Sims 4 PS4 – Trait Cheats WON T disable trophies (proof)

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“For the quality. But i can t record this on my ps4 because it does doesn t show me typing things in i have people trying to tell me that do not work they disable trophies. Which is not true there s the ones that do disable trophies are the ones you need to type in testing teets true. And i do not type anything in i m just gonna type the name that i can mary rogers testing.

I ll put it like to do the traits and stuff alright. Let s just pick the first thing of everything alright. So i m doing a new game. Doesn t smell so the base game.

I was doing there alright let s go to the cabana..

Sorry my cat keeps hitting the tripod all right oh geez. There s got pods games. There s a move around to bring up the cheats. It s l1 l2 r1 r2 gonna type in all right first the testing teaches true that everybody this is gonna disable trophies now it brings up a warning says are you sure you want to enable cheats.

If we do you ll not be able to earn trophies on the save. Even if you disable cheats later. So that s to accept. And that s the tonigh.

So canceling it alright..

What s his name again alexander alright. Let s have him sit down. I ll show you the reset. Sim alright.

So. I m gonna bring up the cheat again reset. Sim and he pops up and that means that worked so next. I ll show you he has just what i gave him at the beginning.

So we re gonna add a treat okay..

Let s do hardly hungry and you ll see it pops up on the bottom. And i did not get an error or a message pop up saying. It s going to disabled trophies. So i can keep doing this it doesn t matter this part if it s a capital or not one of them is less bills.

So i ll type in frugal. Let s see it pops up on the bottom get reduced bills. Don t have much of an appetite and so all that works for all these. And did not have the type testing teats true and i can show you again.

I ll type in if i type in the testing sheets true..

It s gonna ask me if i want to disable trophies. And no i do not so yeah. Here s proof right here that the traits do work the reset stem works and you still get. ” .


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