Splatoon 2 – Character Creation, Tutorial + Splatfest!

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“Everybody i m in the little wood also known as martin and welcome back just just blue tuned to obviously the video that we did just yesterday. Actually was an the shoulder camera kind of joby. But right now. This is a build of the game that i m actually allowed to play a record this is a public splat test it s going on right now through to i think like.

9 00 pm. So it s going on for four hours so it may well be done by time you see this video. But i m going to come straight into this going for me usual inclined go for the bright blue eyes and i m hoping. I m going to get to chill with a green here and soon as my hair s like a little bit like swim keep them in it i kind of want to go for the last hairstyle.

So i m going to rock. It with that one we got a choice of plants as well let s go for the nostril. I like the shorts with a weird like leggings underneath. It i think i like these ones.

They ve got a nice that i like inelastic demand at the bottom of them. And i want to crack on with that one so i don t know if we re going to get to walk around in inkopolis at the beginning of this i get the feeling that it s just going to launch a straight into multiplayer. We re just going to play some pretty standard like splatfest sort of you know turf war sort of levels. And that ll be it oh okay we re doing the tutorial cool.

Thing let s get go in you re looking a little green. There let s start with the best alright. So it s wise obviously choose my controls around just going to aim and look at the moment. I ve also got the gyroscope.

I m using the wii u. Pro. Controller as well because i actually genuinely really like using. It there are a few people that are asking me like is it comfortable to use hell yes.

It is quite honestly dude. I prefer it so much more to the like the joy condom and stuff like that even if it s inside. The charged grip. I just find that the light responsiveness and everything it s just on a whole nother level inside of you so i really really like it.

This is very reminiscent of the 1st platoon. It s there in terms of this tutorial area. I don t know if this will be the tutorial area in like the main campaign. If again more that this is just like a nice extra little area for now.

But i m just it s just bringing me all the old fields back. I did see already actually that some people have actually noticed that if when you re in incorporates in the new game. You can actually see the old inkopolis tower. Which i thought was kind of interesting so that was something that i wasn t really expecting about oh.

Let me grab that on the way through as well. This is just getting me a depth of the controls before i hop on in there. And i was really good that s right because i m a little bit late getting into the test fire so i m not going to get to play for quite as long because i was expected to because it actually wasn t the same a test fire file. So the splat fence had a completely different download.

Which i guess to make sense tuners. There s some new content inside of this. But i thought maybe they would have just like you know stuck with what they already had and just a lot different elements of it seen as most of the aspects were already there i totally cover that over a bit more we go nice and then right the way up this way as well to be fair at least if i do this now. I m not going to have to do it when we begin the let s play on the 21st.

I was hoping that it was going to start on the 20th like usually with most games. The nda drops for those on the day before launch. But it doesn t seem like the nintendo. One has that same luxury.

So just as like a little heads up as to when like this story mode is going to kick in that s when it s going to be but look at this place. Do i get to have a little walk around a lot do we need to so i know that they ve been some like videos and i think web comics as well leading up to splatoon i haven t read them yet i ve been trying to stay relatively spoiler free but maybe. I should update myself on a hooper la morena are so anyway. Yeah feeling fresh out there we re off the hook.

Coming to chin lab from the middle of inkopolis square. Then i make an o voice so deep so this is today s splatfest it s cake versus ice cream somebody actually just asked me on twitter before i start filming why i prefer and i would have to say ice cream. I think i can eat it in large quantities. Although you typically don t get things like brain freeze when it comes to when it comes to the other one so it kind of has its trade off.

But you feel more bloated. If you have cake isn t the other thing as well look at this place doing. It s like a party of course..


All of the old drawings are making their way back good luck to both teams. So hyped that is one thing. Oh my god he s actually holding it up on a little banner on his back that is phenomenal. Oh.

My god see this might well have been a thing in the later part from four to one. But and i think many people i kind of stopped playing it for a little. While it s not the google. Right is it firefox or google chrome.

The little jumping game that you get on there i don t know which one it is but anyway they re jumping to our very first turf war that we re going to take part in in splatoon. Too on the channel. Obviously i played a little bit of this over at the nintendo offices. So it says just heads up you won t get money experience or super sea snails for playing in the splatfest.

I don t know what those last things are also steve data from the splat post. Won t carry over to the full version of splatoon team all right so. If you have if your participate in online. Battles your nickname and game stats may be published in game and online.

So and you know not too fussed about that everybody hop into the solos. So i need to go pick your team first. Oh it looks like i do we need to speak someone you re doing interact with the board. I see i m gonna go for ice cream.

One because i prefer ice cream and two it s kind of green. So as as as much as it takes if you want me to do anything for you people just give me something that s green or yellow. And i ll be slightly more inclined. The cake is a lie as in a lie.

I like that right now. We got a teammate let s play some games you know when they said solo. I m assuming that means solo queue right so i m assuming that if i want a queue just as an individual as opposed to queuing up with a party and if you d actually asked when i was at the nintendo offices as well about whether there would be voice comms festival tuned. Especially where this game has a pretty like you know intense competitive scene and they said to me that at the same time splatoon to launch in is when the new nintendo mobile app.

Is going to be launched and he said that they probably will interact together. So that s gonna be kind of interesting because i would really really like to find myself a team that i can go ahead and play salmon run with obviously you ve seen a video of you playing it at 5. I really really want to try and go and just keep climbing all the way up to that 200 i want to see all the bosses. I want to take on all the enemies.

I want to defeat every single way. So i believe i m actually already played on both starfish main stage and also ink block art academy. But that was actually on the rainmaker mode. That i played that so it s going to be interesting now playing this just generally as a turf war.

There aren t that many ways of getting look to each ledge. I think on the left hand side. There s an actual walking rampant on the right hand side of this map you ll find yourselves. I tell you what let me watch out first nope.

I think on the right hand side all that s really slow. Oh you can t paint that surface. There s actually quite a lot of non paintable surfaces here how weird is that i just hope 2 minute way more than that oh geez anima. I mean go over this way a little bit do we have an email about artie.

When you play rainmaker. There were two cargo boxes just down here. Which make it easier to go up and around the sides. But apparently they ve done away with that oh there we go aj going down.

My sensitivity is super high right now i can meet me do with it being a bit lower. I don t know what i can i feel it here we go justice ratings from a bomb there we go go get him when you re gone always dairy dissing where they re getting yeah. They gave my fuhrer vibes on that s awesome. Ah.

See where he is there we go got in bye bye. Chris at least. This isn t like the imagine. I film.

The other day where it was quite literally just me killing off this one person. All the time like they definitely had a full team. It just felt like i was only encountering one enemy..


At a time. Which is a bit. Weird. Oh.

No oh no oh. No i think. This is going to be an ability. Following me right now.

It s someone trying to go around the back of us. There s actually a few guys turning around marcus. I mean try and do this oh yes he actually pushed that around with his roller water buffoon and there on this side. He s only got one place it could be blue.

He teleport cheeky sod can i teleport any time as well oh it can oh am. I gonna slay them i ve sort of gone over with that right there yeah. There s a lot of hassle going up over here. Chris chris killed off one of our allies.

I m assuming on the way over and i died on impact shouldn t have done that that means. I ve just got to lock that special as well i didn t know what the actual technical term is for those in the platoon. Mike obviously i just keep wanting to say ultimate by i m fairly certain that won t be the terminology. It s a lot of uncovered ground here as well right let me just go from just this mode.

There we go whoa man you can back it up which way did you go down with me me. No. Oh it actually takes me back to our started. Let s go about that part.

Oh man they are all over the shop. All over the shops can either get out there and just like trying to flee. He came around the corner. I honestly thought it was done with his hair was going crazy right now is that like an equivalent of being on fire or something there we go nice.

Let s just get out and get out and right in their face. Always right there are there was a chain to the left as well. I do like that it gives you that little glimmer that little like twinkle whenever an enemy is like right up in your grill is there anybody else teleports. Right.

Now you re kind of fat in the corner. Oh actually you know you re on top of a ledge. I might actually be alright. I think you just died up there.

But if i can get around the fighter you guys figure out where the enemies are yep got it all it was back cuz. I hidden them i thought i just killed. Aj. Unless.

There was another guy that i killed down. There. I wasn t reading the names are did they have a hundred everyone look at that it s just getting all up in our base first loss gutted ab. Oh.

My god you know they really destroyed us. I should have just tried to make a beeline for the other side of the map. And then see if they would come for us because i reckon what in mind phones. If every time we kill them they might just like teleported back in so we might important must guard.

I mean i was top of the board. I think i scream fanboy two out of ten alright. Let s go into another match them considering. This is a splatfest.

It s taken a hell of a long time to jump inside of the game. And that s not even just like all not many people have the switch because you don t even have to have to buy a copy of this game. You would think that the games will just fill out in an instant maybe. The switch hasn t sold as many as i thought maybe splatoon.

Two s multiplayer. Me relatively empty a bit worried about that anyway then we go to the starfish main stage as always there are random little led panels around the map as well aren t there that have got various different bits of switch network artwork on them. Which is quite nice right let s get going go go go let s try and get that middle section asap..


There we go up that wall trying cover overload to this on there. It s on that site is around that corner yeah. I said we re going to make him flee back cool. You got yourself a little room.

But they re not a fan of that the tremor swept me from there. But it s not going to happen i might even do oh something refuse it just want to give me a gun now don t got it get out get out get out please please please please please always right behind me how do you did you another where he s gone. I don t he s right he s removed some distance away and see like to me. If i can make a straight line here they might get around the corner.

I haven t popped yet he doesn t know i m behind him are we somebody got me no doubt. I saw them some subsist come in i just could have moved backward. Quickly enough. There s too much pink in behind me.

I m gonna go up for this guy here. He s pretty much at the central point. We have not covered up very much of that part behind that from our form. We need to get a hold of that like asap nice there we go oh you can rock this wall actually i don t have count toward the goal.

But it might give us a nice little vantage point. There s quite a few dudes down here. Oh man oh man there s loads of them oh. I think there s a spider on me.

I know there was for a second. I think there we go nice good him aha. What am i going to do alex where have she gone me you were dead ahead of someone that i was shooting with you as well you should oh man. If i don t have taken him out then i would have obviously moved forward and one of those i m regularly wrecked by the other guy oh jeez louise.

I m now they re pushing now they re pushing real hard. I mean is that seem aware that they start behind enemy lines. No chris. They re behind enemy lines let me try and teleports jacob.

He s not going to die. There either. He s dead or we re going to be good yes always find these on a high ledge that all do there we go right several especially as possible man this is cheeping like nothing but pink. I don t like it he s right behind me.

I know he is i know he is i m well aware of that and well aware of that hahaha. I was trying to go to spears man. And it was just the right to lost herself on the wall. It was just generally quicker.

Oh man. This is getting a little sloppy. Now. There s a lot of pain in a lot of places.

That s trying to go this guy s over a team of it he s going all the way down time spot. Others dave attell point here and it s large right cool. Where d that guy go just keep following the trail. That is bound to be at the end of it all of this yellow brick road.

It s a very seemingly simple death come on okay. I don t have to go from a jetpack on a second and let myself cross here there we go justice reigns from above and we got this guy there. Oh my god oh no game. There we go that time there we go we re punching them back super fast let me go not what i was hoping for i m going to get into this little section around here gone.

No you don t know you know right oh that seems like it s gonna be 5050. No we actually smashed it all. Right i ll take that i m happy with it 50 11. 1018 888 pc.

That s why i was talking about the key thing that didn t appear a moment ago. I mean the less that doesn t appear during splat types that may actually be a thing. I was only second on my team that time wow ar. 10.

Waiting for that map. Rotations kick in as well that little into the replay up on the screen. There s something that was kind of interesting actually was that hearing a little bit of information when i was at nintendo about the competitive scene for this game..


And apparently a lot of the sort of the western countries that play this game. They often don t play therefore. I need the mode that they just don t particularly enjoy playing but over in japan as part of this collective rotation. They should actually have it in that s all i was kind of interested here considering that s like the i guess like the core fundamental mechanic of the whole game there we go at night.

He s probably gonna go no sides right there i had him so off guard dude. I was sure i had him there you know what i need to go i need to swap back to my flat. Julie s because that is something i m definitely not doing right now. I m just using the old.

I think i m just using the splattershot. I think it s called or no i tried to kirby vacuum. It didn t work at least. It s a relatively short definitely do that oh man benjamin.

Like i think i choose to teleport on benjamin and sheeps ever fallen in out strange well well my oh that s my famous power. So le fourth guy again laughs all right let s get back in there. All this come on lurking around here or what no no no no she s gonna splat me. I knew it sometimes i really really struggle to figure out where they are i know the general direction that they re in sometimes.

But i just can t nail. This positioning like i know they re like a never to swipe mound that appears from the side. But i just can never tough it out there we go right let s take this nice little round route. Let s just start going for their basic.

We can then we go right let s go for it let s just start working backwards now there we go actually you can t actually get up from there interested that s what far back as we could probably go for the meanwhile risk the one on their way whoa. We knew i was right there you knew i was there i think you d see me drop. Any obviously i haven t seen me leave to check all right here we go fire up let s go for it get loads of explosions in the whole middle area needs to be pink right now feathering that tubby custard. Oh.

Oh god i m going back. There. I knew i would owe for them. I can t there we go got him ninja jack.

Not so slick bro. Oh. No i can t manage to have someone there this whole area is rings. I don t there we go let s get a little over to this cover or just someone there.

I think was that one of our guys. That might be one of my guys actually. It s definitely some new guys up in that direction or i m going to get ring come on airport note. It s they re going to happy.

They re happy. I m going to try and leg. It when it s right leg. It oh the wall no no i m done for i m done for if he s still chasing me i m finished whoa whoa whoa.

I m starting from a distance. But sorry jack something happened broke what my man is cooking their pains load whoa you so close. It s so close to me just running around just hit range from a bar. But your butt there we go finish in our dude nailed it last second finito.

I try to hit that upper ledge. I reckon they might still have one yeah. I d say that s predominantly blue ah. That s pretty close.

Though that s pretty close right. What i did today everybody thank you so much for watching that is my first hands on in a real proper setting of multiplayer. It s just against randos on the internet. We ve just ding the 10 out of 10 so we re talking ourselves up to an ice cream fiend.

Thank you so much for watching let me know he s gonna be grabbing this game. And i ll see you next ” ..

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