Subnautica Purple Tablet Location

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” s steven here and for today s video. I m gonna show you guys where where you need to go in order to find the purple artifact and the precursor of facility that that opens now i m actually at the life pod here that you crash land with you got the aurora right there. And my base is right here. Okay essentially you see that smoke way over there those clouds way over there.

That s where you re gonna be heading. I actually have a scanner room and a little signal deal there that lets me know where i need to go..

But if you don t have all that stuff just head this direction right and you can because i even have the compass here so i could point all right i m going kind of north northeast right. But if you don t have that and towards the large clouds right there and you ll kind of run at an angle from the aurora here and we ll go all the way this way like i said. I m running just a diagonal. I don t know 45 degree angle away from the roller.

There and you can kind of see this is where they have to like i want to come glitches. But you can see even the waves..

There you see the island and then as you get closer it ll actually just reveal itself to you. And there s some deep underwater sports or parts around. Here also so there s the island you have different ways that you can get up you can see the facility. There which is actually a weapon that doesn t let anybody leave and now you can see the island there and then we have the aurora in the background and you re actually gonna find some good like minerals and stuff over here that you re gonna need to build stuff so i have my little beacon.

I was trying to think of that word i got my beak in there. What s funny though is if i back up just disappeared..

There you go you can see that my seamoth is supposedly right there be careful. I crash landed mine up against the sand got out of it went to come back in and it actually got like absorbed like it just disappeared into the island here pretty cool facility. But once you re here hop out so. If you follow some of these trails you can go in there.

And you ll find a lot of different cool things led being one of the main kind of ingredients that you re gonna need to build some stuff. But we look right here we have a purple artifact this one s broken so you actually have to construct it i have one with me that i built and then it lets this down like i said..

It s actually a gun alright so once you unlock that that s actually just going to let you go inside you guys can explore all of that i don t want to ruin anything for anybody in terms of what s in here. What you end up finding or anything like that so hopefully. This helps anybody that s kind of curious about after you ve played for about an hour or so what do you need to do next. You actually need to come over here and check out this facility here so because it s like the video hit the like button for me.

If you want to continue to follow along with this subnautica series that i m doing and any of the other games and videos that i pump out hit the subscribe button for me thanks so much ” ..

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