Sony WH-1000xm3 How to do Everything (Must Watch Before You Buy!)

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“Guys mark here and today. I ll be showing. You how to do just about about everything. With the sony wh 1000.

Xm threes. These headphones are super hot right and are selling out everywhere. If you haven t checked out my review of them definitely do that now by clicking the link up here. But if you re just here to see everything the headphones can do and how to do it you re in the right place.

Let s start with the physical controls on the headphones themselves. There are two physical buttons. The first is a power button and the second is the noise canceling and ambient noise switcher. If it s your first time.

Using the headphones. And you want to pair them. Via bluetooth with your phone. Make.


Sure the headphones are off. And then hold down the power button for seven seconds. You ll hear a bluetooth pairing sound. And the blue light will start flashing.

At this point. You can then connect your headphones to your device. In the bluetooth settings. You ll hear a bluetooth connected sound.

Once the pairing is complete to turn off or turn on the headphone. So you can hold the power button for two to three seconds. If you just tap the power button while the headphones are on though. The assistant will tell you how much battery is left in the headphones.

The other button is for controlling the active noise cancelling on the xm threes by default the noise canceling mode is active pressing the button once will cycle to ambient noise mode a mode that allows you to hear everything around you as if you weren t wearing headphones pressing it again will deactivate ambient sound control and you ll be left with passive noise. Cancellation. Repeatedly pressing this button will cycle through all three modes. The wh 1000.


Xm threes. Also have a touchpad built in the right ear. Cup swiping. Left or right on it will skip songs forwards or backwards swiping up and down will change the volume of whatever s playing and tapping once will play or pause if you tap and hold in the middle this will activate google assistant or siri depending on which device you have finally if you cup your hand over the ear.

Cup. Ambient. Sound will activate temporarily and taking sounds from all around you at the same time the headphones will turn down your music this comes in handy. If someone is trying to talk to you.

But you don t want to take off your headphones. Finally you can connect your headphones to your smart device. With nfc. If you have a compatible phone.

Just turn off nfc on your device and touch the device to the xm. 3 s left ear cup bluetooth should then pair immediately now let s talk about sony s headphone app. That is pretty much a necessary companion to the wh 1000 and threes. It s called sony headphones.


Connect. And it can be downloaded from the google play or itunes stores. When you open the app hit the connect button to connect your headphones once inside the app were greeted with a display of what headphones are connected how they re connected and what battery percentage. We re on the first feature of the app is called adaptive sound control once you turn it on it will detect what action you re currently engaged in since i m sitting and not moving around it will select the staying profile.

The whole point of this feature is to automatically switch between noise canceling profiles depending on what you re doing under the staying profile. I can drag the slider to select how much noise cancellation. I want and if i want the noise canceling to exclude someone speaking or not there are also profiles for walking running and transit. Which is helpful because if i m walking or running.

I still want to hear what s going on around me so i ll select a less aggressive noise cancellation. But if i m on a busy transit bus. I don t want to hear anything at all so i ll crank the anc all the way up the next feature is the noise canceling optimizer. The intention of this is to detect if you re high above the ground like in a plane for example and tune the noise canceling to match.

Personally i haven t found much of a difference with this. But you can go ahead and run the test anyway if you like just follow the on screen instructions then we have sound position control by default. It s set to the middle of your head. But if for some reason you want to move the sound behind you in front of you or left to your right you can the only thing is you need to change the sound quality mode from priority on sound quality to priority on stable connection and this may degrade the quality of your audio.


Ever so slightly unfortunately for a lot of the features in this app. This has to be the case next up is surround mode. Where you can switch between a few different presets to alter the music and make it sound as though you re inside one of these areas. The equalizer is next and you can switch between the presets available or make your own by clicking the cog wheel.

There s also a now playing tab where you can control your music from whatever app. You re using dc hx is a signal processing mode where sony attempts to upscale your audio to a much more high quality sound. But again. I don t hear much of a difference in many of my songs you can change your sound quality mode to either priority on sound quality or a stable connection.

You can change the function of the ambient button to work with the google assistant or siri instead and there s not open off feature. If you forget to turn off your head. When you re done so that s the wh 1000x em threes in a nutshell. Let me know if i forgot anything and a comment down below.

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