SKMEI Heart Rate Pedometer Calorie Monitoring Waterproof Sports Watch Review

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” s up panda nation. Peter vaughn pianta here want to show you another skinny. I i ve got like the skinnies great outdoor rugged everyday take abuse and great value. I want to show you.

Which is this one is it s an 1180 so i ll just unbox. It here and take a peek. But i definitely like about these keys like i said more than anything is just quality and value right you know i hate to eat a harp on that. But it is it the reality is you just get a lot with skis a lot.

I m telling you that you get a lot of hanging. A lot so when you pull this off here. This one is pretty cool. I definitely love this one this is a little more rugged than some of the other tire.

This one in particular has some specials features so before i get into those let s just take a take a quick look around of the watch itself. You know very rugged looking like a g shack or something. Like that what s interesting here is that the band on this which is like a soft rubber pivots. More than others.

It has a little stop there so it kind of wants to droop down..

You know it s because it s pretty big it s like a 15 millimeter watch. So it s it s pretty big chunky. But that s kind of what you d expect from a ruggedized. Watch pretty tall plastic construction all around this band is very similar some flexible areas in there and then you have a band down.

Here. You know a single wide tang to lock. The book up the structure down 1180s. Me as i ve mentioned on some of the other ones cr2032.

The battery type is printed right on it. 5 atmospheres water resistant. So just usually rugged pretty well made you can beat them up a little bit you know plastic crystals so the crystals aren t really gonna be very scratch resistant but the polymer is probably gonna be more more so than anything else now. This watch has a bunch of features that you would expect lite mode down and up and then we have a couple of crowns here and there are not actually crowns or kind of terminals.

I ll get to those in a second. But what you have and i do like that the bright white printing on everything you even have kind of the exposed metal screws. There that gives a little bit more of a good kind of industrial robust look than some of the other ones that are just plastic. But if we hit the mode.

Here as you can see de punched out lcd black background..

Looks great we ve got the day the time and the date. But if we hit this mode button. We get to a couple other things here we get to the pedometer so we have a little walking guy there you can change the the total number of steps needed to hit your goal. It ll record the steps here.

And it will continue to show you the time now the pedometer works and i think it s pretty accurate from what i ve been able to to determine. But one thing you have to notice that it always has to stay on this pedometer screen in order for it to work. Now you might be saying okay. Well it showed.

Me the time so that s great but for this pedometer to be working and i don t know if i can get it to actually fake it into thinking that we re taking some stuffs or not but oh there we go. But you can lock it in the screen buy it believe holding this up button three seconds alright so there we have a little lock. So you won t have to worry about going off it with the mode button. You know and then not recording all of your steps cuz they re very precious so i m gonna hold this button here again and that takes it off the lock screen so you can see where your daily goal is and if you re hitting it and you know hopefully you re being active so this watch has aspirations of helping you get healthy and be a kind of a health fitness tracker.

So if you don t have like fitbit s or something like that this could be a great alternative because it s also very i think very very affordable so let s keep going here. So this screen is like the memory. The historical mode. So when you re burning calories or taking steps it ll remembers past days.

Okay now just like most of these you know sports watches..

If you are on the main screen here and hold down the mode button you can get into the mode to change your settings so to 12 to 24 hours you can change the time minutes seconds the year the month the day the whole nine yards. An hour so you can do that once you get into anyone in particular you can adjust it here now let me get to the last piece here that i think is probably the most interesting so as i put it on here. I want to give you a little bit of a wrist shot. But i ll talk through the heart rate monitor on this bad boy.

But as you can see you know it s a pretty big pretty big watch. But i don t think by any means out of the ordinary for a sports watch the last thing is that this has a heart rate monitor on it so you actually put your fingers down on the two terminals on the side. And what it ll do is it ll go into pulse reading mode now it says to you know apply even pressure. If the heart will start to blink as it detects the heart rate.

But doesn t detect there anything in ten seconds. It just goes back to the main screen now for me. I must be a vampire or something because i don t have a pulse at the moment. But i m gonna chalk that up to my fingers being really dry and maybe i ve been holding my breath.

But that s how you do it and it s and obviously. It s detecting. The connection and going into the pulse monitoring mode. But the cool thing about this is that you know if if when it s working you know you re using this for working out measuring your heart rate.

Doing things you know that are active and just seeing how how active you are or how hard you re pushing yourself or you know how your workouts going this could be really really useful for that so pretty pretty cool watch and the last thing..

I didn t show you it was the light. Let s take a look at that so there s the backlight on the watch. Very very bright well lights up the whole thing not just the numbers. But it obviously makes it very very readable.

But it kind of lights up the whole. The whole display a little bit as well yeah. So this watch is just super cool. I d love soo kameez.

Lots of value and to be honest you would think with a pedometer heart rate monitor and just a good rugged all round durable watch that these things would be setting you back you know g shock type of money but they and that s what s kind of crazy about it so you can just get a lot of value in these these skis. I ll put a link to this one in the description. If these are the features that you know you need to have you know this could be a great way to have them at have them on the cheap. So there it is this watch is gonna go into the big box of crap giveaway.

So you know if you wanted something like this. And think you re gonna be lucky you may be able to put this one on your wrist. ” ..


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