quest so head over to the oculus app on your mobile device ensure your oculus quest is turned on and on the same wi fi network as your mobile device. And click on the headset under settings in the drop down. Menu tap on more settings.

And you ll see developer mode. In the list tap on that and ensure the toggle is turned on step. 4. Now connect your oculus quest to your pc using a usb c to usb a cable.

If you re connecting your headset to your pc for the first time. You ll need to allow a notification. Which pops up in the headset itself put the headset on and the pop up will ask you if you want to allow usb debugging check. The box.


That says always allow from this computer to prevent this from popping up again in the future once allowed that is step. 4 complete step. 5. Now we need to download and install sidequest click on the link in the description.

Down below. And download. The latest version of sciquest from the releases listed once downloaded run the sidequest exe. And you ll be able to select your installation location.

You may get a warning from windows about sidequest being an unrecognized app. If you re happy to continue click on more info and run anyway once extracted open the sidequest folder and inside you ll find sidequest exe. I d recommend creating a shortcut for it on your desktop. So it s easy to get to in the future to do this right click on the exe and click on create shortcut then just copy this shortcut to your desktop where you can rename it if you wish the first time you open the sciquest app.

It may take some time to download once the app is open you can see you can download a number of useful apps and games like v. Ridge. Which i ve covered it in a separate video alv. Our alt space the expanse and virtual desktops vr streaming feature just note.

You will need to have bought virtual desktop from the oculus store for the virtual desktop streaming feature to work now all you need to do is ensure your quest is still connected and that you have a green light in the top right hand corner of side quest. If so simply click on the app or game. You want to install and click install you can also uninstall apps using this same method. If you want to install apps.

That are not included inside quest you can simply drop the apk files into the app. And it will install it for you you can also manage all the installed apps using this button at the top right of the app here you can uninstall clear the apps data or backup. The apk and that is pretty much it that is sciquest in a nutshell. You ll be able to find all the side loaded apps.


That you ve transferred to your oculus quest by navigating to library and unknown sources in the headset. Where all the apps and games will be listed. Now. I ll quickly show you how to get up and running with custom beat.

Saber tracks. And how to sideload pavlof for custom beat saber tracks go to the top of the app and click on beast saber. There are some more instructions here if you get stuck at any point. But all you need to do is scroll down and browse.

The tracks. Which have been created by the community each track shows. The difficulties. Included and you can listen to them before adding them if you wish once you re happy click on add to side quest and do this for as many tracks as you want once you ve got enough tracks go to my downloads at the top right of side quest.

Here. You can add a custom name to your track pack and even give it some custom artwork then click on sync custom levels. If this is your first time it will prompt you to backup your current install so if anything goes wrong you can easily restore it this also saves your local scores and settings each time you want to update. It then you ll finally get to this screen.

Where you can modify the color of your sabers. If you wish and then all you need to do is click on patch beat saver and that s it done in oculus home when you try and launch beat saber. It may ask if you want to update the app click on do not update and the game will load. And you ll be able to see your custom tracks in the menu.

Now let s move on to pavlov the developers of sidequest have stated that pavlov will likely be included in the side quest app in the near future so you can easily install it with a single click. But until then you have to install it manually simply follow the link that i included in the description down below to pavlov build seven once downloaded dropped the apk and obb files into sidequest one. At a time and syquest will start transferring them to your oculus quest headset. It can take some time because the files are pretty big.


So just be patient once that s done go into settings inside quest. Where it says pavlov audio and click on the button that says grant pavlov audio permission now you ll be able to find pavlov installed on your oculus quest and the library and unknown sources. Now you can jump into some online multiplayer with some other quest owners. Which is totally awesome ok.

So. There we have it guys and girls that s a quick and easy guide on how to sideload apps and games on your oculus quest using side quest. Now. If you found the application easy to use feel free to support the developers of side quest.

So they can continue to add more games and features to improve the application in the future. It s a bit disappointing that things beyond some of these developers control have prevented them from publishing their games and apps on the oculus store. But at least thanks to side quest. We have an easy and convenient way to install and enjoy these apps by side loading them just be aware that when beat saber drops.

Updates. It can break the mod support of this so keep an eye on the discord for the latest news. But let me know in the comments down below. If you found this guide useful.

And if it worked for you and also let me know. What is your favorite app. That you ve side loaded onto your oculus quest. I d love to know in the comments down below leave a like if you liked this video.

And you found it helpful make sure you subscribe for all my future content and as always i ll see you on the next one cheers. ” ..

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