Star Child VR game play

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“Wow okay. Some in a game core. In a virtual reality. Game.

Called star child. Child. Everything is pretty close to my face. So the graphics are quite good.

Close. Things are the better they will compare without question whoa. Wow. That la that looks cool.

He s like right in front of my face close look. We rode a brigade. I love being surrounded by stuffing. They are oh what s that oh god that creepy little bastard.

Oh. I don t know what this is an actual game that i can play whether it s just an experience that i m gonna undertake good so something s got an iphone. Oh i feel like god looking at a little person. Okay.


Oh. There we go get to control you here. We go left and right jump. Okay.

So. Let i m assuming. I m gonna go through here. Yeah.

Oh. Jesus that wall was like right in my face. Well. We re gonna stick our well you can see the steam just coming up really close to my face looks really cool alrighty starchild.

It s like i m playing with haman. Right. Now oh wow. That s cool.

I was right up in my face. Let s get it closer to you. Oh yeah. You re cute.


No i okay so. Assuming. I m just gonna walk through this door here. Oh god okay.

This is sick. I ve literally got this grasp all up in my face. And it looks crazy as it s like it s touching my eyeballs that s a cool effect. It s smoking.

The distance. I looks really cool oh so go for the grass. It illuminates do that little crab days. So cool.

Oh okay okay. If you if you if you have a fear of spiders. If you re in a rack. And a phob you be creeped out right now that little dude was so close to my face.

Oh. What was that shit okay. This is really cool. I can t go up and down.


I can only go forwards and backwards oh okay yep look at that shit that s creepy ass. I m gonna watching me run starchild run the world s biggest cockroach let s get all up on clothes. It s a nice little experience. If you ve got the demo disk.

Definitely give star demo disk to rather. This is definitely check out star child. Just to have a quick look. It s pretty cool.

Oh okay okay. So i m interacting with that now. Oh. Like am.

Controlling. This. Little. Thing.

That s interesting. Oh okay. Oh. Well oh.


There we go okay. Good. Minigame. Okay.

Cool. So very minor puzzle. And i m just interacting with my world. So my starchart and carry on this is cool okay.

So i m guessing like i m supposed to interact with that at some point okay so hit x button okay. So i m gonna do the same thing again. I think boom. There we go nice huh okay so star chart.

It s a puzzle game so anything else i need to do okay. I need to put the little guy in back in his hall. Oh shit where d you come from oh my god literally speak bugger protect me giant robot protect me she s buddy don t mind if i do star chart okay i got a small my face off the like that was almost been fun. But i m not a huge puzzle guy.

But there we go ” ..

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