Sokani X21 Pro – Review

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“Have to go into my basement because it s too fried outside to test this this new light. I got it s the s21 throw by su commie. And it really bright unbox montage. Comparing the specs of the x21 pro with the ex 21.

It has significantly more leds 112 that output slightly more light and the adjustment between. 3000 and 6500 is just fine and the rest well the battery is a lot bigger 3000 instead of 1600. It s also a bit heavier with 160 grams. But is still in the fine side.

They both have a very high cri of 97. But there s one thing that separates them tremendously. It s the usbc charging this might be well. This is just a selling point for most of us.

It charges with what you have at hand. It comes with a diffuser that sits on it on magnets and the diffuser can hold the gels that come with a lamp. They are a bit too big actually so if you were to cut off this excess material on the sides. They would fit in this pouch that comes with a lamp.


The pouch itself okay. It s a it s a pity this this tripod doesn t really fit in there. With the cables and everything. It s a little too clunky and and bulky with the cable and everything so you can t try to fit it in there.

Well. I would actually just dumb buy a second one of those lens and put them both in in one pouch. The pouch is a little who would wear this on their belts. Ok.

The lamp itself feels pretty solid. It has those three for tripod mounts. So um you know of course just screw it onto your camera. And then you can screw something else on top of it like a little monitor or something i don t really know if you would do that but yes.

It s it s nice to have those in there. It has this two line display. Which displays the the temperature of the of the lights that you can change in 100 increments. And it also changes the intensity this intensity changes.


If they don t really look like incrementing five percent. It s just i mean there s one problem with it. If you were to check the the flickering of this light. Just take your mobile phone and do something nasty just just film the lamp in slow motion and you will see a slight flickering on the leds.

But i don t think you will notice that in a 25 or 50 p. Recording. Just don t use it on something below 100. If you re doing slow motion.

I mean that s not too much to ask is it the overall builds of the lamp is pretty well done it feels metal ii and and solid the leds are protected by this extra layer of acrylic glass. And the diffuser that read just sits on it with those magnets. Which is super. Convenient holes are pretty welded.

It will not fall off the whole light is a neat intense light and the 3000 milliamp hours are just are just fine. I think i m gonna test how long it runs. But it feels like it s gonna run off or a long wire. So this is the camera manually set to 3000 k.


And the lamp set to 3000 k. And it just looks fine. I think i guess maybe it s a little bright perhaps. I should just tone it down a little so this is what happens on a very small distance.

But yes this is what happens and now let s have a look how the camera is set to 5000 manually and the light set to 5000 compared to this other arm well 3000 k. Adjustment and from this well. Let s go to the maximum let s push it up to 6500 n. Also set the camera to 6 elfin favorite and now let s see how this compares.

It still feels a little well okay so this now is 6500 with a jail. That is very cto is the cto that comes with the light and the cameras head to 3000 kelvin and it still looks fine. I guess i mean i m gonna see afterwards embedded. But you see a little more curve in the in the contrast of my hand for example.

So it feels a little more natural on the monitor let s let s see what happens if i edit this whole thing. One important thing about this light. If you turn it on then you have to wait for a second because the system is psy boots up and then is ready to run so you press the button and it s on and then you can manually choose the brightness maybe. I should wait until.


I m getting paid to say that but right now having bought this lamp and not being paid to sayed. It feels like a good lamp for the price 69. Euros. Is not too much for something that comes with a battery.

A lot of add on material like the stand and and and the gels and it s so easy to handle it really feels solid and and well done. I m sure jared undone. We ll do a sophisticated review of this light. Because it just came out and i hope to see some more information about this light.

Because i m not a pro about those photo lights and there was small video lights. I just used them and i thought this was something i would try to point you to if you like this video just give it a thumbs up and if you have any more questions just ask them comments section. I will try to answer them. And if you are interested in my content well then subscribe to this channel and press.

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