Small Airplanes That Can Fly Around The World. Sling Light Sport

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“I m jean from the airplane factory. I ve been involved with the airplane factory factory since the arts. It s since we built the first slings and it s a long road of developing one of the best little light aircraft in the world this year. The sling is our first model it s a light sport and i ve been lucky enough to come to the united states now and help market.

The aircraft to the united states market. And yeah we have the sling and let s say that we re using in sling pilot academy to train pilots it makes a very good training airplane. It flies like a big aeroplane. But it is the last one aeroplane so to prove this lsa aeroplane mike.

The founder and the designer of this beautiful aeroplane him and james flew thus around the world in 2009..

They flew from south africa to oshkosh they flew from oshkosh back to south africa. And that was the first upset at proving that this aeroplane is a real arel contend in the in a new world of flat aircraft. And and then we flew the four seed around the world in 2011. And then a couple of years later with a new partner.

Our partner patrick wang. We flew the lsa around the world with the nsa that s got the fuel injected engine. We flew that around the world again when they produced it mike flew with patrick to oshkosh and then i flew it from california to taiwan across the pacific with patrick and just to give any idea why this is such an incredible airplane. We left california and we flew to our first stop from california was honolulu and we flew there in 22 hours landed refueled stayed over at the hotel.

The night and the next day..

We flew to the marshall islands. Which was another 18 hour flight after that we flew to guam and from guam to taiwan. We arrived in taiwan and the next day got permission to fly around the island and we circumnavigated. The island.

Which is the first ga aeroplane to actually be allowed to do that in taiwan. So we ve done many trips with it to seen around the world crossed all the biggest oceans in the world. With with a the sarah plate and that just tells you that it is a very reliable and a very capable airplane. Although it s a light sport and it certainly has the capabilities or more capabilities than most small aircraft in the older designed one five to each 172s.

It s it s really a sophisticated modern capable airplane..

And this particular. One is equipped to be able to do ifr training and flight on the trip across the oceans. We spent a lot of time flying ifr a lot of the time on autopilot flying ifr. It s got the ggn 650.

It s got a g3x touch flat display and with that equipment you can really do complete ifr training in the plane. And she s very i four capable. I would far rather be flying an airplane with this airplane in ifr conditions at 2000. Miles away from the coast then i would be flying one of the older more conventional aircraft that being used in flight schools now so really when we when we did these trips with these aircraft.

We were proving that this aeroplane is a very capable aeroplane and capable of doing very competent training..

We want to look at training airline pilots and with the equipment in this aircraft. You ve got equipment that a lot of airline pilots still haven t even got to use so by the time someone s been through their training on this aircraft. They ll be a very capable of using the equipment on most airlines. ” .


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