Spitting Image (Atari ST)

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“Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the joy of sticks stick head here with your your atari st gaming channel. Now with the world in absolute political turmoil at the i thought isn t it about time the joy of sticks got political. So yeah. We re going to be playing spitting image.

It s the 1988 game from denmark and for those of you don t know what spitting images. It was a uk tv satire political programme where the people in the program were puppets and that basically used these puppets to take the mickey out of everyone and anyone who was famous particularly in the political world. But also celebrities. It was massively popular millions of people watching it every week.

And it won all sorts of awards. But if you watch it these days herma there s a few episodes on youtube and it s just like mmm really it just seems really pure are doing not a lot to say politically. I don t know maybe it s just because i m detached from the era. I don t know maybe someone a bit older who actually remembers firsthand because i was a little kid.

When these programs came on and all i remember is the silly stuff so perhaps someone who s around at the time can tell me whether it was actually good satire or not i don t know. But anyway. The sd game was made in 1988. Published by denmark.

And it s programmed by steve back so i mean. That s quite promising really. Cuz. Steve banks.

Produced some great games on the st1. See make. James pond gold winner dogs of war. That s one of my favorites star array.

I know all sorts so yeah. I think this might be pretty good. I ve had a quick look at some reviews from the time. And it got a bit of a panic it really did.

But we ll have a look at a review later just to see. But yeah. Let s have a go anyway. So you can play two player you ve got six fighters to choose from gorbachev this is mrs.

Thatcher. Ayatollah khomeini is that not sure it s the pope it would seem his holy coolness add off and bother no idea. No idea. Ronald mcrae ghen.

Let me see dressed up like ronald mcdonald. That s quite good yeah. So who should we be we ve got the margaret thatcher. Emily.

But who should we fight can we fight the queen. No she s the referee apparently her royal retinas. Let let s be able to hope shall we and will be maggie thatcher. His holy coolness will be host to mrs t sidekick may be called with ones keep and zero key mm hmm.

We re straight in life. They re easy and look at this. He s got ease that s obviously his sidekick let s call in mine. Oh that sir is it denis thatcher.

That s alright maggie thatcher s husband. I m not sure oh yeah nice jump over there..

What is he fire it looks like a baby s bottle. Sarah. It s this and relevance to that i don t know no idea. But this looks like an absentee banyan church.

Look at the background. The nuns rockin out there honest watch out let s go oh no turn around at just the wrong moment there. Oh there seems to be a naked. None there in the confession.

Confession booth yes. I should explain the controller s really shouldn t i you basically you move around left and right you can jump you can duck and then you have to hold the fire button and type action to do different moves and i just realized that maggie thatcher can spit at her opponents alright. I ve got to use my sidekick a bit more because i m getting a kick in here. Oh here comes the devil.

So yeah. You hold the fire button and press. Different directions. So firing up is a higher attack fire and down is a lower tax that she kicks them in the shins.

I m determined to win at least one round. And then fire and forwards is a is a medium middle attack yes take that your holiness. I m gonna call my side kick in again straight from the off right in the back of the air nice throw. There dennis out it s a bit of a closed round this i don t know how many rounds you have to win.

Oh jolly well done that s their chances sunk without trace instead. I win two or three nobody likes a clever dick besides look who s left. You don t want them to rule. The world so shove off and choose your next victim.

Okay will do who should we beat up next. I m gonna see ronald reagan and i ll pick a different character to be as well be gorbachev and reagan and gorbachev of course kind of started off a bit of a friendship that i think am i right in saying that i just i was a bit young at this time to really be politically aware. But i think there was the cold war wasn t that and then it s him with my coat. There was the cold war and then i think.

Reagan and gorbachev kind of extended the hand of friendship to each other really i didn t maybe again wading in the comments because my the ignorance of this era politically is quite painful. But if you know anything in there. Let us know oh. Reagan is absolutely battering me right sidekick.

Time that s my sidekick. And i some guy with a ferret of course. It is what else would it be so i have to say it did get a panning in in the press and want old my word. I m gonna have a look at a review in a bit for us to see why but it s not how bad i mean.

It s playable. The controls are responsive. It s quite kick me while i m down it s quite um. I don t know what s the word.

I m looking for it s i don t know the hits are quite impactful and it s quite kinetic in say. It s alright. It s not brilliantly in depth fighting game or anything. But it does the job yeah nice and pliable nice and solid as you d expect from steve back.

I should point out that chris sorrell did their graphics and i think he s done a pretty good job of representing the puppets who haven t we seen yet. This guy. No idea who he is i remnants in ayatollah. I m guessing ayatollah khomeini no idea.

See how apart from their kind of casual racism. It s so probably..

It s okay maybe that s why they panned it we ll have to say. Oh. He s some kind of racist geezer isn t he from south africa maybe then after that probably just really horrific he offended somebody. But it says it said south africa needs you in the background.

There it s a cricket ball. And it seems to be some kind of rally. I don t know i don t know right let s see. What my sidekick is what on earth is that oh yeah.

And the ayatollah. Seems to have a city as a partner as well skyy spraying water. It means. It s too much i ve got to find out who this is adil what was his name on the menu screen.

I don t know his real name it might not be a dolph botha again in the comments. Give me a history lesson that would be amazing right come on we can t let the racists win oh watch i forgot about the boxing glove. That might be the way to go bouncing schools are a bit unnerving ah. That s it absolutely battered.

If one new loses. The next. One. One will be none.

Oh dear all right. I need to get a bit. More. Full.

And i. Think. This guy. Yeah.

Oh yeah. He doesn t like it up in ca. N t jump. On.

You re turning around. That s not good oh battered. Oh yes. All right do i need to win.

One more round or two. I ve lost track so you can t hit you on your clothes. It s all about timing then isn t it as soon as you re the right distance. Give him a swift.

Jab stick. And move stick and move gone. Little school oven. Oh yeah.

It s quite frustrating lasagna. Oh. It s good jump. Though when we turn were about equal of a minute.

The ai doesn t seem very good at dodging the look at him dodging the sidekick attacks. But he s really good at dodging mine look at these reactions..

Some cheating going on there is that it i don t can i go to the next bit. Now yes. I think that s everyone we ve seen everyone yeah we have indeed right we ll leave it there. So that s er spitted.

Huge. There s have a quick look at i d say the review and see why it was planned so horribly. Yeah. The one gave it 34 percent that s one of the lowest percentages.

We ve seen well they say it s a poor punch up with silly faces there are attempts at humour. But nothing remotely funny. Yes. And so the television programme is vicious humor.

Satire and parody yeah. So it seems that it s just the pure rm humor. And i can i can understand that i mean. If the television programme was all about satire.

There s not a lot of satire. Here is there other than presenting the puppets and things being rather silly. There s no political statement here i don t know if that was deliberate on behalf of the designers. But yeah.

It s just really really silly the game itself is alright. I wouldn t give the game itself. 34. It s well drawn it s solid is a decent if a little bit limited beat them up the games okay it s just really really silly and slightly racist.

But yeah there you go we argue we should have a look at the back of the box. While we re here cuz. It does kind of point out how silly is and yeah. It says destroy the credibility of six world leaders and save the world for what are these quotes here more exciting.

The ninja gerbil yeah all right whatever it s quite funny down here. It s got some box quotes and say it s completely brilliant quoting. The people that don t want i m not sure even the people at the home are would be saying that it s realist. But there you go that s a spitting image.

You re gonna have any look at a few more one on one beat em ups as we go and to be honest. I don t think there are many good ones and the s t. We might have hit a high point. Quite early with this one foot.

There we go anyway. Thanks for watching don t forget to subscribe like comment. Whatever. It is you want to do do love hearing from you in the comment.

Sections. Great. When we spark up a conversation down there so yeah. Thank you very much for watching.

And do take care. ” ..

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