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“Everyone it s kyle here again i am playing streets of rage. 3. On the the wii virtual console. So i thought i d share the wealth and share.

My with you so. The first step is a stage select. While you re highlighting the options tab don t click into a year. But just highlighter hold down one and up and then push the start button.

So just be careful with this because when you push up you re going to be moving the cursor. Which will most likely put it easier to start it. Depends. If you ve got second controller.

And there you go the stage. 2 link will appear so for this tip. We re going to be getting some extra loads go to the options screen and highlight the lives option don t click on a year. But press and hold up and the a button and 1 2.

On the second controller and then it should be working. So just push left and right on controller. 1. And then you ll be able to change all the lives from a1 to die.


And that will help you up if you would like to play azrou. Unsurprisingly. The kangaroo all you have to do is hold up and the button 1 and push start on the title screen. Then the kangaroo will now be available to choose from the character select screen tibbals.

It alternatively another way to get roo is to fight the clown andrew at the same time all you got to do is to feed the clown first and then rule will escape. He ll just hop across the screen. And then the next time you lose to continue he will be available to choose from in the selection screen. If you want to play as the mighty shiver.

All you have to do is after beat him immediately press and hold one and start just keep going keep holding it until the end of it level is over and then as soon as you lose one of your continues. He will be available to be selected just like rube was now if you want to play as super axel. Yeah. That s why you hear me super axel.

We re going to do is preach to when you select the character and quickly hold a and make a clockwise rotation on the deep a going to keep doing that for ages. And then as soon as he pops up on the screen as he runs out for the very first time push a and if you ve done it right. Which is real by the way. If you ve done it right.

He ll do this little hurricane type movies. Little spin attack. It s so awesome and super powerful enjoy now. This is a really easy one if you want super scape.


All you got to do is to lick them as normal now when you start the game don t get any points. All you got to do is get knocked out to lose one life simple as that now when you come back you ll be super escape. Cool. Now this tip is for supers and now unfortunately you re going to need two controllers for this one.

But it s pretty easy to do on the character select screen. All you have to do is hold button two on both controllers on player one and player two and then when you select zan keep holding them until the game starts now as soon as he bowls out you ll have super zen. This is the cool one if you want to play as the same character in the story mode. All you have to do is hold down and on the second controller and then just select two player mode with the first controller now you can play as two axles or two blazes or two xan s or two skates or whatever you want so here s a neat little trick that you can do when you re using sugar all you have to do is mash buttons 1 2.

And then it will do this little haymaker punch you can just keep doing that and no one can escape it unfortunately. All the characters that can block you well. I guess they can get away with it because they can just sort of back away. But it works on most characters now when you re on stage.

5 fighting all these ninja guys you may not have realized this. But there are actually multiple paths here. I ll show you what you gotta do the first path. Obviously is just use the door.

But the second one well this one s a little bit trickier instead of actually going through the door just punch just above the door. But on the same wall and then eventually you ll crack through it and that ll take you somewhere else the next one s a little less obvious you got to go down to the bottom of the screen. I just sort of stand around with this this little pillar is just down at the bottom. There.


And i just kind of stand around here just punching away and eventually you ll bust through the floor. It ll take you somewhere else. And the last hidden passageway here is just up here up against the wall here. We ve got to do to start beating some enemies up and then they re just sort of being a lay on that wall there eventually you ll crack through it and that ll take you somewhere else.

This one has quite a few enemies in here. Though so if you re if you think you re struggling with health and stuff to say i might want to skip that one in typical streets of rage fashion you will find yourself with tons of items that are hiding and this is no different on stage one is to start the game just go straight down to the bottom. Left and you will find yourself with 5000. Points.

And an extra one up this game has tons of them tons of them so just whenever you find yourself sort of obscured by a lamppost. Let s try punching you may pick something up now this time around the streets of rage. 3. You ve got more alternate endings to unlock this time the easiest one ironically enough is all you ve got to do is set it to easy difficulty you ll make your way through stage.

5 beat. The boss and that ll be it so if you want some of those harder ones you re going to have to sit it to a higher difficulty now the next ending is on stage. 6. What you re going to do is unfortunately let the gas come over and take over the stage.

Now your chief will die. And what s going to happen now is that you re going to go to a different stage. 7. And what you re going to do there is beat.


The boss and that will be the second ending. Now this ending is slightly similar to the last one but instead of letting. The chief die you got to save them so you need to halt it so. What i suggest is you go all the way down the elevator.

All the way down to the bottom go to door to smash your computer go back to the elevator go up and then go to door 2 again smash it computer now when you go to the chief. It should be fine hopefully enough time there now if you ve done that when you go to level 7. It ll be slightly different. But you ll be fighting the boss there if you let the timer run out and then beat them that will be the slightly good ending.

You know the second best ending. But if you want the very best ending. Do it save. The chief get them in time now you go to beat this last boss and you re going to make sure you do it within the time limit.

And that will be the best ending so there we go those are my tips for streets of rage. 3. So i just want to say thank you so much for watching a really appreciate it and if you liked what you saw i give it a thumbs up and if you want to see some more just subscribe. ” .


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