Star Trek Voyager Ruminations: Season 2

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“Two was an interesting season to talk about i ve got a few points to to cover here well go ahead and go over them in no particular order. I to call season two the grab bag of voyager because well because it was and i ll go ahead and explain a little bit of why as i go over this but i m probably gonna reference that grab bag comment a bit so there with me if you will voyager hmm. Okay. Under the hood voyager used and reused a lot of episodes that were already pitched either for season 1 or for tng or for ds9 in some cases.

And had those episodes just kind of reworked in order to make it work for voyager. Which is fine. I m not necessarily saying against that. But that never that came out most strongly in season.

2 a huge amount of these episodes were episodes that were just thrown together with no plot or coherence. There was no central theme. There was no central story arc other than the jonas thing in which in some cases was actually kind of ham ham ham fisted lis shoved in threshold is a good example that the point is they never actually tried to do anything with season 2 other than to make it another season of episodes. Forgive me for sounding elitist.

I guess or whatever. But i feel like star trek has usually at its best when it tries to do something deep space. 9. Was actually a really good example of that voyager season 3.

Well. I tomsk utc season. 4. Was actually really good example that season.

3 was good but look into that later tng season. 3. Another good example that there are a lot of instances where they tried to do something with trek and they tended to succeed when they actually made some kind of theme or arc or it doesn t have to necessarily be a coherent. You know continuity thing it could just be the same general type of theme like i said in the case of tng or it can be setting continuity like in the case of deep space.

9 or it can be string continuity enterprise. Even did that with season three but season 2 a voyager was just random episodes flowing into the bag and just kind of shook around you could watch season. 2. With the exception of the michael jonas arc and well debatably with the exception of the last episode of my jonah s ark.

And okay. That makes mr. Burley with the exception of basics part one. Which you know has to be at the end and want the last episode investigations of the michael jonah s ark.

All the rest could be shove shove. Basically wherever as long as the previous michael jonas episodes were before this one. If you understand what i mean by that you could literally slot. All those in here randomly.

And all the other episodes could be all over the place no difference at all no change in anything. And i felt like that was kind of a weakness for the season. Personally it is also worth noting that season two contains three of my least favorite episodes of all time and voyager and that includes alliances innocence and threshold. Which i ve talked enough about i think now by the same token.

I mentioned that grab bag thing i m going to mention again because season two also contains some of my favorite voyager episodes. Including thaw tuvix and my something anything the name of it are death wish and meld for god s sakes. All those episodes were in season..


Two and that s kind of one of the reasons. Why voyager got to keep going now look before we talk about that whole thing i want to talk about the end of the hood changes towards the end of season. Two let s just say that the existing people who were primarily in charge of voyager really wanted to keep going in the same direction. They had been and whether that s a positive or a negative is going to depend on your opinion.

Basically. But they really wanted to keep going with the kazon arc. They really wanted to keep going with the seska arc. And they really wanted to push for a suitor to be a little bit more of a recurring character and they really wanted to just kind of keep the same general grab bag feel well that wasn t actually very well received.

And there was a bit of a changing of the guard. Some people actually ended up resigning or later oh i shouldn t say resigning. But it s more like they took more of a backseat position rather than being in the driver s seat. That s probably a little bit of put it in other words.

A lot of the guard was changed at the end of season two and basics was actually pretty much completely overhaul as both as a result of this and after this or rather causing this and then as a result of this because basics was originally undertake a completely different feel originally basics was going to lead into the big seska kazon arc. And souter was going to become a major secondary character probably possibly even a b list cast member. And they were going to go ahead and move further further direction of exploring this whole. Chakotay z.

Child. Thing. Well if you re paying attention. Basically.

The exact opposite of that happened that that s why i say that was originally basics and then they changed a lot of it basically completely inverted. It and that s when a lot of the old dart said okay fine do whatever and some people switched around some people changed positions. Some people brought in new and some people left and then we got the basics that we have now. Which is basically after the fact designed to wipe.

The board clean and basically start voyager over in other words you can actually look at i forget the name of epson. But the one after basics part two in other words season three as the actual beginning of voyager for all intents and purposes. Because it kind of was in several ways. Which is funny if you think about it because that s kind of a trend with star trek isn t it let s see original series.

Probably didn t really have that except. The fact that it kind of did in season 3 season. 3. Is when roddenberry really took more of a backseat to the show and let other people handle the property.

Whether that is a good or a bad thing is going to depend on opinion. But there was quite a bit of an upset and changing you know changing of the gaurd under the hood in season 3 star trek. The next generation actually had two major changes. One was pretty much immediately after season one in which roddenberry was as it s been so often said kicked upstairs.

So he had much less control everything that sounds familiar and they tried to start actually doing a few things with the show. But then in season 3. They basically did a complete overhaul virtually an entirely new set up you know under the hood behind the scenes behind the camera and try to again basically start star trek next generation. Over with season.

Three which is starting to sound a little familiar. But then we look at d face nine which actually did that twice technically again and i could keep going because enterprise also did that twice once leading into the season three with the xindi thing and once leading into season four with the let s actually make our show about something season and start tying it into the continuity of the overall star trek. My toes yeah this kind of thing happens pretty often if you re noticing and it s always happened in every star trek to some extent or another..


Now. It is commonly considered that all of these changes were good season three of voyager. Onward is generally the good stuff as most people say season. I don t remember the number forgive me.

But you know it s basically when the dominions started becoming a thing it started with way of the warrior. I know the episode name where the klingons. You know spoiler alert decided to be klingons. You know so that was everything after that was considered to be pretty good in deep space.

9 season. 3 of onwards and tng is what most people remember of tng held most of the episodes. Most people remember in tng and general happened to be in season. 3.

In my opinion. My experience etc. Etc. So it s not really a bad thing.

It s just funny that it keeps having anyway. Because it s never planned that way it s always like it s some people show up and say let s make a star trek. Okay. It s not really working okay let s get people in here with talent and we ll fix it i m being facetious and i m being unnecessarily unkind.

The truth is in my opinion. This keeps happening because of the fact that there s a difference between a good idea and the execution of a good idea voyager was a good idea a great idea in fact. But i feel like the people who had that idea could not execute. It properly so they had to bring in new people who had a little more hit or miss deep space 9 great idea.

But they didn t quite know what they re going to do with executing. It and so they ve shaked things up and brought in a few p. New people and you know blah blah blah. Blah.

Same thing with t and g. Same. Thing with enterprise. Decent ideas have to be executed properly.

There s a difference between something that s good on paper and something that s good on screen. But that brings me to my final point. Which is how lucky we are those of you who are fans of science fiction. Know that science fiction tends to i m going to say not be very popular.

But i mean that in the corporate sense. If you know what i mean in other words people who are in charge of things that actually people who aren t actually in charge of pulling the plug or given. The green light respectively tend to not really think kindly of science fiction. Because they have to be justified more than another show would be in order to keep it on the air.

And this tends to happen kind of frequently and ahead and before anybody you know starts pointing out firefighter wasn t going on since forever in fact most a lot of my viewers. I m sure are aware of one of the earliest examples of this doctor who you know old who old old who who constantly faced issues and problems of this matter even in the frickin bbc. Which at the time was kind of trying to make a british culture thing after no you know incidents that we won t go into so..


It s just kind of this weird thing that i ve noticed and the only reason star trek tended to get as lucky as it did was because of next generation. And because of star trek for both of which were incredibly popular and publicly successful. Many people would say that deep space. 9.

Is overall a superior show to next generation. I m not gonna give any comment on that i only mentioned that to say that most of those people are science fiction fans yet in an actual you know a corporate a network whatever you want to call it perspective tng was by far the more successful of the two you see where i m going with this so even though deep space. 9. Was a phenomenal show and even deep space.

9. Was actually under fairly constant threat of canceling for a fair period of time there in fact. If it wasn t for the for the success of first contact. It probably would have been under a much worse threat of canceling at the time now.

Tng was almost never under threat of canceling. It was one of the only shows that they actually had the possibility of green lighting. An eighth season and they decided not to they actually. Which was a good move in my opinion.

I might add but tng was very successful in that right and thanks to tng and star trek. Floor. A convention and and to an extent star trek. Six as well both.

Which were phenomenally successful from their perspective. And ours. Thanks to those things star trek became a brand that actually had worth to people who weren t us. If you understand what i mean by that and that s why voyager got lucky cuz waiter got seven seasons.

If it didn t have star trek in the name i guarantee you it would not have had four seat our seven seasons in fact. I would doubt it would have had three it might have had two we got very lucky. But it s actually ironic because the same thing turned around i m going to go ahead and illustrate how lucky we were and then i ll talk about it a bit more in a minute by mentioning enterprise. Again the show enterprise for those who are not aware enterprise was canceled at the termination of its fourth season first various reasons.

But basically the star trek franchise was considered damaged by the people who make those decisions. And a movie called nemesis. Which i spit upon based on a lot of concepts. They basically just kind of said decided to go ahead and put the star trek franchise on ice.

Now you may be like oh thank god except if you re actually paying attention and i m sure some of you out there who are you know trekkies or trekkers. Know about this enterprise started getting good towards the end. And i m not just talking about from our perspective. Because a lot of fans started to like season three and especially season four or especially season three and kind of season four depending on your opinion.

But otherwise most people agree that enterprise was starting to get good and it started getting successful from the from the corporate perspective. Their viewer ratings and their overall. Nielsen. Charron.

All have done stuff actually went up in season. Four and actually started having a great deal of a increased in the share base and yet they still put it on ice. Despite the fact that at star trek in the name..


Despite the fact that it was actually succeeding. They decided no it was it was terminated now whether they made the right call or not is not something i can say i can say my opinion. Which as i say they made the absolutely wrong called whatever the point is even though enterprise was in a position to actually start succeeding even from their perspective. They still went ahead and terminated.

It that s why i say we are so lucky to have what we have both with deep space nine and with voyager because both of those shows could have had the exact same thing that that happened season. Two was a grab bag. There was enough there to piss off a lot of people tattoo threshold. There was enough there to show that they had potential that they were using like the 37 s.

Or. I m sure uh investigations. That s another good one and there was enough there that people actually genuinely liked to watch like meld and the thaw. So based on all those figures.

That s basically kind of just barely a net positive and in the corporate view. And that s nowhere near enough to justify the continuation of a show especially show that had such a lackluster response to season. One as well so based on all this it s pretty clear the only reason voyager kept going was because it had star trek in the name and that still meant something at the time. I say we re lucky because while some bit something you may disagree with me by this i consider myself very fortunate that we managed to get the rest of voyer that we did because i like voyager i enjoy watching voyager there are episodes.

I don t like of course. There are there s episodes in everything that i don t like but so much of the good in voyager came from season 3 and onward and so many of the episodes that i enjoy watching ryan do i can do it you know analyzing and i enjoy getting ideas from all came from season 3. And onward and well i ve heard some mixed opinions about this most people tend to agree that as soon as the blur became a lot more prominent within voyager you know for obvious reasons. That the the general quality of the show went up and there are some dips in that of course.

But we wouldn t have gotten that if not for basically sheer blind stupid dude clueless luck and that s my final commentary on this basically is that we know exactly what it s like to not get lucky. We didn t get more firefly. We got a movie which was great. But we didn t get more of the show.

We didn t get more of space above and beyond. We didn t get more of was it earth above me on yeah. Whatever you know this i m talking about we didn t get more of i suddenly can think the name of the episode. There s several.

We didn t get more babylon. 5. Let s just go with that one do while we re on the subject. We didn t get more of enterprise.

We got lucky with voyager and so i don t know about you guys. But i m actually really looking forward to continuing going through this show that i like to watch. I m sharing it with you and i swear i will try to be less viral and in my opinion about the bad up so it s cuz. There s at least one more episode that really makes me tear my hair out actually there s two and yeah.

I m actually not looking forward to watching that much but other than that i m looking forward. And i hope no shirt with ” ..

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