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“Right you guys can start off the video. I do want to say i m m sorry i haven t been posting. I got a little tripod. I don t it right now because my little brother took it i bought it for my little vlogging camera.

And i was like hell yeah. I m going to start filming at the gym. This is going to be so cool and when i tried putting it on my vlogging camera. The freaking thickness of the screw that screws on to the vlogging camera like this little circle okay so i grabbed my vlogging camera just so you guys have an idea that s where you insert the tripod and unfortunately it didn t fit in that screw.

So that s why i haven t been posting any gym videos. If you guys ever do want to see what i m doing at the gym you can go ahead and follow me on instagram. I try my best to post any kind of workouts that i m doing on there and then i also try to post it on snapchat snapchat kind of dreams. My battery so i don t really do it on there.


But ig. I ve been doing that all the time lately so as you guys read the title of the video how to snapchat hands free. I haven t been requested to do this video. But literally every single time i hands free snapchat on snapchat this question every single time.

How are you smell charting hands free. I don t know how to do that and i would always respond to you guys like google. It with a smiley face and some of you guys would have but her and it s just like it s so many steps. It s really easy.

But it s so many steps so to start off. I m going to go ahead and erase what i already have put on my phone that allows me to record this is literally so freakin easy you guys are going to be like holy fuck. I can t believe i didn t do this and just to make it easier. I m going to move over to the side and the screen recording will show up right here.


So you re going to go ahead and go on to your settings. And then once you re on your settings. You re going to scroll down to assistive touch. And as you can see is this touch right there.

So you an able it and then you re going to go ahead and create a new guest your gesture. I never learned how to say that word holy shit. I fucked up and it s going to be as easy as just putting your thumb right. There on the screen.

And let that thing record the whole way and it s going to record for about eight to ten seconds and then go ahead and save it and i put it under hands free with the little snapchat ghost emoji shit. I always possibly i never know where these things aren t so right there and then you go ahead and save it as you can see on the screen. It s going to be right there and get out of that and go on to your snapchat. I don t want those it s a local mall face and then as you can see you have your little home button right there.


Oh my god you guys can see my mess. And you re going to go ahead and press on it and go on custom and then you re going to click on hands free that a gesture that you made up and then this little button right. Here. That s going to be as easy as dragging it down onto the little snapshot recording button that you press like to take a picture like i said you re going to move it down and then as you can see it s recording by itself.

And it s super easy it just stays right there and i ll show you guys. This is so weird i love this filter or like this filter. I m going to go ahead and do this one so if you want to snapchat hands free custom and free and then you can just drag it down. And there the records for you by itself.

Obviously you can have it like on a little shelf a little book anything like that that way you can hold it or also kind of like defeats. The purpose of having that but yeah. That is literally it this was probably one of the most easiest videos. I have ever made so hopefully.


It was helpful for you guys and hopefully you guys now can snapchat hands free because sometimes i know i want to do stuff. Without having to press. A button on it so yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

And i will see you guys in the next. One whichever it ll be and i feel really awkward because. While this video was kind of lame. Thank you guys so much for watching.

And i will see ” ..

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